Kakashi Cosplay Outfit Ideas

The Best Kakashi Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Very few people in the world would be unknown to the manga and anime series Naruto. This is an anime and manga series that Masashi Kishimoto created. One of the most well-known fictional characters of this series is Hatake Kakashi.

Kakashi is a highly skilled shinobi or the ninja of Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. He is an iconic character who plays the role of a teacher. Kakashi guides Team 7 that is formed with some of the primary characters of the show.

The initial character portrayal of Kakashi is that he is an apathetic person who does not have emotional attachments with anyone. However, throughout the show, viewers saw a significant change in the character.

Kakashi was seen to form emotional bonds with his students and friends. Even though he is a harsh character, people often look up to him for guidance and advice.

Kakashi majorly believes in teamwork and has received this lesson from Obito Uchiha, his childhood friend. Additionally, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage of Konoha after the Fourth Shinobi World War.

The positive and negative characteristics make it an interesting choice for cosplayers. While some people praise the characters, others are critical of them. No matter how the character is portrayed, cosplayers will have a lot of fun recreating the look.

Kakashi has a unique appearance, but you will not require too many things to create the costume. The cosplay guide gives you a clear idea of the items you would need for the costume.

Even if you cannot find the items, we have provided you an alternative for the said item. Most of the dress items present in the list can be made out from everyday clothing elements.

Before we move on to the Kakashi Cosplay Outfit Ideas guide, let us understand more about the character. This will help you not just create the perfect costume but also showcase his personality.

Who Is Kakashi?

His father brought up Kakashi since he lost his mother at a very young age. His father was a well-known figure in the shinobi world, and Kakashi wanted to make a prominent place for himself as a ninja. However, unlike his father, Kakashi firmly believed in following the Shinobi rules.

Kakashi became a very popular figure in the academy due to his grades and talents. Due to his exceptional talents, Kakashi graduated in one year with excellent grades.

He was teamed with Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara and competed in the Chūnin Exams with them. Kakashi was just 6 when he became a Chūnin (middle ninja) as he defeated Might Guy.

He lost both his teammates in the Third Shinobi World War and fell into depression. Eventually, he became the Anbu captain and was given the responsibility to overlook multiple teams of graduates. Finally, Kakashi was relieved from the Anbu and returned to the standard forces.


Kakashi shows a very self-confident and independent character while also being condescending and arrogant at certain times. He was known to be very intuitive and realized the true value and essence of every situation.

Kakashi became extremely aloof and stern after his father died. He gave priority to the rule of the Shinobi world and chastised people who disobeyed them. Kakashi had no issues abandoning his teammates if it meant following the Shinobi rules.

With age, Kakashi showcased a very calm and detached character. He was not riled up by anything that happened around him. However, there was amazing growth in his expertise as a ninja.

Even though he has an arrogant personality, the arrogance was not for his abilities. When it came to his prowess as a ninja, he was surprisingly modest.

Kakashi changed a lot after the death of his teammates and became very cold-blooded. However, he started giving more priority to teamwork which he taught his students.


Kakashi greatly resembled his father and was often mistaken for each other. His hair was silver and had spikes that were oriented to the left side. His eyes were dark grey and were sometimes shown to be black.

Kakashi damaged his left eye during the Third Shinobi World War. After a short time, the eye was replaced with Sharingan. He keeps the Sharingan covered with the forehead protector when he is not using it.

Naruto restored Kakashi’s original eye during the Fourth Shinobi World War. He then kept the forehead protector in its original position above the forehead.

Kakashi’s face has been hidden for most of this livelihood with a mask. Hence, people rarely remember what he looks like. However, on the fewer occasions that people have seen his face, he was said to be very handsome with a narrow jaw-line.

Kakashi is also said to have a beauty mark under his mouth’s left corner.

Multiple Abilities

Kakashi has multiple abilities, which make him one of the most sought-after ninjas. He was a prodigy who showed his excellence from a very early age. Moreover, he has expertise in three primary ninja skills.

Kakashi has certain chakra reserves that he fulfilled with amazing control. He could use Kamui only three times and Lighting Cutter only four times in one day in his chakras.

Kakashi has excellent body techniques or taijutsu, which helped him with close combat. This made it easy for Kakashi to approach his enemies suddenly without being unnoticed. Along with being stealth and light-footed, he also had excellent speed and precision.

Another ability Kakashi has is using all the five nature transformations along with Yin and Yang Release. He can easily use the water transformation even if a water source is not present nearby.

Kakashi’s abilities made him one of the strongest ninjas in the manga-anime series.


Kakashi’s combat techniques consisted of clone and Body Replacement techniques. This helped keep him away from harm, all the while assessing his opponent’s abilities.

