One Punch Man Cosplay Costume Ideas

The Best One Punch Man Cosplay Costume Ideas

One-Punch Man is one of the most comedic and loved anime of all time, so much so that only for its comedic value, the show is ranked 5th on My Anime List, who doesn’t love a goofy looking superhero who is so overpowered that he can defeat anyone in the universe with one punch.

Also, we do have some back story about how he came to be so strong. His training has become so popular that many people, including YouTubers, have decided to do it.

One-Punch Man is mainly known for its incredible fighting animations and super amazing soundtracks. Who knew the violin alone could be so badass? You know something badass is about to happen when that violin becomes loud.

It also has a super loveable cast that you can not help but fall in love with, and we have Genos, who is a super-human cyborg being a housemaid, we have King who is just a weeb gamer like us, he has a heart condition which makes his heartbeat quite loud.

In the cosplay universe, people aren’t hesitant to show love for this fantastic comedic show. You will see new One Punch Man cosplays popping up every day on social media.

There are so many loveable characters to choose from, each with their unique personalities and characteristics, giving you a chance to do experiments with your costumes.

Why Cosplaying as One Punch Man Can Be a Great Idea?

One-Punch Man has managed to become one of the most popular comedic anime of all time every year. You will see new cosplayers entering the arena with their fabulous costumes.

You can see the passion in their eyes; also, there is a massive appreciation for cosplayers in the OPM community; people love to see cosplayers dressing up as their favorite characters.

There are so many characters to choose from, each character with their unique costume and personality, and you can even be creative with it, such as styling the hair a bit differently, using makeup or even piercings to make your cosplay look unique to you.

If you are serious about cosplaying as the OPM character, you came to the right place. I will take you through every popular character in the series who you can cosplay as.

What I’ll Cover

Here is a list of all the famous characters in the anime to help you decide on the right One Punch Man cosplay costume ideas. Of course, a few characters are missing, but I am sure that you will love this list and find the outfit you are looking for. So, here are the characters I will cover.

  • Saitama (One Punch Man)
  • Genos
  • Tatsumaki
  • Fubuki
  • Mumen Rider
  • Sonic
  • Bang
  • Garou


Saitama is the protagonist of the series One Punch Man and the most powerful being in the universe. Despite being the strongest in the world, he still faces minor self-imposed existential crises such as losing his hair.

It seems the One Punch Man Universe works a little differently than every other anime, where most anime characters grow their hair after a power-up, Saitama straight up goes bald, he is way too powerful that he can defeat almost anyone in just one punch, now he doesn’t get any thrill from fighting against evil.

Saitama is a “Hero for Fun” or “A Hero that nobody knows” Saitama doesn’t make much money. So after Genos introduces him to the Hero Association Program that pays heroes based on their skills and the monster they defeat, Saitama quickly registers to become one of the heroes, though even after acing the entire physical test, he became rank 7 in class B.

His hero name is Caped Baldy or Bald Cape.

Saitama always tries to live an easy life, and he doesn’t stress over things except when someone makes fun of him being bald or if it’s a mosquito.

What You’ll Need

  • Jumpsuit
  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • Cape


To start with, you will first need a yellow jumpsuit as the base of the costume, and the following item is red gloves and red boots, you may use red rain boots and red latex gloves, up next is the black belt with a gold circular buckle, I doubt it’ll be challenging to find.

The last piece is his white cape that is held with two big black buttons around his collarbones.


Saitama is a gag character who will always look odd compared to every other character. His eyes are tiny and don’t have many features, and it seems like someone draws two dots with a pencil.

However, If you want to pursue a similar look, I recommend that you purchase contacts with tiny Iris to make your eyes seem intimidating.

  • Availability: you might be able to purchase these contacts from excellent or from your local optical center.


Even though Saitama is a super-strong hero who fights evil monsters and does everything heroic, he doesn’t have that bold aesthetic about him, and he doesn’t pose for anything, so you can pose however you want.


