Haikyuu Cosplay Costume and Outfit Ideas

Haikyuu Cosplay Costume and Outfit Ideas: Become A Volleyball Champ

Haikyuu is not just an ordinary sports anime, it is considered to be the best sports anime in the world, with the recent developments in the story, the introduction of new and amazing anime characters is something that gets everyone excited, Haikyuu is a show about getting with your teammates, meeting new people and most of all, doing your very best no matter how bad the situation might look, In many instances of the show, we have seen characters turning tides at the very last moment and wow everyone in the audience.

The story follows a young boy named Shoyo Hinata who wants to be the best volleyball player in all of Japan, his middle school volleyball team wasn’t a team at all Hinata just gathered a bunch of his friends and created the volleyball team, his team was defeated in the early rounds by Shigeo Kageyama also known as the “king of the court”, who through some crazy coincidence ends up in the same high school at Hinata, even though they’re complete opposites of one another and doesn’t eye-to-eye, they have a similar drive for volleyball.

There are so many other things that made Haikyuu one of the most popular sports anime of all time, with the impeccable story and some of the best cast of characters I have ever seen, we see these players growing right beside us, even after getting defeat so many times they don’t give up and stand once more. The cosplay community doesn’t stand behind when it comes to showcasing their love for the series, everyday we get to see hundreds of new Haikyuu cosplayers.

Why Cosplaying As Haikyuu Characters Can Be A Great Idea?

You might know that Haikyuu initially started airing in 2014, at the time there was plenty of sports anime that have maintained overall high popularity such as Captain Tsubasa, Kuroko no Basuke, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and many more. I did not know that an anime such as Haikyuu even existed and I’m the biggest sports anime fan you will ever see. Haikyuu started to gain popularity during the airing of its second season and didn’t let it fall.

People all around the world love to dress up in costumes of their favorite volleyball teams, there is a high appreciation in the Haikyuu community for people who do these cosplays, the outfits are quite easy to emulate and can be re-used for other characters as well, i.e. you can use the Karasuno high uniform for members from the same school. One of the most fantastic things about being a Haikyuu cosplayer is that you won’t be the only one in the uniform, you can meet up with many other cosplayers.

Do you like to cosplay as a character who fits well with your personality? Well, you’re in the right place! There are many characters in Haikyuu that you can try, many with their unique catchphrases, styles, and personalities.

What I’ll Cover

This list is going to be a complete guide to the best Haikyuu cosplay costume and outfit ideas on some of the most popular and fav-favorite characters, all with their different personalities, unique traits, and some cool character trivia to help you decide which character is best suited for you.

Here is the list of characters that I will cover.

  • Shoyo Hinata
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Koshi Sugawara
  • Kei Tsukishima
  • Ryunosuke Tanaka
  • Kiyoko Shimizu
  • Toru Oikawa
  • Yu Nishinoya
  • Kotaro Bokuto
  • Tetsuro Kuroo
  • Kenma Kozume

Karasuno High Uniform


Karasuno’s volleyball club’s uniform is quite simple to recreate, it consists of a collared black jersey or a tracksuit with orange details separated by a white outline, in the middle of the back and front of the shirt is written the number rankings of the player. During their practice sessions, the boys wear simple white T-shirts and black shorts and their official uniform consists of a black Gakuran which is another word for a buttoned-up jacket.

Fukurodani High Uniform

Kotaro Bokuto, who is considered one of the top 5 spikers in all of Japan goes to Fukurodani high, and just like Karasuno’s uniform, their volleyball uniform is quite easy to recreate, you can go the online shopping route and order it from amazon or the DIY way. The outfit consists of a white jersey or a tracksuit with black cuffs and trims and golden stripes on the front and back of the shoulder, and for the shorts, they wear complete black with golden side trims.

Nekoma High Uniform


Nekoma high’s volleyball costume is quite easy to recreate, their uniform consists of a red tracksuit or jersey with black trims and white outlines, you can go the easy way and purchase the jersey from Amazon or a popular cosplay shop online. While practicing they wear red shorts and a plain black T-shirt and often rocking a blue sports bib with their ranking numbers written on it.

Shoyo Hinata


Shoyo Hinata is the protagonist of the series Haikyuu and one of Kurasuno high’s middle blockers and a decoy, his dream is to become one of the great volleyball players despite his small height, he aspires to become the next tiny giant, his story begins at Karasuno high when he meets one of his old opponent Kageyama also known as the king of the court, they don’t usually meet eye-to-eye but being on the same team, they let go of their differences and make one heck of a duo.