Kakashi does not always use his decoys and misdirection during combat. However, he still stays alert for unexpected and unexplained occurrences. This helps him form theories related to the situation and use them to his advantage.

Kakashi uses his abilities and intelligence to hurt his opponents. He does this by identifying this opponent’s weaknesses and formulating a solid plan to destroy them.

He also uses the unique skills of his allies for the same purpose. Even though his plans were at times a little unorthodox, they are highly successful and have low-risk factors.

Due to his, Kakashi was called an excellent and invaluable leader. He showed amazing performance both as a leader and teacher. Kakashi always pushed his students to do better using innovative methods.

This made Kakashi not just a skilled warrior and teacher but also an intelligent character. It is due to this that Kakashi was notably one of the strongest characters in Naruto.

Why Can Cosplaying As Kakashi Be A Great Idea?

Cosplaying requires intense creativity and needs the person to bring out their best skills. Cosplayers love dressing up as their favorite fictional characters. They bring the characters to life through not only their costumes but their personality portrayals.

cosplaying as kakashi

You can easily create the costume with very minimal elements. Kakashi does not require too many clothing elements but requires immense creativity. However, for people who love cosplaying, Kakashi will be a fun character to dress up as.

The dual-personality of Kakashi makes him an interesting figure. People who are drawn to dark yet intelligent will find Kakashi to be the perfect match.

Apart from experiencing the fun of creating Kakashi, you can share the looks with other cosplayers. You can also upload the pictures on your social media accounts.

Apart from Kakashi, there are other characters from the Naruto series that you can cosplay as. These characters are –

The Complete Kakashi Cosplay Guide

If you are a Naruto fan and love to cosplay, then you may have thought about dressing up as its characters. What better way to start the Naruto cosplay than dressing up as Kakashi.

Kakashi is one of the most brilliant, intelligent, and strong characters in the series. This makes him a highly attractive cosplay character.

kakashi cosplay

If you want to dress up as Kakashi, it would be necessary to buy the right clothing and items to create your own dress. It is easy to create the perfect Kakashi costume if you have all the necessary elements.

The DIY costume can easily be better than a ready-made costume. There are a few layers to Kakashi’s costume. Apart from the major clothing items, many small elements complete the Kakashi costume.

We have mentioned all the necessary items required for the costume to help you bring out the true essence of the character.

Things You Will Require

We have divided the Kakashi cosplay outfit sections into two parts. In the first section, we will mention only the essential items you will need for the outfit. These are mainly the clothing items that will form an integral part of your costume.

In the below section, we have mentioned the different essential items and where you will find them. We have also provided you with alternatives for each item if you do not find them from the source and make them on your own.

Check out the different clothing items that you would require to create the perfect Kakashi cosplay outfit.


The first thing that you would require to create the perfect Kakashi cosplay outfit is a wig. Kakashi’s hair is very attractive with its silver color and spikes. You can easily get the hair by buying a silver or white wig online.

Ideally, the hair should be in spikes which are almost the same for most anime characters. You can find anime hair or Kakashi-themed wig.

Availability: Anime wigs are available on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. You can also search for anime cosplay wigs at your nearby costume shops.

Alternative: If you cannot find an ideal wig for the costume, you can style your hair in the same manner. To get the silver color, you can use a silver or white hairspray.

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

The next clothing item you would require is a long-sleeved t-shirt. This would be the base of your costume. Ideally, Kakashi wears a dark/navy blue long-sleeved t-shirt as the base. You can use any other dark-colored base for the same.

There is a red circle on either arm of the t-shirt that you can sew on the t-shirt sleeves. These circles are placed just below the shoulders. You can make the circles using a red cloth or thick paper, which does not tear easily.

Availability: You can get a navy-blue t-shirt online or at your nearby garment store. The material of the t-shirt does not matter when you are cosplaying, but it should be comfortable.

Alternative: You do not need to specifically wear a navy-blue t-shirt. Any dark base would work effectively. Instead of a dark blue t-shirt, you can wear a black long-sleeved t-shirt.

Military Vest

On top of the long-sleeved t-shirt, you will require a vest. It would be better if you could buy a military vest for this. Kakashi wears a military vest that contains multiple pockets. These pockets can be used for different purposes, like keeping different items.

A military vest is ideally of an olive green color to camouflage the ninja. You can use a normal vest of the same color as well.

Availability: You can find a military vest online or in a garment shop. Military vests are half-sleeved and with numerous pockets.

Alternative: Finding a military vest may not be easy. Hence, you can buy a normal vest even if it does not have pockets. However, it would be ideal if the vest was high-collared and with a front chain.

