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Best JoJo Cosplay Costumes and Ideas Any Fan Would Love

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a popular Japanese manga series illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Since 1984, Araki has written and illustrated the JoJo series in Shonen Jump. As of writing this, Jojo is currently in 8 parts, with his most recent part, JoJolion, finishing on August 19th, 2021.

Fans of the JoJo series were ecstatic when the manga was given an English release, but they were even more excited to see a fantastic anime adaptation after several failed attempts.

I’m a massive JoJo fan for its uniquely drawn style and plot points. But I’m an even bigger fan of its characters. In the JoJo manga, you get to experience, well, bizarre personalities, shown through their outfits, hair, and speaking patterns, that you wouldn’t normally see in other series.

For these reasons, JoJo characters are notoriously tricky to cosplay, but that’s just part of their charm. In this article, I’ve compiled a large list of JoJo cosplay costumes and ideas from different characters, at least three from each of the eight series, that I feel offer newbie and veteran cosplayers a balance of challenge and enjoyment.

Bottom Line Up Front: My cosplay selection list includes at least 2 human characters and 1 Stand (if applicable, as some parts don’t include Stands) from each of the 8 Jojo series. All cosplays vary in difficulty, but I included costumes where you could purchase at least some of the outfits online.

What to Consider Before Choosing a JoJo Cosplay

Due to the recent popularity of JoJo, you can find most of the characters you want to cosplay online pre-made. However, pulling off the characters themselves is a different story.

Outfit Complexity

Most JoJo character outfits are a feast for the eyes. There are plenty of JoJo cosplays that feature contrasting colors, metallic accents, unique or underutilized fashion choices (i.e., open chested neon suits), incredible patterns, specialized headgear, nail polish, and makeup.

All of these outfit inclusions are admittingly cool, but because they contrast with current fashion trends, you’re unlikely to find them at retail stores, vintage shops, or second-hand markets.

You’ll probably have to make, commission, or purchase the outfit at a pre-made cosplay retailer online. While that isn’t a big deal with less complex cosplays, like Enrico Pucci’s robe or Rohan’s green, purple, and white outfit, good luck finding a decent Dio Brando cosplay.

If you’re cosplaying a character from a non-animated part, your options will be severely limited. You may need to consider how long your cosplay will take to make when choosing an outfit.

In my Video Game Cosplay Ideas Guide, I outlined “Cosplay Costs vs. Time” with the pros and cons of each option. I recommend checking it out when you’re creating your next cosplay.

Stand User vs. Stand

Not counting the few exceptions, all cosplay characters are typically human and/or have human skin colors. Although the cast varies in race and ethnicity, you won’t have to worry about using non-human colored body paint for your cosplay unless you decide to cosplay a Stand.

Jojo Stands rarely have human-colored skin. In fact, they aren’t even guaranteed to look humanoid. However, sticking to humanoid Stands, like Star Platinum or Spice Girl, will make your life easier. In general, cosplaying a Stand is more difficult because of the makeup.

I wanted to include a few Stands for a bit of variety, but you’ll need to make most of the outfit if the Stand you’re cosplaying appears after Part 5 (and maybe Part 6 in a few months).

Comic/JoJo Lines

Both the anime and manga draw their characters with thick, defined lines that look similar to a comic book. While this style isn’t unique to JoJo, it’s a key aesthetic feature of the characters, whether they appear in media or in person. Most JoJo cosplayers use these lines for cosplay.

Although these lines can make characters look unrealistic, it always works for JoJo cosplays. JoJo characters are depicted as being “larger than life,” so a manga-like presentation isn’t just a preferred makeup choice; it’s basically necessary if you want to do these characters justice.

But aesthetics aren’t the only reason to use JoJo lines for makeup. If you need a sharper jawline, cheekbones, lips, or shadows, just pick up a decent eyeliner and draw on your face.


Comfort (Nakedness)

It’s important for cosplayers to wear what makes them feel comfortable. Jojo characters don’t seem to follow that mantra, as tight pants, tops, short skirts, and nakedness are just a part of their style. There’s nothing wrong with showing skin, but not everyone is comfortable with that.