Hinata is an energetic and exciting individual, his love for volleyball is indescribable,  you can even say it’s his reason for living. As a kid, he was captivated by this amazing volleyball player who despite his small stature was considered to be one of the great volleyball players of all time. Hinata is considered to be the ultimate decoy because of his love for volleyball, every time he jumps it seems he is ready to spike the ball.


Hinata has orange spiky hair, with his hair poking from various different angles, you can easily achieve the hair color with a simple hair dye and use a hair product to make your hair stick out from different angles. Alternatively, you can also purchase Hinata’s wig if that works for you.

Availability: anime cosplay wigs are very common on the internet, you can easily purchase the wig from amazon on any popular cosplay shop.


Hinata has brown eyes that often shine with an orange shade whenever he gets excited about playing volleyball or he is about to get serious about the game. So a simple pair of brown contacts will do the trick!

Availability: You can purchase the brown contacts from anywhere online or from your local optical center.


A volleyball would be good enough as an accessory, which is something that will work for many cosplays from this list. You can simply carry a volleyball around to put some weight on your cosplay


Just like Nishinoya, our Hinata is a stunt master so you can go crazy with the poses. Two of his most popular poses include the Jumping spike because of his tendency to always jump and the superhero landing pose that just works perfectly for Hinata.




“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Tobio Kageyama


Kageyama is the deuteragonist of the series Haikyuu, he goes by many nicknames but one he is mostly known for is the king of the court a disrespectful nickname because of dictatorial behavior toward his teammates, he struggles to get along with his teammates always expecting them to perform better. Kageyama is a talented player, there is no questioning that, but nobody wants to play with a dictator, he was taught by Tooru Oikawa who soon realized that Kageyama is a prodigy who will soon get in front of him.


Kageyama has short black hair which is very common so I don’t suppose you will even need to purchase a hair wig, all you need to use is a hair product to make your hair silky smooth, Tobio has short-cropped hair with fringes that hang in the middle of his head.

However, you can purchase Tobio’s wig if you want to have the perfect hairstyle for your cosplay.

Availability: you can purchase a wig from many cosplay shops that are available online and in your local market, to make things easier you the wig would be available on Amazon.


Tobio Kageyama has Dark blue eyes so a pair of dark blue contacts will make your cosplay come to life.

Availability: you can purchase the dark blue contacts from an online shop or locally from your nearby optical center.


The best thing for Tobio’s cosplay would be the king’s cape and the crown, because of his nickname King of the Court, he was often portrayed as the king who was always alone on the court.


Kageyama doesn’t do any flashy moves or poses a threat to society unlike other members of the group, you can simply hold onto a volleyball and just standstill.




“The last ones standing are the victors. Only the strongest. If you want to be the last one standing, become strong.”

Koshi Sugawara

121 images about Haikyuu!! Sugawara on We Heart It | See more about haikyuu, sugawara and anime

Sugawara is like the mother of the group, always running after them, taking care of them, helping them with their homework, or even helping them tackle anxiety which is probably why he is very much liked in the Haikyuu community, people can’t get enough of him. He is probably the fan-favorite after Hinata, Sugawara used to be the main setter for Karasuno high but after Kageyama joined and became the main setter, Sugawara became a substitute player or a bench warmer.

Trying to understand Sugawara is a mystery, sometimes he can be as dense as Tanaka and Nishinoya, and sometimes he can according to his role as a third year, but whatever happens, the team can always count on him to life their morale and give them a reset from a bad going game. He is always chirpy and cheerful when talking to the first and 2nd years, he is as reliable as Daichi and a softie just like Asahi.


Sugawara has short light gray hair that is split in the middle to his sides, he often styles his hair perfectly but after practice they always look rough, to achieve a similar hair color you can use bleach and gray hair dye for a similar hair tone.

You can also purchase Sugawara’s wigif you do not prefer to color your hair.

Availability: you can purchase a simple light-gray wig and do the hairstyle yourself or you can directly purchase Sugawara’s wig from amazon.


Sugawara has hazel brown eyes so a simple pair of brown or hazel contacts will make you one step closer to becoming the proud mom of the group.

Pose & Facial expression

Pose handsomely or pose stupid like Tanaka and Nishinoya, Sugawara loves to be the part of the group to understand his teammates better, he always has a big smile on his face.




“Even if we go for what’s somewhat safe here, it’ll mean we never changed.”

Kei Tsukishima


One thing you gotta know about Tushikishima is that he doesn’t care what you do as long as you don’t interfere in his work, since joining the club Tushikishima never seemed interested in playing the game to his fullest, he always half-assed his training and never tried anything more than necessary to improve his playstyle that is until he and the Karasuno boys went to the combine training sessions with Nekoma high and Fukurodani high where he learned many new blocking techniques from Tetsuro Kuro and how to develop a passion for the game.