“I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me.”


Genos is the deuteragonist of the series One Punch Man and the disciple of Saitama. After seeing his power of eliminating a giant dragon class monster only by his single punch, Genos began studying under the teachings of Great Saitama, or more like being his housemaid, doing daily chores such as getting groceries, cleaning his house, and doing the laundry.

Genos is a 19-year-old cyborg who is always in a constant struggle to become even more robust. He joined the hero Association and became an S-class hero ranking 14th, and his hero name is Demon Cyborg.

Genos tries to act like an actual cyborg. He is always in a severe mood, never making jokes, and always taking notes of whatever Saitama does. In his constant struggle to become the strongest, he would often ask for advice from Saitama.

Genos is not a flashy guy and always prefers to do things quickly rather than taking his time showing off. Still, keeping the teachings of Saitama in his mind, he would occasionally show off his skills in a comical way only to impress Saitama.

What You’ll Need

  • White Top
  • Brown Boots
  • Blue Jeans
  • Black Belt


Genos wears a very basic costume: a white collared top, blue army jeans, brown boots, and a black belt around his waist. What’s unique about his appearance is his mechanical body. You can use props for that or go the easy route and paint his mechanical style onto you.


He has spiky blonde hair seemingly made with fiber, his hair may seem very rough, but they are perfectly aligned.

You can use a hair product to make your hair spiky straight like his, and for the color, you need to use blonde hair dye. It will be helpful to use bleach on your hair for 20 minutes before you apply the coloring.

If coloring your hair or using hair products is out of the question, you can purchase a blonde hair wig and skip over this part.

  • Availability: Geno’s wig is readily available on Amazon, including many other characters from One Punch Man.


His eyes are one of the most striking features, and his eyes have black sclera and yellow-colored featureless Iris. On the internet, you might have seen that many people use black ink inside their eyes to blacken the sclera, which is incredibly dangerous, and I will never suggest you go that way. All you need is pair of yellow contacts to get a decent look.

  • Availability: you can easily purchase a pair of yellow contacts from Amazon or a nearby optical center in your area, and if you want to go one step ahead, you might want to look for some Halloween contacts, and you might find what you’re looking for.


Genos is a hero through and through. Everything he does speaks hero. He does excellent superhero landing positions very similar to the ones you’ve seen in movies.


“I will not grow if I cannot face superior opponents”


Tatsumaki is also known by her hero name Tornado, a powerful psychic user, and she is an S-ranked hero ranking 2nd; her powers only come second to the number one hero Blast.

She is mainly known for her petite figure and being treated as a child, and she gets furious when someone ignores her or doesn’t take her seriously.

She is too proud of herself, and she is an esper and older sister of Fubuki. She always treats Fubuki as she is the one who taught her everything about her power.

Tatsumaki is quite moody and impatient, and she is disrespectful toward heroes who are a class or even one rank lower than her. On occasion, she slammed Genos into a wall of ruble only because he called her a disrespectful child.

Despite her being a total loudmouth and arrogant, she never skips on defeating monsters. She takes her job very seriously and always rushes to save people.

What You’ll Need

  • Black dress
  • Low-heeled shoes


One of the easier costumes to create is Tatsumaki’s long sleeve black dress with four slits that shows off her legs, and goes with that is her black low-heeled shoes.


Tatsumaki has a unique hairstyle. Her hair color is green and curled upward at the end, you may have to use a curl up to make stiff curls at the end, and for the hair color, you can use green hair dye.

For many people, making a hairstyle such as hers might be difficult. In that case, you can purchase a cosplay wig, buy a green cosplay wig and do the hairstyle yourself, or straight-up purchase Tatsumaki’s wig and skip over this part.


Tatsumaki has similar emerald green-colored eyes as her hair, so a simple pair of green contacts will make your cosplay look amazing.


