Dabi Cosplay Costume Outfit Ideas

Dabi Cosplay Costume Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

My Hero Academia has become the most popular ongoing shonen anime of all time and it continues to grow in popularity, though My Hero Academia is no different from your average shonen anime where teenagers with unimaginable powers are set out to save the world from a great evil, there is something about the shonen genre that connects with us anime fans, the story of a young teenager who suffers through hardships to achieve his goal is something to be excited about.

Unlike much modern anime that introduces the same but slightly different form of magical powers, My Hero Academia came up with some unique powers known as Quirks that are unique to every person. My Hero Academia is known for its amazing action-packed fights, fantastic animation, relatable characters, and an easy-to-follow intricate plotline. There are, of course, heroes who save the world from evil, and then there are villains who live in the shadows, wanting to change the hero society.

There are many different villain groups in MHA, but our LOV (League Of Villains) is the most fan-favorite, with some of the most fantastic characters such as Dabi, Himiko Toga, Twice, and Tomura Shigaraki, all of them were rejected by society and found a family in each other, all they want to do is make this world a better place where no one has to suppress their quirks.

Dabi is considered the strongest fire user in all of MHA. His blue flames are a hundred times stronger than an ordinary flame, and he is also quite a big deal in the MHA fandom. He is a cool guy who doesn’t talk much and always gets the job done; many cosplayers managed to look exactly like Dabi. Before we get on with our full Dabi cosplay costume outfit ideas let’s look at his personality and appearance.

Who is Dabi?

Dabi is a member of the League Of Villains, a super-villain group that wants to change the world that would accept people like them, with their meta abilities and give them the freedom to use them however they desire. Dabi joined the League to make Stain’s ideology into a reality, and he despises this so-called world of heroes. None of them have what it takes to be a hero, all of them chase after money and fame. He is a core member of the League of villains and doesn’t get along with anyone.

Even though Dabi decided to join the League after the hero killer stain made his move against the hero society, he isn’t driven by this selfless goal of fixing this world; all he wants to do is ruin his father’s career and take revenge on the hell he been through as a child. His quirk was showcased in the Forest Training Camp Arc. He held up both U.A teachers single-handedly, allowing his team to launch their attacks on the U.A students.

Dabi was hesitant to join the League and showed little to no respect to Tomura Shigaraki. He soon became a permanent member of their little group. He doesn’t speak much with the rest of the group but often chimes in with his smirky remarks.


Dabi is one of the cool guys. He doesn’t talk much or jump into a conversation with someone, and he grimly does his work and goes back to his quiet self afterward. Despite being very confident and crude, he is always cautious when fighting against heroes, and he doesn’t get along with anyone in the League, so he prefers to do everything alone. Dabi is also the brain of the operation. He is always serious about his task and doesn’t get carried away like the rest of the League members.

Dabi is what you would call a true villain his goal is to destroy the hero society, he finds happiness when fighting against those so-called heroes, inspired by stain’s ideology his only goal is to cleanse the world from these useless heroes, Dabi loves to taunt the heroes and students alike, he enjoys inflicting pain upon them, he would often engage into psychological warfare with his opponents to cool down from his quirk.


There isn’t much information given about Dabi’s past in the anime. However, manga fans are way ahead in this matter, and there is so much revealed regarding Dabi. Dabi is formerly known as Toya, who is the oldest brother of Shoto Todoroki and the eldest son of Endeavor. He wanted to learn all he could from his father and saw his father obsessed with wanting to surpass All Might. So he began to train even harder to fulfill his father’s dream, becoming just like him who chased power.

Toya became obsessed with wanting to surpass All Might. He ignored Enji, who tried to stop him from chasing after this foolish dream, but Toya refused and ended up burning himself in the process. He was later abandoned by his father who then started focusing on his youngest son Shoto because of his multi quirks allowing him to freeze and burn. Dabi(Toya) faked his death and became a murderous villain, hating the superhero society and fixating on ruining his father’s reputation.


Dabi Cosplay Costume Miccostumes

Dabi is a slim, tall young man with a lanky build who is in his twenties but seems quite mature for his age. When he’s not fighting against heroes, he rarely shows emotions and always sits quietly, minding his own business. It’s like his personality shifts when he’s up against pro heroes.

Dabi originally had red hair when he was a kid but growing up, he dyed his hair black. This information isn’t shared with anime-only fans. Later in the manga, his hair turned white with short red hairstreaks. His eyes are turquoise colored and very small, Iris, which is quite terrifying when you see him up close.

His most knowable feature is his wrinkled purple skin that covers most of his body and the lower part of his face. He has multiple silver piercings on his face and his ears. His casual outfit is a short-sleeve blue jacket with matching colored pants and black boots, and he wears a white shirt.