Tuskishima is an amazing middle blocker because of his height and his ability to efficiently read block the spikers, Tsukishima was varied of guess blockers and try to accumulate their techniques but that didn’t work well for him so he sticks with reading blocking, later during their match against Shirotizawa high he developed a passion for the game when he blocked one of Ushiwaka’s spike.


Tsukishima has really short blonde hair, it seems like he owns a comb, his hair is always in such a rough state. You can cut your hair short and use a blonde dye to get a similar hairstyle as him, or if you prefer to purchase a wig that is also a good choice.

Availability: You can easily purchase Tuskishima’s wig from any popular cosplay shop or even from amazon.


Tsukishima has golden-brown eyes that gleam whenever he is getting serious about doing his read blocks, so a simple pair of golden-brown pairs contacts will really make your cosplay shine.


Tsuki wears simple black computer glasses, earlier in the series his glasses were of a square shape and later he changed into oval-shaped glasses




“We’re not hung up on winning or losing, so it’ll be troublesome for you guys to lose. How about we throw the game for you?”

Ryunosuke Tanaka


Up next we have the scary/intimidating dude, Ryunosuke Tanaka who is a real softie when it comes to matters of heart, he always tries to look intimidating and scaring boys from another school when they try to come near Kiyoko, being the wing spiker his job is always ready to hit the ball over the net. Tanaka has seen to be self-conscious about his role in the team often, he can see other members who have improved so much over the years and he feels that he’s stuck in the same place he’s always been.

One of his reasons to play volleyball is Kiyoko, ever since he first saw her in the 1st year he’s always been interested in her, we can often see him making a fool of himself in front of Kiyoko. Tanaka’s character has gone through some real development which is reflected in the fourth season where he shows his epic cross-court shot.


Tanaka has blue-gray eyes with very small pupils, so get yourself a pair of blue contacts to take your cosplay to the next level, you can easily get this from an online store.


Though it’s not official, on Social media I have seen many cosplayers use piercing and tattoos to bring in their own creativity.

Pose & Facial expressions

Scary, scary, and intimidating, Tanaka is always looking to intimidate his opponents or players from schools who try to hit on Kiyoko or even talk to her, he often trash-talks his opponents on the court to trigger them.




“What’s lame isn’t losing the match. It’s to be scared of the match!”

Kiyoko Shimizu


Kiyoko is the queen of our hearts in Haikyuu, earlier in she was the only manager for the volleyball team before Yachi joined in as the 2nd manager, though it may not seem like much, her presence has done so much for our boys, especially Tanaka and Nishinoya who always get pumped after just seeing Kiyoko. Kiyoko is a former track club who stopped running because of her scars, she was embarrassed to show them so she started to wear pants instead of skirts like other girls, and she devoted herself to being the manager for the volleyball team.

Kiyoko seems to be quite shy around the guys, she doesn’t talk much or even speak often, though she cares for them, doing anything she can to help boost their morale. When Yachi joined the club as a substitute manager, we get to see a different side of Kiyoko, she is quite talkative and chirpy when she’s alone with her.


Kiyoko has shoulder-length straight black hair that she often ties in a loose pigtail, with her bangs on the side and a hair fringe in the middle reaching down to her eyes. If you have long black hair you’re basically there, you can use a hair product to make your hair silky smooth.

Alternatively, if you don’t have black-colored hair then you should purchase a simple black wig and do the hairstyle yourself.


Kiyoko has gray eyes with long eyelashes, so get yourself a pair of gray contacts to look just as beautiful as Kiyoko.


Kiyoko wore rimless glasses with a pink temple and nose with rectangular-shaped glasses.


It’s not that we get to see Kiyomo smile or behave in a funny way whatsoever, she always has this serious look of determination, so keep that in mind when you’re cosplaying.




“Little by little, what you’ve begun will naturally become important to you. What you need at the start is a little bit of curiosity.”

Toru Oikawa


Be it real life or the Haikyuu universe, Oikawa has many fans. He is an excellent setter who is looked upon with great respect by his team and his opponents, on occasion, even Ushiwaka vouched for him that he brings out the best in a spiker, he is the best setter a spiker can even ask for. Oikawa is amazing who has honed his skills to perfection in so many ways, he is also the star of the sports magazine and has many female fans because why wouldn’t he.

Oikawa is shown to be quite petty and insecure about his skills as a player, he takes pride in whatever he does and doesn’t back down from a challenge, he is a show-off who never lets go of a moment to make a name for himself. Sometimes he forgets that he can always rely on his team because volleyball is a game where the team of the best 6 players wins.


