Itachi Cosplay Ideas

Itachi Cosplay Ideas Guide: Becoming Sasuke’s Greatest Enemy

One of my favorite characters in the whole Naruto series is Itachi. I loved his entire personality and the plot twists so much, and I think he is one of the best anime “villains” of all time. I am sure many people agree with me on that or at least love his look in the anime. 

In this cosplay, I am going to tell you exactly what you need for the Itachi cosplay. You will need quite a lot of stuff to make this cosplay perfect. The good news about cosplaying Itachi is 1. He is very recognizable and a lot of people will know right away who you are just judging from the coat and hair and 2. There are a lot of options online for premade costumes you can buy.

This cosplaying guide is mostly aimed at people who are new to cosplay, but I will include some tips on how to make this cosplay great, even if you are an intermediary or an expert! 

In our Itachi Cosplay Ideas guide, we’ll discuss everything you need for a perfect cosplay. I am going to start with Itachi his background, personality, and quotes. After that, I am going to tell you what you should buy or what you can make yourself when cosplaying Itachi Uchiha. Finally, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this cosplay and the character. 

What you need to know about Itachi Uchiha

In my experience, cosplaying is 90% the costume and 10% the personality. So if you want perfect cosplay, you should have some insight into who you are cosplaying as. That is why I am discussing his background and personality. I will also share some quotes I like; these either give insight into the character, or you can remember them and say them while being dressed up like Itachi for extra fun. 

Itachi: His (tragic) background

Itachi was born as the first son of Mikoto and Fugaku, both members of the Uchiha clan. During his childhood, the Third Shinobi World War took place. At the age of 5, his younger brother Sasuke was born, and he became friends with Shisui. 

At the age of 6, after his enrollment in the combination, it was obvious he was a once-in-a-generation talent. He quickly became genin-level and graduated as one of the youngest ever from the academy. 

Some years later, he joined the secret police of the Hidden Leaf Village, the Anbu; it was there that he started to understand what scheming by his clan was taking place behind the scenes. He was asked to be a spy for the Uchiha clan and help them plan a coup d’etat. Things spiraled out of control and Itachi slaughtered the entire clan to stop the coup from happening. The only person he was not able to kill, was his younger brother, who he left alive on purpose, hoping his younger brother will kill him one day to atone for his sins. 

This is all I am going to say, as many of you might not have seen the entire anime or read the manga. The story is amazing, so I do not want to spoil it for anyone! 

Itachi: His personality 

Itachi is a very rational and calm person. From an early age, he has been very mature and always took a moment to think before he acted when dealing with a difficult situation. He was considered to be extremely intelligent and has had reasoning on par with adults before being 10 years old. 

Despite being much more talented and much stronger than his peers, he was rather humble. He also never underestimates his opponents or allies. Itachi considers himself to be a pacifist. He will however not hesitate to execute an order if he thinks the result will serve the greater good.  He has trouble trusting people on a personal level.

After the massacre of his family and the Uchiha clan, he became more emotionless and only cared about one person from that point on; his younger brother Susake. 

Awesome quotes

I think these are the quotes that give a good amount of insight into Itachi. Some of these are also quite short, so they are easy to remember. 

“Those who kill their comrades are sure to die a terrible death.”

“…People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion.”

“You don’t become the Hokage to be acknowledged by everyone. The one who is acknowledged by everyone becomes the Hokage.”

What you need for the perfect Itachi cosplay

Akatsuki Cloak

Since the Akatsuki were vital to the plot of Naruto, their cloak has become one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in anime. It helps that it looks awesome, too, of course. You can not skip this clothing item. You can make it yourself, and it isn’t too hard to do this if you have some sewing experience. 

However, since this cloak has been popular for years and is used for a lot of cosplays, you can get very good cloaks of great quality online for a very reasonable price. I would recommend you to cloak online and save yourself a lot of time. 

Continue reading our full guide on cosplaying as Akatsuki.

 Grey T-Shirt + net shirt 

The black shirt is pretty obvious. This can be any gray shirt you have in your closet right now. You will also need a black net shirt. This is very hard to make yourself, and not expensive to buy. 

Black Nail Polish

Itachi is a true fan of the goth look, so he wears black nail polish. You do not need to wear this if you don’t want to. However, you are going to need it if you want a perfect and 100% accurate cosplay! You can use any brand, but I suggest you look for a nail polish that is easy to remove if you do not want to leave it on. 