If you don’t usually wear outfits or cosplays that are skin tight or revealing, you may want to pass them up. Or, you could tailor the outfit, so it’s looser and covers more of your skin.

If you’re walking around a con for 8 hours, high heels, leather pants, and heavy wigs will start to wear on you. It’s essential to keep the purpose of your cosplay front and center, as a “walking around con” cosplay should look and feel different than a competition or photoshoot cosplay.

Convention Season

Speaking of nakedness, ask yourself if you want to wear a Jolyne Kujo cosplay in the middle of winter. Even with the prison jacket, your midriff is still exposed, so you’ll probably be really cold.

Once again, you can tailor your outfit, so it covers your skin, but if you want to mimic the cosplay exactly, you should avoid most JoJo cosplays until winter. However, there are great JoJo cosplays, like Jotaro, Kira Yoshikage, and Funny Valentine, that work for the cold months.

Body Type

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: you can cosplay anyone, regardless of body type. You don’t have to be an incredibly fit, tall Greek God to pull off Joseph Jostar or Dio Brando, but it helps. I’m only saying that because a part of the JoJo aesthetic lies in their musculature.

In parts 1-4, most of the male characters are 6” tall and show off their muscles with tight shirts or midriff-baring tops. This changed in Part 5 and beyond, where both men and women have a more toned down but still fit body type. However, the author still kept the nakedness around.

As stated in comfort: “wear what makes you feel comfortable.” If you don’t feel right about cosplaying a muscle-bound man when you aren’t, there are still plenty of options.

Selection Criteria

For a cosplay to appear on the list below, it must follow the following criteria:

  • The cosplay has to be from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  • The cosplay in this article must encompass the first 8 series of JoJo.
  • The cosplay in each section must have at least 2 human characters and 1 Stand (if applicable. Part 1 and 2 don’t feature Stands or Stand users as I was unable to find cosplays you could purchase of Stands from Part 7 or 8).
  • The cosplays must include both main and minor characters.
  • The cosplay list must include an equal amount of male and female characters.
  • The cosplays will vary in difficulty, but at least one of the items needed for the cosplay should be available online to purchase at a cosplay retailer, like EZCosplay.
  • The cosplay has to be possible to accomplish for a human (no Notorious B.I.G.).

In the next section, we’ll look at the best JoJo cosplay ideas for newbies and experts.

WARNING: Spoilers for all JoJo parts (1-8) below this point.

Our Selections: The Best JoJo Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Ideas

To make this list as varied as possible, each JoJo part will include at least 2 human characters and 1 Stand (if applicable) and will consist of costumes that range in difficulty and skill level.

Jojo Part 1: Phantom Blood

Phantom Blood is the first story arc and includes characters that dress in 19th-century English attire. Since it’s the oldest animated part in the series, you’ll easily find the following cosplays.

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar is a simple cosplay, but he’s one of those characters where being muscular is a big part of the costume.

Whether you’re athletic or not, you can easily pull off this cosplay with a blue wig, ripped t-shirt, fingerless gloves, backpack, jeans, belt, knee-high boots, and shoulder pads.

Both Aliexpress and EZCosplay have Jonathan cosplays available for $60-$150.

Erina Pendleton

Image Credit: Minisol

Making an Erina Pendleton cosplay isn’t difficult, and you can find a white blouse and blue dress at vintage stores.

For a more accurate cosplay, you can try Cosplayfu for an incredible custom dress that costs less than $100.

Notice sewers may also be able to sew the dress. Since Erina Pendleton’s hair meets her mid-back, you’ll need a 20-22” inch blond wig to complete the look.

Dio Brando

There are dozens of different versions of Dio Brando you could cosplay, but I wanted to keep it simple.

To make a young Dio cosplay, you only need knee-high boots, suspenders, blue pants, and a white button-up. Get yourself a short wig and mess it up.

I recommend red contacts and drawing on the comic book lines (JoJo lines) like the cosplayer in the picture for the makeup.

Jojo Part 2: Battle Tendency

Battle Tendency is the second story arc and includes characters dressed in ancient Mayan, World War II, and modern casual attire. I recommend cosplaying the following characters.