Oikawa has short dark brown hair that looks to be going in a different direction, in other words, his hair r. You can use a dark brown hair dye to get a similar color and for the hairstyle, you can just rough up your hair by rubbing them with your hands.


Oikawa also has eyes of the corresponding color to his hair, so get urself a pair of nice brown contacts to make your cosplay come to life.

Availability: there are many places to purchase simple brown contacts such as an optical center or an online marketplace like Amazon.


Oikawa is known to be a show-off, often posing for his hot female fans, on one occasion he was seen taking selfies on his phone, so a phone would be a nice accessory




“Today might just be the day to grasp the chance to let your talent shine. Maybe the day will come tomorrow, the day after, or next year… Maybe even when you’re thirty, but if you think that it will never come, it probably never will.”

Yu Nishinoya


Honestly, there is so much energy in this guy that I don’t even know how to describe, Nishinoya is what definition of “big things comes in small packages”, he is a morale booster for the whole team with his flashy moves like “Rolling Thunder”, being the Libero he can’t spike the ball and have to rely on his team to score, the only thing he can do is have their backs which he does no matter how strong the opponent is, their libero will always dig up the ball so they score.

Nishinoya is an interesting and exciting individual, he is the loud kid in class who is always up for an adventure no matter what it is, he loves to play against strong opponents and even if it may seem he is trouble handling the situation at first, he jumps right back keeps trying until he can nail those receive.


One of the most interesting things about Nishinoya besides his amazing talent for naming his moves is the hair, his styles his black hair ruffling upward with a tuft of hair falling on his forehead, dyed dirty blonde.

You can do a similar hairstyle yourself, all you have to do is push back your hair, you can use a hair gel to make your hair stick up and leave a tuft of some hair on the front, and color it dirty blonde. Alternatively, you can purchase Nishinoya’s wig from any cosplay shop online or on Amazon.


Nishinoya has cat-like brown slanted eyes, so a pair of simple brown contacts will do the trick, or you can go one step further and purchase cat-like slanted contacts to further look like Nishinoya.

Availability: you can purchase simple brown or cat-like slanted brown contacts online from Amazon or a trusted cosplay shop.


Nishinoya is known for his flashy moves, you can go crazy while posing for Nishinoya, one of his most popular poses is the infamous leg receive where he stretches his left further out saving the ball from touching the ground.




“It’s no fun if you don’t try other options once you know they exist.”

Kotaro Bokuto


Heeyaa! Hey! Hey! Hey! Is the catchphrase of the best character in the entire Haikyuu series, Bokuto is Captain and Ace of Fukurodani high school, he is considered to be one of the elite wing spikers in the Tokyo prefecture. No matter what anyone says, Bokuto is a fine example of what an ace is and how they should think when they are about to shoot and hit the ball over the court.

Number 1, your back should be an inspiration for your teammates.

Number 2, smash every wall in your way.

Number 3, every ball shall be spiked!

Bokuto is the hype machine of Haikyuu, seeing him always pumps me up with excitement and I just know that this episode is going to be amazing because of him, he has a way of speaking to other players which gets them hyped up as well, Bokuto loves to face strong opponents and does his crazy cross shots. Bokuto sometimes gets very gloomy for some reason when he can’t perform right, he says that he has forgotten how to spike the ball and then it’s up to his team to lift up his mood.


Boku has white-gray hair with black roots going up in streaks, certain sections of his hairstyle give a close resemblance to an owl, he styles his hair in an outward direction (completely sticking up). For the hair color, you can use a white-gray or silver hair dye for the base and then use black dye to create black streaks from the roots.

It would be easier for you just to purchase Bokuto’s wig and move on to the next part of the cosplay, you can purchase it from Amazon or any popular cosplay shop online.


Just like Nishinoya, Bokuto also has golden slanted cat-like eyes, you can purchase simple golden contacts or if you want to go one step further you should get the slanted cat-like contacts.

Pose & Facial Expression

Bokuto is an expert at volleyball and loves to show off his skill at every opportunity, you can go crazy while posing for Bokuto, most basic pose for him is you stand up straight, bolstering your chest with a smug look on your face because you know that you are better.




“Spiking isn’t just about slamming the ball to the floor. If you keep your cool, you’ll be able to see what action to take.”

