Killua Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Amazing Killua Cosplay Outfit Ideas and Guide

Originally written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter is an all-time fan-favorite anime series from October 1999 to March 2001. It is among the legendary anime that defined the shonen genre along with Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and One Piece, there are over millions of fans, and I recently joined the club when I decided to give it a watch. What makes this show interesting is the variety of characters with unique personalities and emotions.

Hunter x Hunter has a unique power system known as Nen, and a person can use their life energy and use it to create new and powerful abilities that are unique to them. Those abilities can often be immensely dangerous depending on the person. Hunter x Hunter is mainly known for its outstanding characters, such as Killua, Gon, and Hisoka, the most fan-favorite villain in anime.

Killua is by far the number 1 choice for many cosplayers for so many reasons, one of which being his strong character and crude personality, while his appearance is, in contrast. You will only need a few clothing items that are easy to find. Even a novice can cosplay as Killua as his costume is relatively easy to recreate. Before we get fully into our Killua cosplay outfit ideas, let’s see who Killua actually is.

Who is Killua?


Killua Zoldyck is the greatest assassin born in the Zoldyck family, he serves as the deuteragonist of the series, and he is the best friend of Gon. He is shown to be a straightforward character, much like Gon, who is always chirpy and cheerful. However, unlike Gon’s politeness, Killua is quite rude to others; he also doesn’t have any problem killing someone.

Ever since Killua was a kid, he showed great promise. He followed the traditional training of the Zoldyck family and mastered many unique killing techniques and abilities from a very young age. He is considered to be the finest assassin that is born in the Zoldyck family.

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Killua is a deadly assassin who never hesitates to kill someone, but deep down, at his core, he’s still just a child. He loves sweets more than anything, once spent over 200 million Jenny at Heaven’s Arena. His favorite sweet is chocolate, be it chocolate balls or chocolate robots.

Because of his Zoldyck training, he can stay calm in most intense situations and make intelligent decisions. Killua isn’t a naive kid; his way of thinking and knowledge grants him the attitude of an adult.

Initially, he was quite boastful about his abilities, often comparing his strength with others. He went so far as to question Gon’s abilities during the hunter’s exam but as time passed, Killua became humble and stopped boasting about his abilities to everyone he meet.

Zoldyck Background

Killua was born as the middle child in the Zoldyck Family known for producing some of the best assassins in the world, and he worked hard during the traditional Zoldyck training, which was taught to him by Illumi Zoldyck. At a tender age, he had already mastered many killing techniques and started training that routinely put his life at risk.

At some unknown point in his life, his family realized that he lacked the true essence and the mindset of an assassin and had Illumi place a needle in his head to model his character through fear forcefully.

When Killua was 11 years old, he rebelled against his family and decided to run away because he didn’t want to be an assassin who mercilessly kills people; he injured his mother and older brother and ran away to take the hunter’s exam, but by that time, he was already a full-fledged assassin who had hundreds of kills under his name.



Killua has a typical casual appearance, and he wears regular streetwear clothing; he possesses a muscular physique which he hides under his white shirt. Killua has pale skin, and his eyes change shape according to his mood. He became more muscular as time passed, he usually wore baggy clothes, and most of his costumes had a turtleneck.

His most defining feature is his spiky white hair. Killua had long hair when he was a kid, almost reaching his shoulder.

Nen Transmutations


As a Transmuter, Killua is known to be the most efficient in changing the form and property of his aura, and his skills are considered outstanding. His talent is found in one out of ten million people. Because of his training, he’s honed his skills in two Nen types different from his own. His transmutations are covered below.

  • Lightning Palm: the ability Killua named and the most basic one in his arsenal, he can electrocute his opponents by touching them with the palm of his hands. He can use this ability to stun his opponents for a few seconds.
  • Thunderbolt: To form this ability, Killua has to be directly above his opponent and shoot a bolt of lightning from his finger. He can use this ability to paralyze his opponents and cause them extreme pain.
  • Whirlwind: Whirlwind is an extension ability of Godspeed where Killua reacts automatically to his external stimuli. Killua can program his aura to send a signal to his brain, which further instructions to his muscles to respond instantly to a threat. Whirlwind is an offensive ability that relies on predicting the enemy’s move to launch a counterattack.
  • Speed of Lightning: Speed of Light is another extensions ability of Godspeed’s, he can run fast at the speed of 240km/h, and if he is carrying someone while he’s running, they will suffer small electric shocks.


“Assassination—It’s the family trade. We all take it up. My folks see me as an exceptional prospect. But I don’t see that I should have to live up to their expectations.”

“Gon… you are light itself. Sometimes you’re too bright and I can’t look at you… But can I still stay by your side…?”

“We were complacent. Too confident of our powers. Both of us combined were worth less than a one-armed Kite. That was his assessment… That’s the reality. If Kite was by himself, this wouldn’t have happened. We were fools.”

Why Cosplaying as Killua Can Be a Great Idea?


Cosplay is how people show their creative side. Every year you will see new cosplayers enter the arena and show their love by dressing up as their favorite characters. They do it for fun and to experience the essence of the character.

There are many unforgettable characters to choose from, all of them with their unique styles and personalities, allowing you to be creative with your looks, such as styling your hair a bit differently or even trying piercings to make your cosplay unique.