Joseph Joestar in Drag

One of the most hilarious moments of Part 2 has to be the time Joseph Joestar dressed up in drag to break into the enemy’s base. Absolutely no one was fooled by his disguise.

I haven’t seen a lot of people cosplay this version of Joseph, which is odd considering the dress he wears is easy to find or make.

Anyone who wears this costume is sure to make a JoJo fan laugh.

Caesar Zeppeli

Caesar Zeppeli is a friend and ally of Joseph Joestar. Aesthetic-wise, he looks like Joseph’s polar opposite, but his bright outfits make him super fun to cosplay.

His most famous outfit (the one pictured) includes many staple pieces you can find anywhere, like a blue half jacket, white pants, fingerless gloves, and black shoes.

The headband and shirt must be custom-made.

Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa, named after the American Singer and Actress, is the teacher of both Joseph and Caesar. The blue, black, and red outfit she wears during the Pillar Men fights is her most iconic and therefore isn’t challenging to find.

To make it yourself, I recommend finding a short blue dress and customizing it. Her gloves, undershirt, nylons, heels, and scarf can all be bought.

Wondering where Joseph Joestar is? He’s used the Ancient Joestar Technique to run away to another spot on our website.

Check out our “The Ultimate Joseph Joestar Cosplay Guide.”

Jojo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders is the third story arc and includes characters dressed in Japanese school uniforms and trendy 80s attire. If you enjoy this part, you’ll love the following cosplay ideas.

Muhammad Avdol

Anime doesn’t often feature POCs in a lead role, with Muhammad Avdol being an exception. As the instigator of Part 3, Avdol is a strong, well-dressed character that doesn’t shy away from his African roots, with a hairstyle resembling Bantu knots and Egyptian jewelry.

EZCosplay has a decent pre-made cosplay, but you’ll still need to make or buy his boots, jewelry, and codpiece.


Mariah is a popular but briefly appearing villain in Stardust Crusaders. Her look changes slightly from the manga and anime, but I’ll be sticking to the anime version.

To cosplay Mariah, you need a black miniskirt, a yellow crop top, black nylons, red shoes, brown gloves, sunglasses, a purple wig, and a sleeveless red sweater, which are all easy to find second-hand.

Star Platinum

Cosplaying as a Stand is challenging, regardless of how easy their outfit is to find, due to the body paint. Star Platinum relies on a person’s makeup and wig skills if they’re using their bare chest, but a cosplayer can just as easily purchase a muscle suit and just slip it on to save you time. However, you’ll still need to put on face paint and the outfit every time you get into costume.

Jotaro Kujo ORA ORA’ed his way out of this article, but he can still be found somewhere else on our website. If you want to dress like him, go to our “Jotaro Cosplay Ideas and Costumes” post.

Jojo Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Diamond is Unbreakable is the fourth story arc and also includes characters that dress in Japanese school uniforms and late 90s casual attire. Here are 3 cosplays I’m sure you’ll like.

Rohan Kishibe

Rohan Kishibe doesn’t have a lot going on with his outfit, although he does have a few accents that make cosplaying as him a little complicated.

For one, his headband has to be custom-made with more durable material, or it will fall. For another, he uses pen tips as accessories, which could hurt you if they aren’t filed down.

On top of that, most of his outfits expose his midriff and hips.

Yukako Yamagishi

Yukako Yamagishi

Villain turned hero Yukako Yamagishi has one of the easiest cosplays to pull off across the entire JoJo series. While cosplay stores do sell her school uniform, you can find some version of it at other vintage or foreign markets.

Pay attention to the quality of the wig you’re purchasing, as Yukako’s hair is very important to her character.

Check out our Epic Wig article for more info.

Killer Queen

Besides Star Platinum and THE WORLD, Killer Queen is the most popular Stand to cosplay, but don’t be fooled by his humanoid appearance.

Killer Queen is expensive to make and buy, and you’ll have to wear a mask to appear cat-like. Keep in mind that this cosplay will take you months to make (or thousands to purchase) and will be difficult to walk in at a convention.

Jojo Part 5: Golden Wind

Golden Wind is the fifth story arc and features characters that dress in unique outfits that are modern but are more high fashion. Try out the following cosplay for the next convention.

