League of Legends Cosplay Costumes

League of Legends Cosplay Costumes and Ideas

At the time of this article’s release, there are 156 Champions in League of Legends that could inspire possible cosplays. That’s a lot of characters all with their own unique skins that need to be covered! The characters in League of Legends range from humanoid to animalistic, to whatever in god’s name Urgot is.

Needless to say, that it’s going to take some serious ingenuity when designing League of Legends cosplay costumes for one of these crazy characters. With so many characters to choose from, we’ve decided to take one champion from each of the five major roles on any team in Summoner’s Rift. These being, of course:

  • Top
  • Jungle
  • Middle
  • ADC (Bottom)
  • Support

Sadly, this does mean that some of your favorite champions will not be covered here. So, if we missed out on the quick and easy way to cosplay as Aurelion Sol that you’ve discovered, be sure to let us know!

We’ll also include a list of clothing, accessories, hair dye, makeup, and body paint to get you started!

Top: Sett (Base Skin)

League of Legends

Sett is a character whose design is deceptively simple. While, at first, he appears to be wearing nothing more than a waistcoat, diving a little deeper reveals the hidden intricacies of his outfit. Let’s take a look!

What you’ll need:

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Sett’s costume is relatively simple to pull off but it requires a lot of care to look authentic. Firstly, you’ll need to acquire a long waistcoat that reaches down to your knees. Depending on the waistcoat you buy, it may be required to sew on a gold seam and gold patch around the base of the apparel.

Following on, we’ll need a pair of white skinny jeans or Quan trousers also with a gold seam going directly down the center of each leg. Sett’s bracers are brown with gold cufflinks and purple feathers sprouting from the end. These same feathers are also used for his long and flowing mane-like cape.

Finally, Sett wears a gold choker above a rather intricate-looking pair of golden dragons. Any gold choker will do the job but the waistcoat accessories will need to be made from scratch. 


Sett does not wear makeup but he has a scar that lies over his nose. A quick dab of face paint should allow you to replicate this quite easily. Alternatively, you can always buy a stick-on scar sold at almost any fancy dress shop or online marketplace.


Sett’s hair is styled in a way that makes it look very much like cat ears. Those unable to replicate the style can just as easily invest in a pair of reddish cat ears or a similarly colored headband. He also wears bandages across his forearms from his elbow to his wrist.


Sett wears his dark red hair in a quiff where the back-ends point towards the ceiling almost resembling cat ears. It should be possible to pull off at least the base hairstyle with enough gel and a stubborn brush but it is perfectly acceptable to tradeoff the cat ears for a headband.


  • “I don’t like hurtin’ people. I like the money I get from hurtin’ people.”
  • “Things I love: uh, my momma, breakin’ necks, and fine Ionian silk.”
  • “Well… when life gives you lemons, punch life in the throat.”

Jungle: Ekko (Base Skin)

Jungle: Ekko

Ekko is a relatively new champion in the grand scheme of League of Legends’ lifespan, but one that left such a lasting impact on the community for his energetic flair and incredible debut animation. Furthermore, his costume is one that does not require breaking the bank to make it adequately authentic. Let’s take a look!

What you’ll need:

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Ekko’s costume varies depending on the level of authenticity you plan to strive for. For the most basic setup, you’ll want to match Ekko’s brown vest and his blue and puffy harem pants. After that, you will need some green material of any kind of stitch over the center of these pants. Any pair of trendy black shoes are fine to use for an Ekko cosplay as well as any red bandana or neckerchief to use around your neck. Round this off with a pair of brown gloves.


One of the things that makes Ekko; Ekko, is his signature cross plastered across his face. This can be completed with some everyday white face paint, a steady mirror, and a lot of patience!


Ekko’s weapon is probably going to give people the most trouble. The weapon itself can be crafted from a plank of wood painted light blue, but to match the hilt exactly will take some ingenuity. However, it can just as easily be given a traditional hilt in the form of a secondary piece of wood for those on a budget.

Ekko’s time travel device is also a little complicated to craft but a budgetary version can be constructed using an oversized bottle. Finally, those wanting to reenact Ekko’s taunt of playing air guitar will need a pair of traditional headphones. 


Ekko wears his hair in a mohawk with the sides of his head shaved down to his scalp. He also has several cuts embedded into the sides of his haircut. You will most likely need a LOT of hair gel to ensure your dyed white hair can stand up as Ekko’s does. Or, you may just need to invest in a white mohawk wig. 


  • “Someone’s day’s about to get wrecked.”
  • “Never had luck. Never needed it.”
  • “Reversing Polarity!”

Mid: Annie (Base Skin)


The literal poster child for League of Legends, Annie’s skin is just as simple as her kit in the game! 


What you’ll need:


Annie’s outfit is fairly easy to pull off with the character being a seemingly average kindergartner. Annie’s outfit consists of three initial layers. These being a white collared shirt, underneath a more purple and flowing shirt, underneath a final sweater vest. Then, a pinkish purple skirt to round off the clothing is all you need!


Annie doesn’t wear makeup in her lore but some powerful eyeliner to help accentuate Annie’s vibrant eyes would not go amiss. Additionally, Annie’s eyelashes are very prevalent on her face so some heavy mascara is also recommended. 