Army Style Pants

You will need army-style pants for the lower section of your costume. These pants will have to be of a similar color as the long-sleeved t-shirts. Army-style pants have different pockets and are stretchable to make them more accessible.

Even if you do not get army pants with pockets, you can wear normal pants.

Availability: You can get army pants online very easily. Even if you do not find them online, you can find them in any garment shop locally.

Alternative: You do not need army pants for this costume. Instead, you can use a normal track pant that is stretchable and comfortable.

Facial Mask

Kakashi has his face covered for the majority of the series. Not many people know what Kakashi looks like. So you will need a face mask for completing the costume. The face mask is simple and black.

naruto kakashi cosplay

Availability: You can buy the face mask anywhere since it is an easy-to-find item. Check online stores or your nearby stores to find a face mask. Ideally, the face mask should be black like the character.

Alternative: If you do not wish to buy a face mask, you can make one yourself. For this, you can take a black cloth and cut it in the shape of a mask. Use strings to hold the cloth in place and cover your face properly.

Ninja Headband

The next part of the costume is the headband. You can use a ninja headband or Kakashi-themed headband. This is the same headband that Kakashi wears in the series with a logo in the middle.

The headband is a protective gear worn by Kakashi in all episodes. In certain episodes, Kakashi wears the headband over one of his eyes. After he gets back his original eye, he pushes back the headgear to the original position.

Availability: You can get any headgear in garment stores. However, for a ninja or Kakashi-themed headband, you can search for it on Amazon.

Alternative: Cosplayers who do not wish to invest in headgear can make one at home. You can use the same cloth that you have used for the face mask. Just cut it into a rectangular shape that covers your forehead.

Gladiator Style Sandals

Shoes are an essential part of any costume, and the same goes for the Kakashi costume. However, the Kakashi costume shoes are different from regular shoes. Kakashi wears open-toed gladiator sandals.

Availability: You can easily find gladiator shoes online in different online shoe stores. Gladiator shoes may also be available offline, but it would be harder to find them.

Alternative: There are no alternatives shoes, and you would need a pair of gladiator shoes to complete this outfit. If you do not find gladiator shoes, you can opt for normal shoes or plain sandals that are open-toed.

Fingerless Gloves

A very important clothing element that warriors wear is fingerless gloves. Gloves cover the hand completely and act as protective gear. They help you hold the weapons properly without hurting your hands.

Fingerless gloves keep the fingers free to hold the weapons comfortably and keep the palms safe at the same time.

Availability: It is very easy to get fingerless gloves since they are available both offline and online. You can choose normal quality fingerless gloves for cosplay since you will not be fighting in real.

Alternative: Finding fingerless gloves is not too hard. However, if you do not find fingerless gloves, you can opt for normal gloves.

Additional Accessories and Make-Up

Apart from the clothing items, there are some additional accessories that you need to include in the costume. Most of these accessories are essential and complete your costume. Hence, you need to ensure that you include most of these items in your cosplay outfit.

Along with the accessories, we have also included the make-up items you might require. This second section will help you wrap up the costume and make yourself ready for your cosplay event.

Leg Bandage

A leg bandage is required to cover the lower part of your pants. This would help wrap the ankles so that the pants are tight from below. You will see Kakashi has his army pants wrapped at the ankles to make the outfit more compact.

The leg bandage is ideally white, but you can use whatever color you find. Leg bandages are mostly found in white which will make it easier for you.

White Hair Spray

The next item you need is a white hair spray. If you can purchase a white or silver wig, you will not require the hair spray. However, if you have not purchased or found a wig, you will need to style your hair.

Stylish your hair into spike is easy, especially if you have short hair. If you want the hairstyle to be authentic, you will need to make it silver or white. For that, you will the silver or white spray that would cover your hair completely.

Make sure the hairspray is good for your hair and will not damage it.

Sharingan-Themed Contact Lenses

Kakashi’s original eye was damaged during the Third Shinobi World War. During that time, his eye was replaced by the Sharingan. Kakashi mostly kept the Sharingan covered with his headband.

The Sharingan was again restored to his original eye at a later stage. If you wish to portray the Sharingan eye character, you will need the right contact lenses. You can get Sharingan-themed contact lenses online.

It is not mandatory to buy Sharingan-themed contact lenses. You can portray the character with normal eyes, so you do not have to invest in another element. However, the Sharingan-themed contact lenses would make the character more interesting.

Combat Knife / Ninja Weapons

A major part of a ninja is his weapons, and you will need the same to complete the character. You mustn’t use real weapons for this since it could hurt you or people near you.

You will easily find toy combat knives or ninja weapons online. Kakashi uses sharp arrow-like knives that are available on Amazon. Having authentic toy weapons will bring out the true personality of the character.