Giorno Giovanna


Giorno Giovanna is the first protagonist that doesn’t have an Arnold Schwarzenegger build, making his cosplay approachable to all genders.

In fact, the most famous JoJo cosplayers are female or gender non-conforming and will use safe commercial binders to hide their chest.

You’ll need some skill to make Giorno’s outfit and wig, or you can buy both at sites like Miccostumes.

Narancia Ghirga

Narancia Ghirga

Narancia Ghirga, Giorno’s friend and member of Passione, is one of the series’ main characters. He’s often mistaken as a girl by non-Jojo fans, making him another great choice for all genders.

While some parts of his outfit are easy to find (orange headband and sweatbands, black shoes, and purple pants), his muscle shirt and skirt have to be handmade.

Spice Girl

Spice Girl is one of those rare Stands that look stereotypically female. You can locate her boots online, but everything else has to be made or commissioned.

The photo I used isn’t a cosplay of Spice Girl, as I couldn’t find many pictures of her, so I recommend dressing up as this Stand to, well, stand out.

You’ll need a lot of body paint and prosthetics to pull this cosplay off.

In my Anime Cosplay Ideas article, I mentioned Bruno Bucciarati and Trish Una. Both of these cosplays would be incredibly fun to wear, no matter your gender identity or body type.

Jojo Part 6: Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean is the sixth story arc and really takes liberties with the outfit choices. Most named characters from this part look like they’re straight from the runway, making them fun to cosplay.

Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello is a Mexican-American character who features prominently in the series. You’ll be able to find her pants (Adidas tearaways work), boots, armbands, and orange turtleneck pretty easily, but the shirt may be a problem.

I recommend finding a long cotton blouse and altering it. You may have to adjust the hair clips so they’re more chunky and stay put on the wig/hair.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters (or F.F.) is a mix of a Stand and Stand User. All you need to do to cosplay as them is find cotton overalls and a wig or serrated hair cap.

The series doesn’t explain which one it is, so some sites will use hair, while others stick with a hat, like Sky Costume.

Their overalls and shoes are sewed together, but you can keep both separate if that’s more comfortable.

Stone Free

Stone Free is another example of a female-looking stand. Thankfully, they aren’t too tricky to cosplay.

I notice that most cosplayers will wear a full body morph suit instead of painting their body, which works better because of the texture of the Stand’s skin.

At most, you may need to paint your face, but most of it will be covered by some cool shades and a hair cap.

Sorry, Jolyne Kujo can’t come to the phone right now, but we have a great cosplay ideas guide for her while you wait. Read my “Jolyne Kujo Cosplay Ideas Guide” for more suggestions.

Jojo Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Steel Ball Run is the seventh story arc and takes inspiration from western attire from 1890s America. However, you wouldn’t see any real-life cowboy wearing the following cosplay.

Diego Brando

Diego Brando is Steel Ball Run’s version of Dio Brando and shares many similarities with him.

In the series, Diego primarily wears beige riding pants, knee-high cowboy boots, a blue turtleneck with a golden criss-cross pattern, and an equestrian helmet with the letters “DIO” across it.

His outfit is available on most cosplay sites, but you probably have to make or adjust the helmet.

Hot Pants

Hot Pants is another main character in the series that teams up with Gyro, Johnny, Lucy, and Diego to reach their goal of obtaining the Saint Corpse.

They wear a deerstalker hat, a long, baggy pink and striped blouse with gold accents, and striped/pink leggings.

While her costume is available for purchase, the hat should be custom-made once again to make it look right.

Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine is this series 23rd President of the United States. His outfit is definitely on the easy end of the scale, whether you want to make or buy it, but his hair may be challenging to find.

I recommend hiring a wig commissioner to get the curls right. If you want to style it yourself, find a high-quality, 20” wig so you have enough to work with when you roll the hair into spirals.

In my Manga Cosplay Ideas article, I featured the two main characters: Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli. You can find both cosplays online, but I recommend tailoring them for a better fit.

Jojo Part 8: JoJolion

JoJolion is the eighth story arc and features modern fashion choices that aren’t specific to any era. At this point, you know the drill: the following cosplays are as bizarre as the series itself.