Keen Intellect

Dabi is the strongest member of the League of Villain for many reasons, one of them being his high intelligence. Unlike many villains, he has a smart head, doesn’t take on fights he can’t win, and always observes his surroundings, looking for any means to escape if he’s caught.

He uses everything against his opponents, and I mean everything. He is known to psychologically engage enemies, questioning their motives for doing these acts of heroism in a tactical maneuver to buy time to cool down from using his quirk.

Dabi is also very strategic and doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. For example, during the Forest Training Camp arc, he used twice’s clones to hold back the U.A teachers so they couldn’t engage in fights with other villains.



Dabi’s quirk is called Cremation, it gives him the ability to generate super hot, destructive blue flames, he has total control over his quirk allowing him to use it in a low-range burst attack or project it on a large distance, do you know the blue flames that Dabi generates are even stronger than endeavor’s and also Shoto’s, blue flames are considered to be far hotter than red or yellow flames.

However, Dabi has a low tolerance for his blue flames and can’t use his quirk for long periods of time, he inherited his mother’s resistance to freezing temperatures instead of his father’s resistance to heat, when he was a kid he overused his quirk and in the process burned himself as shown from his purple skin.

It’s not common information that Dabi has low resistance to his quirk, it’s often hinted that he can’t keep using his flames for long periods but that could also mean he’s just exhausted.


“This will just be a signal fire. We’ll fill those heroes full of holes… and put them in their place. All for a brighter future.”

“Quite worthy of being an instructor at U.A. Ain’t that right, hero? Is it cuz your students are so precious? Hope you got what it takes to protect them… See ya later.”

“The League? Shigaraki? I never gave a crap about them. A single person with a single conviction has the power to change the world. There are no true heroes. I plan to make Stain’s will a reality. See ya, Hawks. Your life’s another thing I don’t care about.”

Why Can Cosplaying As Dabi Can Be A Great Idea?

The notorious League of Villain has taken over the internet, with the progression of the latest season, we get to see how they became a villain and what caused them to see the world in a hateful way, they were all the rejects of society who banded together to change this so-called hero world, You can only feel sympathy for them.

My Hero Academia has become so popular over the years that so many people are cosplaying as these characters including the pro heroes and U.A students alike, but what about the villains? There aren’t many people who cosplay as the villains but those who do are greatly appreciated, there is a lot of appreciation for cosplayers in the MHA community, and with the latest developments in the anime, more and more cosplayers are turning their heads to the villains of My Hero Academia.

If you are thinking about cosplaying as someone from the League of Villains, then who would be better than our very own Dabi, he’s the strongest and most reliable member of the League, his costume is also one of the easier ones to create, very simple and quite badass plus you get to show your cold side to people (we all have one), Dabi doesn’t give anyone the time of day, always being by himself. So if you’re still thinking who you should cosplay as I would recommend Dabi hands down, he is the best.

Complete Dabi Cosplay Guide

Ezcosplay Costume Dabi MHA

Every die-hard My Hero Academia fan has once thought of cosplaying as one of the characters, and who is better than the cold-hearted popular guy Dabi.

Dabi is by far the most popular villain in the entire My Hero Academia series, with him being very closely related to Shoto, his personality is unique from any other character, and many other traits that make him a great antagonist.

If you want to cosplay as Dabi, I would recommend that you purchase each of his clothing items separately, most of his costume apparel can be found in your local store or easily online, he looks very much like a 70s hero with his simple but badass costume.

Sometimes the DIY costumes can turn out much better than the premade ones, you can put your unique ideas to make the costume yours, the thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t forget the details and features of the cosplay, you don’t want to steer away too much from the actual character.

I will list down all the necessary things and equipment you need to make Dabi’s Cosplay Costume.

Things You’ll Need

Dark Blue Coat

You will need a dark blue coat to meet Dabi’s look, two large metal cuffs just above his elbows, and basic white stitchings on his shoulder. In some instances, his coat has been seen to be around his knees although sometimes it does seem a little short.

You can easily purchase a basic dark blue long coat or a long jacket from amazon, go the DIY route for installing the large metal cuffs around his elbows and use a sewing machine for making the white stitches on the shoulders.

Plain White Shirt

Dabi wears a white V-shaped T-shirt underneath the dark blue jacket, you might just find it in your closet somewhere and if you don’t have a white T-shirt, you can easily purchase one online or even from any local clothing store.

Dark Blue Pants

Just like his coat, he wears dark blue pants, something you can easily find in your closet. Even if you don’t have dark blue you can try the cosplay with black ones, his clothes do get a little darker with every upgrade so just consider it an upgrade.