As most psychic users in the anime world, they can move things just with their hand movements to use random hand movements for the pose.


“Mental strength is secondary. All you really need is overwhelming power.”


Fubuki is the older sister of Tatsumaki, also known by her hero name Hellish Blizzard. She is the leader of Blizzard Group, comprised of only members of class B. Fubuki is the rank one hero of class B.

He wants to recruit everyone to be one of her bodyguards, and she visited Saitama to recruit him into the Blizzard Group either with his consent or against it. She tried to scare Saitama, telling him that she would use force if he didn’t comply with her request. Well, long story short, Fubuki is now a member of the Saitama Group.

Fubuki is the younger sister of Tatsumaki, and she doesn’t have as much psychic power as her. She cannot also fly, making her quite envious of her big sister.

Fubuki is self-conscious about her body, especially her large breasts. At the same time, Tatsumaki is jealous of her little sister’s enormous breasts, and both sisters have a unique dynamic.

What You’ll Need

  • Collared Green Dress
  • Thigh-high black boots
  • White fur coat


Fubuki wears something very similar to her older sister Tatsumaki’s costume, but with a little more class, she wears a long full sleeve dress with thigh-high black boots, and she would often wear a white fur coat. She’s very fancy.


Unlike her older sister, Fubuki has a decent hairstyle, and she has green-colored hair styled in a bob-cut. Her hair from the forehead is in a time-cut.

You can use a green hair dye for the color and style it in a decent bob cut which doesn’t seem to be that difficult of a task.

You can go the DIY route if you’re enthusiastic about it, but you can also purchase a green bob-cut wig if you want to skip over this part.


Her eyes are a lighter shade of color green, unlike her sister’s emerald green. You will need critical light-green contacts to make her cosplay look realistic.


  • White Bead Necklace: Fubuki does wear white beads double layer necklace around her neck. Her outfit is incomplete without it.


Fubuki is a psychic user, and just like many psychic users, she controls her powers with the movements of her hands. You can hold up both your hands and do the pose.


“Leaders must always know how to behave like leaders.”

Mumen Rider

You know who to call when there is trouble. Oh yeah, it’s Mumen Rider. He will ride his bike to the moon if it means he can defend someone from evil. He is a C-class hero ranking 1st, and he is the only hero who’s won the fan’s heart.

He doesn’t fear even the strongest of opponents if it means he can be a hero and save someone’s life. We see that when he’s up against the ocean villain who almost killed Mumen Rider, he is among the very few people who are aware of Saitama’s strength.

Mumen Rider is genuinely a nice guy who doesn’t look down on anyone, and it doesn’t matter what their rank is or how weak they are. He will always do his best to lift your spirit. He is an honorable hero who will never let a villain or a monster harm anyone.

What You’ll Need

  • Black jumpsuit
  • Complete armor set
  • Watermelon helmet
  • Goggles
  • Black boots
  • Black knee pads


Mumen Rider’s costume may seem straightforward at first, but compared to the rest of the costumes in this list, his costume takes a bit more time to perfect. You will need a black Zentai, a black bodysuit for the base, a basic watermelon helmet, simple goggles, some black boots, and knee pads.

Now comes his armor. His upper half is covered with brown scale-like armor, and you can use simple styrofoam to create the pieces of his armor and glue them onto you.


Mumen rider has very decent short brown hair that is not styled into anything. It’s not precisely a bedhead. Satoru has enough sense to comb his hair.

You need to color your hair a dark shade of brown, and then you’re good to go.


We have never Mumen rider’s eyes, he is always seen wearing either goggles or glasses to cover his eyes.


  • Bicycle: Mumen rider always rides his bike to the battlefield. It’s honestly somewhat cute, but he makes it look awesome, not-gonna-lie. You can not go wrong with a bicycle.


You can do any kind of pose while staying close to a bike, you can stand close to a bike and do a normal pose.


