Todoroki Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Todoroki Cosplay Outfit Ideas: A Look Served Hot or Cold

Shoto Todoroki is one of those anime characters that is almost impossible to hate. He has a cool backstory, is super strong, and has a very distinct eccentric look. He is a down-to-earth guy and a loyal friend. Not only that, but he is one of my personal favorites from My Hero Academia

This is not cosplayed for beginners, in my opinion. Even more so if you do not want to get a pre-made costume. If you are planning on making a lot of things from scratch and dying your hair in two colors, you will have to spend quite a lot of time. 

You need quite a lot of things to make this play work, but the most important part is the hair. So keep that in mind when reading this guide. You need the same hairstyle or nobody will know who is cosplaying as. 

In this guide to the best Todoroki cosplay outfit ideas, I am going to discuss Todoroki his background, his personality, and I am going to share some quotes of his that I think are awesome, easy to remember, and give some insight into what kind of guy Shodo Todoroki is.

Then I am going to discuss the costume in-depth, and tell you what the pros and cons are of buying a ready-made costume. Finally, I will answer some frequently asked questions about this awesome character and the cosplay itself. 

Todoroki Background, Personality, and Quotes


Todoroki cosplay perseonality quotes

Shodo Todoroki is the son of Enji Todoroki, the second strongest hero. Enji has always been overshadowed by All Might, the strongest hero of them all. Now, since having a son his goal has been to make it his son the strongest hero around, even stronger than All Might. 

Shoto has gotten a lot of abuse during his childhood. While his talent was obvious, Endeavor (Enji Todoroki) training methods were too harsh and strict. Shoto often got pushed to his limits. When his mother tried to intervene and protect Shoto from the training she often got beaten. 

This left Shoto with much hatred for his father. He swore, despite his father’s effort, to never be anything like his father. This hatred, but respect for his father’s power, makes Todoroki quite a complex and tragic character.  


At the beginning of the series, Shoto was cold and aloof. This came from his tragic and abusive past. After making friends at the academy, he became more open and sociable, showing his sense of humor.

He still is a quiet and reserved boy, that does not go out of his way to be the life of the party. Todoroki does not care about other’s their opinion about him. 

Todoroki uses both ice and fire. However, he hates the fire part of his quirk. This is the part that came from his father’s Endeavor. His mother gave him the ice quirk, which he does like to use. Only in very rare situations, he uses his fire powers. 

While Shoto has gone through quite an intense character development. Shoto is still traumatized from his youth and remains cold towards Endeavor due to this his behavior towards his mother. 


Todoroki Pinterest Cosplay

These are some great quotes by Todoroki that give insight into his character. He is a hero through and through, despite being rather skeptical of the whole dynamic between others heroes. 

“I haven’t put aside anything. As if I could be turned that easily. It’s just… At that moment, that instant… I forgot all about you. Whether that’s good, bad, or something in between… That’s something I’ll have to think about” 

“Should we have let people die, all in the name of your ‘law’?! Isn’t it a hero’s job to save people?”

“If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!

How to do the perfect Todoroki cosplay?

Todoroki can be quite a difficult cosplay if you decide to make a lot of things yourself. I would advise you to get as many things as you can online. The prices are very fair and a lot of the costumes are high quality. 

Todoroki wig


You will need to have this wig or two different hair dyes. The wig is silver and red. You can do this yourself, but it can be quite a mess using two different kinds of hair dye. I suggest you buy the wig, it is a lot easier and it is not expensive. The only downside about buying the wig is that there are – as far as I know – no other anime characters that have this hairstyle. So you would only be able to use it for this cosplay. 

My Hero Academia School Uniform

I like school anime cosplay. The reason for this is how convenient it is to just need a school uniform. Often these school uniforms are distinct enough that you can guess the anime from just seeing the costume. Then you only need a few more things to make you a specific student. In Todoroki’s case, with just the wig and the school uniform, most people who watch My Hero Academia will know straight away who you are cosplaying as.

The school uniform is high quality and you reuse it for almost every single My Hero Academia cosplay, so I recommend you to buy one. If you want to try, you can make one yourself or make it more unique by doing some sewing yourself. 

Dark Blue Battle uniform

todoriki uniform

This is another option you have for your clothes. This is worn by the students (and some other heroes) while fighting or training. This one is pretty cool to have too. You can use it for a lot of cosplays, and it is pretty recognizable, more so than the My Hero Academia School Uniform in my opinion. You can reuse it for a lot of the cast, and it is made out of some very good fabric. The reviews for the costume are very good too, so I am not the only one who likes it. 