You can go the DIY route with easy-to-find materials, depending on the character of your choice and the complexity of the costume. However, Killua is an easy character to cosplay as and doesn’t require that many items.

If you’re a fun, enthusiastic guy, you will enjoy cosplaying as Killua, and he’s the fan-favorite in the Hunter x Hunter community. You can share your cosplay on social media and connect with many fans.

Complete Killua Cosplay Guide


Killua is the most fan-favorite character of the series, consistently ranking 1st in character polls, and it would be difficult not wanting to dress up as him.

For cosplaying as Killua, I recommend that you purchase his clothing apparel separately and go the DIY route. You can find most of his clothing items in any local clothing outlet.

Killua dresses up like an average teenager, the unique thing about Killua is his layered clothing and pale skin color, so you need to get the makeup right.

Here I will list down all the necessary things you will require to complete your Killua cosplay.

Things You’ll Need


Long Sleeve Shirt

Killua is known to wear baggy clothes. You will need a dark blue long sleeve shirt for the base of the costume. Killua wears the dark blue shirt beneath his white top.

You can easily find a dark blue long sleeve shirt on Amazon or get it from any local clothing store. The simplistic costume of Killua is the reason why so many cosplayers have chosen him.

Short-Sleeve Shirt

His iconic V-neck white T-shirt defines the look of Killua. He wears a white shirt on top of his blue long sleeve shirt. He has a patch with 99 on the left side, which represents his examinee number.

You might already have a plain white shirt in your closet, and in case you don’t, it’s available on Amazon, and you can find it in any local clothing store.


Killua wears short shorts that reach above his knees. Initially, his shorts are grey-colored with a hint of blue. You can even go with black or dark blue shorts if that’s your style, many cosplayers have their styles, and there isn’t an official look for it.

His blue short shorts are comfortable apparel to find in a local clothing store, and you can buy these from Amazon.

Purple Shoes

killua shoes

Killua Originally wore purple-colored boots, but it was recolored to brown in the Nippon Animation adaptation. You can either go with purple-colored shoes or brown ones, his shoes have a purple-colored vamp with an upside-down “T” and white-colored toe tip with a purple dot in the middle.

His signature multicolor shoes aren’t something you can just DIY. It might be better if you go with something simple or if you’re serious about the cosplay, you can order a pair of his shoes from Amazon.

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killua hair

Killua’s white hair is unique to him. He has spiky silver hair, you can achieve a similar hairstyle by simply using a silver hair dye, and you can use a hair product to make your hair stick out like his.

It’s honestly just a rough hairstyle, many cosplayers have gone with hair down, so do not hesitate if that’s more your style.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like coloring your hair, you can purchase Killua’s wig and skip over this part entirely.

Availability: you can purchase Killua’s wig from Amazon, MicCostumes, or any known cosplay store.


Killua has faded blue eyes, so a pair of simple blue contacts will make your cosplay look even more impressive. He is also famous for having “dead eyes” when he gets serious, his eye color becomes faded, and it’s honestly quite scary.

Availability: you can easily purchase a pair of blue contacts from amazon or any local optical center.


killua Accessories

In the original Killua character design, he held a yellow-colored skateboard with red wheels and a red base with an arrow facing upfront. Killua brought this skateboard to the hunter’s exam. It was strong enough to bear the weight of five people.

Availability: A similar skateboard design will readily be available to purchase from Amazon. If you don’t find the exact design, you can go the DIY route, buy a simple yellow skateboard and use red paint to draw the arrow.

Poses & Facial Expressions

Killua always has this rugged and confident look on his face, often seeming scary. There isn’t a specific pose Killua is known for, but he likes to show off his skills so that you can stand however you want with sharp facial expressions, and you’re good to go.

Where to find everything you need

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should you buy Pre-made Killua Costumes?

Answer: In most cases, yes! I would recommend that you go with a pre-made costume. I have a few pre-made costumes myself. Going the DIY route for any outfit can be pretty challenging, and it’s not for everyone, and almost every cosplay costume is available to buy on Amazon.

However, Killua’s cosplay is a simple one. You can easily find all the items you need to complete your costume, so you should go the DIY route, and you can beat any outfit found online.

Question: Is Killua in love with Gon?

Answer: No! There is no love connection between the two, and I don’t know why the anime community is full of toxic shippers. If there is any love between them, it is either brotherly or platonic.

Ever since Killua was a kid, he was deprived of having friends. He met Canary, the guardian of Zoldyck’s estate, and wished to become her friend. Still, she refused because she never wanted to have any personal feelings with her employers.

So, during Hunter’s Exam, when Killua first met Gon and realized that he wanted to have a friendly relationship with him, he immediately accepted him.

Question: Is Killua more powerful than Gon?

Answer: Throughout the series, it is shown that Killua is far more robust than Gon. He is a fantastic transmuter and known to be the most efficient at changing his aura’s form. His talent is one in a million, and while Gon does possess more raw strength, Killua is superior in every other aspect.

Conclusion to Killua Cosplay

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Many little improvements can make your cosplay a lot better. First up, you need to understand how to be like Killua, mimic the way he talks, walks, and behaves around people. Killua doesn’t ever show extreme emotions, he always has this serious look on his face, so try to mimic that.

And lastly, you should always try to have fun while you cosplay as your favorite character, take some images and upload them on social media and if you’re in a cosplay convention, try to make friends.

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