This is where Annie’s costume starts to come alive. First and foremost, you will need Annie’s best stuffed animal companion; Tibbers. Any stuffed bear will do in this regard but make sure to remove the bear’s right eye and place a cross-stitch over it instead. You will also need a backpack outfitted with a small pin over the left shoulder strap. Finally, you will need Annie’s headband equipped with pink and fluffy devil horns.


Annie wears her pink hair rather plainly on the top of her head but the lower to her shoulders you go, the more it starts to flare up (possibly due to the fire surrounding her). Those not willing to dye their hair pink for a convention can either purchase the wig itself or a combo with the patented Annie headband!


  • “You wanna play too? It’ll be fun!”
  • “Have you seen my bear Tibbers?”
  • “Beaten by a little girl… ha!”

ADC (Bottom): Draven (Base Skin)


If Tyler1 can pull off a successful Draven cosplay, then anyone can do it! The hardest thing about achieving an authentic Draven cosplay is walking with style and maintaining a six-pack! Let’s take a look at both the base skin for Draven for those wanting to cosplay as the Glorious Executioner!

What you’ll need


All in all, this is not a very difficult costume to put together. Stella Chuu even revealed several tips of how she put Tyler1’s costume together in a YouTube video linked below:

Tyler1 and Stella Chu REVEAL his Draven cosplay and explain how it was created

  • Budget Tip: If this skin requires a few too many components in order to create, why not try one of Draven’s alternative skins! Gladiator Draven in particular does away with the need for any upper body clothing entirely, just presenting a bare chest. 


Draven’s body is coated in brown tribal tattoos. Not only this, but he has several scars covering his left eye. While no makeup is required to construct the cosplay, those aiming for 100% accuracy will have to pick up a bottle of face paint!


The only accessories required to cosplay as Draven are his patented weapons. These will probably need to be constructed manually or purchased from a reputable cosplay outfitter.


Draven wears his hair in a tall pompadour. Those with a lot of hair may be able to replicate this style with a few tubs of hair gel, but for those not blessed with such luxurious locks, any basic wig can do the trick just as effectively! You will also need to shell out for a loose stringy mustache that dangles over Draven’s upper lip.


  • “Welcome to the League of Draven.”
  • “Not Draven; Draaaaaaaaaven.”
  • “I’m running it down mid you boosted animals!” (For those wanting to cosplay as Tyler1’s Draven)

Support: Seraphine (K/DA All Out Indie Form)


Seraphine is a very new champion to hit Summoner’s Rift and one that was met with mixed reception. Possessing such a similar kit to Sona, fans were wary as to whether Seraphine truly had a place in the game. However, now that the dust has settled Seraphine has proven just how powerful she is and earned her right to receive a cosplay guide!

What you’ll need:


In this skin, Seraphine has yet to reach superstardom and so her outfit naturally reflects that. Her clothing in this skin is very accessible, mirroring everyday items that can be found about the home. To start with, 


Seraphine’s makeup here requires no extras aside from a light blue star under her left eye. She, on occasion, can be seen with flushed red cheeks and pink eyebrows but these can be omitted due to budget constraints. 


Seraphine’s signature is her microphone and any microphone should do the trick. For ideal authenticity, you’ll want to try and pick up a square or ribbon microphone to match Seraphine’s. Then, be sure to decorate it with a few blue flowers.


Seraphine has a set of long pink hair that flows down past her waist. It also has blue highlights starting from around halfway down. If your comic-con is fast approaching and you are left without time to grow your hair to Rpaunzle levels of length, there are several Seraphine wigs available for purchase. Alternatively, there is a standard pink wig that can be found on Amazon which does the trick just as well!


  • “Remember. You’ve dreamed of performing live. You’ve got this!”
  • “My truth is my melody(bold=sing this line)
  • “Toes in the sand by the setting sun. I saw you, wide eyes, soft hair, and my heart was done!”


Question: What is the easiest League of Legends character to cosplay?

Answer: The easiest League of Legends character to cosplay is Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir. All you need for this cosplay is a white collared shirt, a red hat, some red tights, and jean shorts. Oh, and a pizza box if you can stretch to it! Most characters in League of

Legends also possess skins where they wear everyday clothes such as school uniforms (Academy Ekko) or pajamas (Pajama Guardian Lux). Be sure to check out a champion’s alternate skins for a budget cosplay of one of your favorite characters! Check out this link which will take you to a list of all champions in League of Legends including their skins.

Question: Where can I buy ready-made League of Legends cosplays?

Answer: Select League of Legends cosplays can be found all over the internet. Your first option should be to check out Amazon’s stock of ready-made League cosplays at the link below:

Amazon League of Legends Costumes

Alternatively, online outlets such as CosplayShopper offer great selections at affordable prices:

Cosplay Shopper League of Legends Costumes

Question: Is there a League of Legends character to match my body type?

Answer: The short answer? Yes! League of Legends has characters from all walks of life. Regardless of your size, race, hair preferences, or anything else, there will be a character that you can see yourself in. Additionally, for those who like to go the extra mile with their cosplay and truly immerse themselves into the character they are portraying, several League of Legends characters have been confirmed to be LGBTQ+ as well!

Conclusion: Which Are the Best League of Legends Cosplay Costumes?

League of Legends has a plethora of material to draw inspiration for your next cosplay adventure. Here, we’ve covered five champions of five different roles that you can try to cosplay on a budget.

So, get your quotes ready, grab your face paint, and remember that the hardest part of any cosplay is maintaining the abs required to go along with it!

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