“It doesn’t matter if I stand a chance or not! I have to fight you here and now!”


Sonic or more commonly known as Speed-o-Sound Sonic, is a minor villain in the show. He is constantly popping out a few times only to get beaten by Saitama, and he is a ninja and among the very few people who truly know the full strength of Saitama.

Sonic takes pride in his skills as a ninja, even after being defeated by Saitama a few times he doesn’t take back down, he escapes only to come back even more robust, he considers himself a rival to Saitama.

At first, Sonic may seem calm and collected, but that isn’t the case when he is up against heroes or even strong monsters. He loves the thrill of battle and always looks for stronger enemies to fight against.

He is so prideful that he won’t give up until he can succeed in defeating his opponents. Despite saying he doesn’t care about a human’s life and has never let an opponent live, we have never seen him kill anyone.

What You’ll Need

  • Black jumpsuit
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves
  • Purple scarf
  • Silver body armor


Very similar to Mumen Rider’s costume in the creating process, you need a black Zentai or a jumpsuit, some black boots, black gloves, and the purple scarf for the base of the costume.

Next up, you will need to create the silver-colored armor linings with a styrofoam sheet. You can use silver color on the styrofoam and glue the armor linings on your jumpsuit.


Finally, we get to see our first decent hairstyle, and Sonic has long black hair that he styles into a high ponytail with bangs in the middle reaching down to his chin. If you already have long hair, all you need to do is the hairstyle.

However, if you don’t have long hair, you will have to buy a long wig or, better yet, purchase the pre-designed Sonic’s wig and skip over this part.


Sonic has gray eyes, so a simple pair of gray contacts will do the trick.

  • Availability: You can purchase a pair of gray-colored contacts from Amazon or any local optical center.


Sonic carries around a Japanese Katana with him, and he is a ninja who takes pride in his skills. After he lost his sword fighting with Saitama, he got a new one very soon.


Many cosplayers have tried posing for him in a ninja-like manner, such as sitting on a tree, or holding his sword up high, or even just silently sitting just looking at the camera.


“If you are too confident in your fighting style but lose, the result will always be the same.”


Bang is an influential martial artist. He is more commonly known as Silver Fang and is considered one of the strongest heroes alive.

He is currently ranked as the 3rd strongest hero in class S, and he is also among the most flashy heroes who don’t back down from a fight. His martial art abilities are on par with Garou, the hero killer who was a student of Bang.

He is also among the very few people who truly know the full strength of Saitama.

Bang is an older man who always appears to be in a severe mood. Although his personality is quite cheerful, he doesn’t take things too seriously. He wants to enjoy life running his dojo and often meeting his fans.

He is always calm, as shown when a giant meteor was about to hit City Z. He was unfazed by it. He prefers to be called “bang” rather than his hero name Silver Fang.

What You’ll Need

  • Black shirt
  • Grey pants
  • Tai Chi shoes


Bang doesn’t have a specific hero costume, you see. His costume comes out when he throws away his top and shows his hulking muscles, and his standard outfit consists of a black full sleeve shirt, grey martial arts pants, and Tai-Chi shoes.


Bang has spiky white hair in an upward direction. His hair is the most striking feature about him, all you need is a white hair dye for the color, and you can use a hair product to make your hair stick up like his.

  • Availability: Bang’s wig is easily accessible from Amazon and other popular cosplay websites.


Bang has light blue eyes with a very sharp gaze, so a simple pair of blue contacts will make your cosplay look so much more relaxed.


You can do any martial arts pose for Bang, he is seen doing the praying mantis fighting stance, you know, the one with one leg lift and fingers poking outwards.


“I did not raise Garou to be that weak, that’s why I am responsible for beating him.”


Up next is our favorite anti-hero named Garou, the hero killer. Garou grew up hating superheroes. When he was a child, he was always forced to become a monster while other students would defeat him as heroes.