Hoodie Jacket “shoto style”

Another option you have is a Hoodie Jacket that is designed in the style of Shoto. From a cosplay perspective, it is cool since it is unique, and not many other cosplayers are going to have this. The downside is that you will only be able to use this hoodie for a Shoto cosplay, as there are no other anime characters that have a hoodie like this as part of their outfit.

That being said, the hoodie looks cool. So, you might be able to wear it in real life too without turning too many heads! 

Shoto shoes

Shoto Shoes

Shoto his shoe game is on point. You can wear any kind of shoes, as long as they are two colors. He wears a lot of different shoes in the manga. If you are not sure what colors to pick, red and white are probably going to be your best picks here. You can pick a pair that you would wear in daily life too, this way you don’t have to spend too much money on shoes you would only wear once. 


You will need some makeup to create the illusion that your face has been burned. You should go for flesh-colored makeup, you can apply this yourself and it will still come out fine since it is not a very detailed scar. If you want the best results, you should look for a professional makeup artist who is experienced with monster and cosplay makeup. 

Should I buy a Premade Costume for the Todoroki Cosplay?  

In this case, I think buying a premade costume is a great idea. Even more so if you are planning on doing more My Hero Academia cosplays. You can use the school uniform and the combat uniform they use for every student in the anime. So buying a costume of high quality is going to help you a lot in these cosplays. There are some pros and cons when buying premade costumes. I am going to go over them here: 

Perfect Costume With Barely Any Effort

how to make todoroki cosplay

As you can probably tell, the school uniform and the combat uniform are pretty high detailed and take quite some effort to make from scratch. The school uniform is the harder of the two to make yourself, as it has more details and uses a couple of different fabrics and colors. Buying a premade costume can save you dozens of hours. You just need to buy it online and open your door when your package arrives.


If you are going to make a costume from scratch you will need to buy your materials in small amounts and this can often come out to be more expensive than just buying the premade costume. You also need to buy a lot of different items separately, while most premade costumes have almost everything you need in one easy package. This all saves you quite a bit of money. 


If you buy a premade costume, you always have the chance to run into someone who is wearing the same costume. This is always a bit awkward. If you are going to a regular cosplay convention, the odds of this are pretty small. If it is My Hero Academia-themed however, Todoroki is pretty popular and distinct looking, so you might run into someone like that. A good way to avoid this is to add something unique to the cosplaying costume you made yourself.

Question: Do I need makeup for the Todoroki cosplay?

Answer: If you want to do the perfect Todoroki cosplay, you should use some makeup on your face to make it seem like it has a burn scar. Another thing I see a lot of cosplayers do is first apply a white powder to their face. Todoroki is pretty pale in the anime. So that helps to recreate his look. Another bonus is that the burn scar looks more pronounced when the rest of your skin is more white. 

Question: Can I reuse parts of the Todoroki cosplay costume? 

Answer: Yes, you can! Todoroki has a school uniform and a combat uniform that is also worn by all the other students from My Hero Academia. That means that you do not need to buy it again when you want to cosplay with another student. 

I would advise you to pick a costume that is made out of high-quality material. This way, you can use it for multiple cosplays without running into any issues later on. If you pick a cheap costume, chances are it is not going to last very long and you will have to buy a new one if you ever want to do a new My Hero Academy cosplay. The premium quality costumes are also a lot more accurate to the character and have more attention to detail. 

Question: Should I make the todoroki costume myself or buy a premade one? 

Answer: I would strongly recommend you to buy a premade one. This is going to save you a lot of time, and the quality of premade My Hero Academia cosplay costumes seems to be very high. Making these costumes from scratch is going to cost a lot of time, and you will probably not have any money due to the material costs. 

Final thoughts about coplaying Todoroki 

Todoroki is a great cosplay if you want to be easily recognized. If people have seen My Hero Academia, they will know straight away who you are. Todoroki has a costume that you can use for the other characters from My Hero Academy which is a very nice bonus if you are planning on doing more cosplays like this. 

The downside about this costume is that you will need to buy a wig that you will only be able to use for this cosplay. There isn’t another anime character that has silver and red hair as far as I am aware. You will also need to apply some makeup, this can be quite a mess if you sweat or if it gets wet. 

Todoroki has an interesting personality. I think it is a good idea to study the character his background and personality a bit to make your cosplay perfect! 

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