Gappy/Josuke Higashikata

Although Part 8 isn’t the most popular part, even for JoJo fans who read the manga, you can find Gappy’s cosplay at EZCosplay. However, you probably won’t need it if your local costume store sells a sailor’s outfit, which they will do during Halloween.

You’ll need to sew on the compass and anchor accents, make a rope belt, wear some high-tops, and draw a gap in your front teeth.

Yasuho Hirose

Yasuho Hirose has two main outfits in the series: a sailor’s dress to match Gappy’s and a blue crop top and rose skirt combo.

You’ll find the shirt no problem, but you’ll need to sew fake roses on a black skirt, buy and push down her leg warmers, and purchase basketball sneakers.

While a long, pink wig can be bought anywhere, you’ll have to add the accessories yourself.

Daiya Higashikata

Daiya Higashikata is the youngest member of Norisuke Higashikata IV’s progeny and is a recurring character in Part 8.

Her hooded pink bear dress is super easy to find on cosplay sites, probably because her design is relatively simple.

Her leggings are available at alt/goth stores, but her heeled shoes may need to be painted. Make sure to match your lipstick with the dress.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you do your makeup like a JoJo character?

Answer: Since most JoJo cosplayers will use makeup to draw dark lines or shadows on their face, doing JoJo makeup can be complex. Here’s a great video by Cherry La Bomb Cosplays:


Credit: Cherry La Bomb Cosplays

In this video, you can see the products they use for the look. They include several palettes, colors, highlighters, eyeshadow, bronzer, and brushes. Instead of an eyeliner pencil, the artist uses liquid eyeliner and a brush to draw on the JoJo lines across their nose, eyes, lips, and jaw.

The effect is quite striking, but it can be difficult to do for beginners. I recommend experimenting with liquid eyeliner and brushes before you attempt this look for a convention or photo shoot.

Question: Why do JoJo characters wear weird clothes?

Answer: JoJo’s author, Hirohiko Araki, takes inspiration from Renaissance-era-art, 80’s rock music, and fashion brands like Christian Dior and Versace. Araki’s love of art and fashion has led to several collaborations with brands and publications, such as Gucci. There’s no doubt that the outfits he makes for his JoJo characters are a product of his hobbies and passions.

Question: What paint is best for face painting?

Answer: To cosplay Stands, you have to purchase face paint. However, most readily available brands are low quality, crack, or wash off from sweat. I recommend Paradise Makeup AQ from Mehron, as I’ve used it myself and got great results from it. However, since the product is water-soluble, I recommend using the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray to lock in your work.

Question: Why does Jotaro’s hat look weird?

Answer: Jotaro’s hat has perplexed cosplayers, primarily because of the way it’s designed. From the back, Jotaro’s hair looks to be blending in with the hat in Part 3, but in Part 4, his black hair slowly becomes white as it merges with the hat. In Part 6, his hat is purple and is more intertwined with his hair, but there’s still a noticeable difference between the hat and his hair.

Author Hirohiko Araki explained in an interview that the hat is actually molded to Jotaro’s head because he never takes it off. However, this was later revealed to be a joke; he actually used this ripped-hat design to make Jotaro’s silhouette more vibrant and recognizable to viewers.


Dressing up as a JoJo character is a whole lot of fun, and I’ve always had a blast putting my favorite character’s outfits together. I guarantee that if you cosplay any of the characters on this list, JoJo fans will flock to you, take pictures of you, and may even tell you their workout secrets!

A word of advice: If you’re new to sewing, you should stick to pre-made costumes and/or “found cosplay” for the most part. Some of these outfits are really difficult to tailor, even for fashion students, and I wouldn’t want new cosplayers to feel discouraged. There’s nothing wrong with buying a pre-made cosplay, regardless if you’re a newbie or a veteran customer.

For more great series-specific cosplay ideas, take a look at our “The Best One Punch Man Cosplay Costume Ideas” article, our “Haikyuu Cosplay Costume and Outfit Ideas” blog post, and our “The Best Zelda Cosplay Outfit Ideas” post. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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