Tetsuro Kuroo


Kuroo is the captain of Nekoma high school and one of the best middle blockers in all of Japan, he is also known for his funny nicknames as “Rooster hair” and “Scheming Captain”. At the training camp, Kuro was the one teaching everyone new techniques on how to block a spiker, he doesn’t believe in doing guess-blocks saying that it reduces the accuracy of a blocker and makes them miss more than half the incoming spikes when arguing withLev Haiba andTsukishima he says “read blocking works children, all it takes is persistent and hard work”

Kuroo has such a laid-back and chills vibe going on, he is always reading his opponents and their every move to shut down their spikes, he is known as the provoking expert easily able to throw players off their game with snide remarks and his smug looks. Nekoma High always goes easy in the first half, reading their opponents and conserving their energy for later.


Tetsuro Kuroo has many nicknames and one of his nicknames is “Rooster head”, his hair is spiked upward and the hair fringe on his right side covers most of his eye.

You can simply use a hair product to make your hair stick upward and leave some hair on your right styling them infringes that partially cover your right eye.


Kuro has hazel-colored eyes with slanted can-like pupils, you can simply purchase hazel-colored contacts to make his color tones but if you wanna take it one step further you should purchase hazel-colored cat-like pupils to look more intimidating like Kuroo.

Pose & Facial Expressions

Kuro is known for his snide remarks and provoking other players, he often poses like he is better than everyone else, spreading his arms wide with a smug look on his face, he often smiles very brightly when he is conversing with Kenma.




“The game will be over if you beat him, so isn’t it more fun having enemies you can’t seem to defeat?”

Kenma Kozume


Kenma is the brain and heart of the Nekoma high volleyball team, he is an excellent setter who keeps an eye on the whole court when trying to set up a spike. According to Kuro, Kenma has great observational skills and he is a great strategist. Kuro relies heavily on Kenma, he understands that even though Kenma lacks in strength and stamina he makes up for it in his advanced tactical skills, Kenma is a close friend of Hinata, and seeing him develop new skills makes him want to work even harder.

Kenma is always lost in his world of games, yes he is a gamer who would rather play on his gamepad than practicing volleyball, he sees the real world the same way he looks at the game world which makes it easier for him to strategize against his opponents and set up formations for his own team.


Kenka who is also sometimes referred to as “Pudding head”, has two-toned hair, blonde hair with black roots very similar to Bokuto, to achieve a similar hair tone you can use the golden blonde dye as the base and then use black dye on the roots, creating streaks along the hairline.

It’ll be much easier to get Kenma’s cosplay wig instead of going through the trouble of using hair dye twice to match his hair.

Availability: you can easily purchase Kenma’s wig from Amazon or any popular anime cosplay store online.



Kenma has brown-ish orange-colored eyes which often gleam when he is trying to strategize the game, a pair of orange contacts will do the trick or you can get a pair of slanted cat-like eyes which would


Kenma is often seen playing his video game so you can use a handheld gaming console preferably in blue color.


Kena is a sloucher, he isn’t very athletic like the other guys and just likes to be in a comfortable pose no matter how he looks.



“Even if a game doesn’t seem clear-able at first, after playing it over and over again, you can conquer it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Hinata’s girlfriend Hikyuu?

Answer: Yachi and Hinata seem to have a very good connection between them, Yachi loves talking about volleyball with Hinata and she always looks for ways to help him whenever he is feeling down. So, I wouldn’t blame the community if they think Yachi and Hinata will soon develop feelings for one another but as of right now, No. Yachi is not Hinata’s girlfriend, they just have a really friendly player and manager relationship.

Question: Is there romance in Haikyuu?

Answer: Even though Haikyuu is a sports anime, there are subtle hints of various love interests most noticeably, Ryunosuke Tanaka who is the only character that had any real development in the romance area with Kiyoko Shimizu a little spoiler for the anime-only fans… Tanaka and Kiyoko have married in the latest panels of manga.

Question: Who is Kiyoko Dating?

Answer: To many people’s surprise, Kiyoko is dating Ryunosuke Tanaka, yes the scary-looking softie Tanaka who always had his eyes on just one girl. It seems as though his wish finally came true, he got to be the best girl from Haikyuu. The news hasn’t reached the anime-only fans but the rumors have already been spread about their relationship. In the latest manga panel, we see that Kiyoko is now working as a sports store employee.

Final Thoughts About The Haikyuu Cosplay Ideas

There are many amazing cosplay characters to choose from, characters with their personalities, with their unique quirks and characteristics to give a lot of freedom in your quest to find the best cosplay for you, you can experiment with their unique traits based on your personal preferences, what’s important is that you love what you do and have fun doing it.

The best thing would be to copy the mannerisms of your favorite character such as how they talk, their hand gestures, facial expressions, and how much social interaction they prefer. There is no limit to how far you can take your passion for cosplay, you can edit your images in a way that separates you from the rest.

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