He began hating the world who never cared for the beast, he made a vow to become a monster who would defeat all heroes no matter how strong they are, he is a student of Bang and the self-proclaimed Hero killer, he was kicked from the dojo because he went berserk and injured many students.

Garou is the antagonist of season 2, and he is a vindictive and confident person with great hate for heroes. His pride always comes; first, he doesn’t take lightly to anyone who insults him or looks down on his views against superheroes. He holds himself in high regard and doesn’t go easy on any hero, no matter how weak or strong.

What You’ll Need

  • Black tight shirt
  • White martial arts pants
  • Yellow sash
  • Tai Chi slippers


Garou wears a very similar Martial arts costume to Bang. That might be because Garou studied under Bang at his dojo; Garou’s outfit consists of a full black sleeve tight shirt, white martial arts pants with a yellow sash inside the loops, and basic Tai-Chi slippers.


Garou has long silver-ish hair styled in two prongs, and his hair gives him a wolf-like appearance. You need a silver hair dye for the color, though you will have to use bleach before applying the hair color. Now, for the hairstyle, you can use a hair product to make your hair stick outwards.

Alternatively, you can purchase a silver hair wig or, better yet, buy the pre-designed Garou’s wig and skip over this part.


Garou has very sharp yellow eyes. His Iris is tiny, making him seem quite intimidating, so a simple pair of yellow contacts will bring your cosplay one step closer to being awesome.


Garou loves to show off his fighting skills, often posing in a new yet strange kung fu style, most noticeably the Crane or Praying Mantis style, so that you can go with those.


“Stay right here and watch as the monster Garou goes on to kill off all of your comrades.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should you buy Pre-made One Punch Man Costumes?

Answer: In most cases, Yes! You should buy a pre-made cosplay costume. I have purchased a few for the annual cosplay convention, and If you aren’t a creative individual or just not a big fan of DIY, you should buy a complete costume. Almost every cosplay costume is available on Amazon.

Making props for the costumes is always the most challenging part, so even if you’re creating the costume yourself, you should purchase the props separately.

The hero costumes in One Punch Man aren’t very creative, you can easily put together a complete hero costume in under 40 dollars, the best thing to do is purchase accessories separately so you can DIY the easy parts.

Question: Does Saitama has a girlfriend?

Answer: No! Genos is the only one allowed to live with Saitama, Genos has moved in with Saitama and has offered to work for him for free if he makes him his disciple, and I highly doubt that Saitama understands what it means to be a teacher.

So the answer is No, Genos will never let a woman come in between him and his master.

Question: Who has a crush on Saitama?

Answer: Fubuki from class B rank 1, when she came to recruit Saitama into her Blizzard Gang, she was defeated quite easily by Saitama and in-fact saved by him too, she instantly developed feelings for Saitama and offered to be a part of his small group, she would often visit him only to hang out with him.

Question: Is Saitama Stronger than Goku?

Answer: I see this question come up a lot of times, Is Saitama stronger than Goku, and I will answer this once and for all, No Saitama is not stronger than Goku, we have seen the extent of Saitama’s abilities, even if he can shake the earth with his attack, he can bearly put a dent in it.

While in the Dragon Ball Z universe, we see beings strong enough to destroy entire planets with just one finger.

Conclusion to One Punch Man Cosplay Outfit Ideas

There are some notable characters to choose from, all with their unique and different personalities. One significant thing is that you should get down their mannerism, such as Saitama’s goofy and clueless side, Geno’s serious look, and the tsundere side of Tatsumaki.

Many characters use hand gestures while they talk, especially our Genos. He would use both his hands when conversing with Saitama to convey his message to him. He is also not a buddy-buddy character who will get along with anyone.

As for poses, you can be creative for most of these. All of them look amazing, using grand hand gestures. You can also include their superpowers in your photo edits, such as the green aura Tatsumaki when using her psychic abilities or Geno’s amazing-looking engine burst.

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