Availability: these dark blue pants will be available from any clothing store online or even Amazon, you can purchase them at a local clothing shop in your area.

Black Boots

Some basic long black boots would complete his costume, you can’t go wrong with this one, some cosplayers tend to go with normal black boots instead of longer ones maybe because that is what’s available to them. I would recommend that you choose long black boots but if you don’t have those, you can try the other.


Dabi has spiky black hair, seemingly going in an outward direction from his head, and hanging just over his eyes, you can use a hair product to make his hair stick upwards like that. His hair makes him seem like an emo kid who sits alone in the class, minding his business.

Many people have gone the red hair route for Dabi because many manga fans know that Dabi initially had red hair, so you can maybe use a red hair dye to create some red streaks to mix it up a little.

Of course, you can purchase Dabi’s and skip over this part if you don’t want to use hair products or coloring on your hair.

Availability: you can easily purchase a Dabi’s wig from Amazon or any known cosplay store online.


Dabi has a very small Iris, we have seen in the anime universe that guys with very small Iris are often quite scary or treated as someone scary, Dabi however doesn’t fit the profile. He is quite intimidating if he gets serious but his personality is quite mellow.

He has turquoise-colored eyes so a pair of mint-blue or turquoise-colored contacts will make your cosplay look amazing.

Availability: you can find many kinds of colored contacts available on Amazon, but I would recommend visiting a local optical center if it is your first time getting in contacts.


White belt: Dabi uses a white double whole belt, something which you can easily find in any local store or but online.

Piercings: Dabi has several silver piercings on both ears and triple nostril piercings on his right side.

Poses & Facial Expression


Something all us fans love about Dabi is that he loves to show off once in a while, he often uses great hand gestures or a smirk to devolve his opponents, he doesn’t go easy in a fight, he will use whatever means necessary to win. From using his physical abilities to psychological warfare.

So, something you can do for the poses is that you can do a grand open hand gesture or hold one hand a little higher, and for the facial expressions, we know that Dabi rarely shows any emotions on his face except when he’s fighting heroes, he would grin and smirk while fighting against the heroes.


You will need some makeup if you want to look like Dabi, his wrinkled purple skin is the most striking feature about him, below is what you will need for the makeup and how you can do it.

  • UNNY Concealer
  • Eyeshadow Palette 1
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Foundation
  • Liquid Latex
  • Face Paint Ultraviolet
  • Powder
  • Eyeshadow Time
  • Highlighter Palette

Dabi Charachter Trivia

  • Did you know that Dabi’s real name is Touya which means arrow (To) and lamp (ya), his villain name Dabi means cremation, same as his quirk?
  • Did you know that Dabi gets car sick quite easily?
  • Dabi is not able to cry because as a kid he burned his tear glands however, it has been seen that blood will come out from it.
  • Dabi is left-handed, he prefers to use his left hand in battle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happened to Dabi’s Skin?

Answer: Dabi’s skin was burned due to the overuse of his quirk, ever since he was a kid, he had very low heat resistance for his flames, Dabi inherited his mother’s freeze resistance than his father’s heat resistance, the overuse of his quirk caused him to burn his own skin, even now he can’t use his quirk for a long period of time, he often cooldowns the effect of his quirk by delaying the fights with his psychological warfare with the enemy.

Question: What is Dabi’s real name?

Answer: The anime-only fans don’t know but Dabi is a Todoroki, he is the firstborn of Enji Todorki and the oldest brother of Shoto Todoroki. Dabi’s real name is Touya, he was long ago abandoned by his father to focus on his younger sibling Shoto, Touya faked his death and became an underground villain working for an evil group known as Shie Hassaikai.

Question: Why did Dabi dye his hair black?

Answer: Dabi has normally seen in red hair, although his hair color has changed quite a few times in the series. When he was a little kid, we see that his hair color was crimson red, after faking his death around age 13, he dyed his hair black to hide the shadows.

Final Conclusion to Dabi’s Cosplay

There are many little tweaks and enhancements you can do to make your cosplay so much better, you need to get down the basics of your character such as how they speak, how they walk, and how they like to act around people.

Dabi is a cold-hearted cool guy who likes to act cool, he doesn’t give anyone time the time of day and always keep to himself, he doesn’t show any emotions or acts indifferent in any way, that doesn’t mean you get to be a prick to people, just mind your own business and don’t give anyone a bad look!

As for the pose, you can try making some grand gesture with your hands, we know that Dabi likes to show off his powers in a uniquely awesome way, often using only one arm but sometimes two when the situation arises.

The best advice I will give you is that you should try to make friends with people and have fun, who knows maybe you will meet some other League member, huh.

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