Since cosplay is all about portraying the true character, weapons are a very important addition.

Weapon Holder

You will require a weapon holder to keep your weapons. For this, you can use a fanny pack or even an open weapon holder. This depends on the cosplayer and what they are comfortable carrying.

You might avoid using a fanny pack or weapon holder for storing the weapons. It would be great if you had a vest that has pockets to keep the weapons.

No matter what you choose, you will need to find a place to keep the essential items. This could be anything apart from your weapons, like small items that may be crucial to your character.


A major part of Kakashi’s face is covered with his face mask. You can only see his eyes, one of which can also be covered if you choose the Sharingan character. Here you will be wearing the Sharingan-themed lenses and can cover the same eye with your headband like in the series.

Due to this, you will not require much make-up to cover the leftover part of the face. However, if you choose to avoid the Sharingan eye and keep both eyes uncovered, you can use a little make-up.

First, you need to cover your face completely with base make-up. You can use a liquid foundation for the same and blend it using blenders or a sponge. After this, you can take an eye shadow palette to make the eyes more defined.

Choose dark colors but in a small amount to cover the corners of the eyes. If you wish, you can use eyelashes to accentuate the eyes more. Another make-up item you will need for the eyes is eyeliner.


You can complete the make-up by using a make-up sealer, so it does not wear off even when you sweat. It is not essential to be a very high-end make-up artist to complete this make-up. However, if you are an absolute novice, you can take help from a professional.


Kakashi: Character Trivia

Kakashi is a very interesting character, but there are many hidden layers to his personality. Below are interesting facts about Kakashi that even the most die-hard fans might not know.

  • Kakashi is undoubtedly one of the best ninjas in the Naruto universe. Why do you think he was called so? It is due to the number of missions that he had completed. Kakashi has completed 1141 missions in total since the starting of his career.
  • Kakashi was introduced in his late 20s. So how did he complete so many missions? Kakashi had graduated at just five years old and was competent to be a chuunin at six years old.
  • Kakashi may be technically retired, but he still took on missions and never stopped working. He was very dedicated at his job and did fieldwork along with his students.
  • Kakashi used his tantō blade that was also called the White Light Chakra Sabre, in multiple battles. This blade is a treasured possession of the Hatake clan, which his father Sakumo passed onto him.
  • Kakashi was not supposed to be a ninja but a samurai. This is not just confined to Kakashi but to the whole cast. Kishimoto originally wanted to write a samurai manga but then changed their mind.


You have all the elements that would help you create the perfect Kakashi costume. However, there might be certain questions that can arise in your mind. The below section contains some of the frequently asked questions about Kakashi cosplay.

Question: Do I have to be of a certain physique to dress up as Kakashi?

Answer: Kakashi is a ninja who has a strong and stout physique. However, when cosplaying, you do not need to have the same physique as the character. The main idea is to wear the right costume and portray the personality of the character.

Cosplay is all about having fun, so it is better not to put too much thought into it. Anyone can cosplay as Kakashi is they all the right clothing materials.

Question: Since Kakashi is a male character, can a woman dress up as him?

Answer: Kakashi is a male ninja, so it is a common perspective that only men can dress up as him. However, in cosplay, people can dress up as male or female characters irrespective of their gender.

Even if you are a woman, you can cosplay as Kakashi. You will need the wig, vest, and other clothing items that are required for the character. If you have all the necessary, then cosplaying as Kakashi should not be a problem.

Question: How should the make-up be for Kakashi?

Answer: Most of Kakashi’s face is covered by his mask. This means that there is not much make-up required to complete the costume. However, you will need make-up to define his piercing eyes and pale skin.

You can do this with very minimal make-up items, as mentioned in the guide. Even if you do not have extravagant make-up skills, it will not be a major issue. All you need to complete the look are some basic make-up techniques, for which you can find tutorial videos online.

Final Thoughts

Kakashi is an incredible teacher and a cold-blooded ninja. He became one of the most promising ninjas of the Naruto universe and strictly abided by the Sinobi rules. His priority was to complete all the missions without compromising on the rules.

Due to this rigid thought process, Kakashi lost two of his teammates, which pushed him into depression. The loss of his teammates made him a better person and a teacher.

He pushed his students to become the best version of themselves and develop team spirit.

Cosplaying as Kakashi is very easy if you follow the guide properly. Here we have mentioned every detail to help you prepare a complete costume. There are alternatives mentioned in the guide as well for the items you might not find.

Whether you use the original ideas or the alternatives, you can create the perfect Kakashi costume. There are make-up and weapon elements that we have mentioned in the guide. These are an integral part of Kakashi’s costume since he was a ninja.

Create the ideal Kakashi cosplay outfit, and have a fun night!

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