Black hair wig

A wig with black hair is very useful to have if you like cosplay. Almost every anime has a character or two with short black hair. Getting a nice, professional, high-quality wig with black hair is going to be very useful if you do a lot of cosplays. It will open up a lot of other characters from different universes you can cosplay. 

Of course, you can also dye your hair black if it is already the right length. 

Wooden Sandals

Itachi wears black sandals and wooden sandals. The easiest to get is the wooden sandals. A lot of characters in anime wear wooden sandals. So it is a good excuse to buy some for this cosplay and the next. 

Hidden Leaf Village Headband

You will need to have this headband. You just can’t do a Naruto-themed cosplay without having a ninja headband. Not only that, but you can make this yourself if you own a laser and you can do some metalworking. Furthermore, you can then attach the slab of metal to the fabric with glue. 

The best way, however, is to just buy the headband. It isn’t expensive and you can use it for all the cosplay costumes from the Hidden Leaf Village. 

Plastic Kunai 

Well, I mean you can use metal ones. However, it is a lot safer and cheaper to just take plastic ones with you when you are cosplaying. You will need three of them. 

These are optional and can get in the way, so feel free to skip this. Itachi doesn’t always have them with him in the anime and manga. 

The pros and cons of buying a premade Itachi costume

Pro: it is easy

Getting your costume online is as easy as pressing your mousepad five times and waiting until someone brings it to your door. You do not have to buy raw materials. It is often also a bit cheaper than buying the materials since you will be ordering the fabric and other things in small amounts. 

It is also a good idea to use your premade costume as a backup if you plan to make some things yourself. If something goes wrong, you still have a good backup option for you to use when the day you are cosplaying arrives. 

Pro: high-quality options available 

Itachi has been topping popularity polls for over a decade now. He is one of the most often cosplayed characters from the Naruto universe in my experience. That often means that you can get a wide range of premade costumes online.

There are tons of costumes to choose from, but this one seems to be the best bang for its back. It has amazing reviews, the quality looks on point and it is very accurate to the character his look. 

Con: not as original as homemade

Since Itachi is so popular, a lot of people are going to do this cosplay at an anime convention; even more so when you are going to a Naruto-themed con or party. Having a ready-made costume is taking the risk someone is going to wear the same cosplay as you. 

You can amend this by adding a homemade item. This way, you still have a high-quality cosplay, but you have an original element in it that only you have. 

Con: less connection to the character

Making the cosplay yourself is a very difficult but rewarding thing to do. You also feel a lot closer to the character since you had to take into account every detail of the outfit yourself. You have spent hours thinking about cosplay. 

Frequently asked questions about Itachi cosplay

Question: Do I need makeup for the Itachi costume. 

Answer: You will need a bit of makeup and nail polish. The nail polish is needed to make your nails black. Itachi has black nails in the anime. So if you want a 100% complete cosplay costume, you will have to use nail polish on your nails. It is best to use a brand that is easy to remove. 

You will also need some makeup for the lines on Itachi’s face. However, this is optional; you do not need to have the lines on your face. They can pretty easily fade if your cosplay goes on for quite a while. 

Question: Should I get red-colored lenses?

Answer: You should only get these when you know a very safe brand that has a great reputation. Only at a few moments in the anime, Itachi uses the Sharingan and thus turns his eyes partly red. It is by no means necessary to have such lenses. 

You should also be aware that red-colored lenses are not accurate. There is a pattern in Itachi’s eyes- it is not a pure red. 

Question: Can you do a couples cosplay with Itachi?

Answer: I do not think Itachi has a love interest in Naruto, except for the almost unknown Izumi. Of course, that does not mean, you can’t do a couple’s cosplay. You can pick any female or male character you want. There are a lot of great options since the Naruto universe is so vast. You can do a pairing you have always wanted to see or go for something completely absurd, and that is what is so cool about cosplaying! 

Final Thoughts 

If you buy the premade costume, it is an amazing beginner costume. Itachi is a very popular character. He has a lot of props, and the outfit just looks amazing. This is why I recommend it to beginners as their first cosplay if they enjoy Naruto. 

Making this costume yourself is hard, but not too hard. The coat looks a lot harder to make than it is. If you can make the coat, making your headwear is going to be a breeze too. However, not being hard does not mean you are going to be done making it in 30 minutes. You will have to spend many hours making this costume great. 

Itachi has a great backstory, a very complex personality, and some of the best lines in Naruto. So if you want to go all out, I recommend you to remember a couple of quotes of him and make this cool cosplay even better!  

Have we missed something? Do you have an awesome Itachi quote you want to share with us? Leave a comment and let us know straight away! 

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