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The Best Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Outfits and Ideas Guide

Tomura Shigaraki is the greatest antagonist of the My Hero Academia series. This series has millions of viewers and readers in Japan, the U.S.A., and worldwide.

People from across the anime genre praise this manga for its dynamic characters, well-planned story arcs, and above all, terrifying villains. Both in the manga and anime series, Shigaraki is the leader of the League of Villains, after his master, All For One.

Shigaraki intends to destroy the society he represents to create a new one with a new form of Justice. However, later on, he will go on to destroy society altogether instead of reshaping it.

Once you are into the series, you know he is far more sinister than he may appear at the beginning. So, this makes Tomura Shigaraki one of the most interesting characters in The League of Villains. Further, his ability to turn everything he touches rot makes him all the more terrifying.

Shigaraki also makes an excellent choice for cosplay. His ghoulish features and his misanthropic attitude can make you stand out even in a large crowd of Sfhigaraki cosplay outfits and ideas. Further, Shigaraki wears only one type of outfit, so it is easier to recognize him over other heroes and villains of the league.

shigaraki cosplay

Dressing up as Tomura Shigaraki can be quite challenging, but with the right stuff, you can pull it off very well. All you need to do is raid your wardrobe and buy some simple stuff online to complete the look.

With just a little attention to the details, even a beginner can dress up like him. This guide will cover all you need to know about dressing up as Tomura Shigaraki. Before knowing what you need, take a look at the overview of the great villain.

Who Is Shigaraki?

Tomura Shigaraki plays the role of the primary antagonist in My Hero Academia. He is the leader of the Villain Alliance, an organization made of ruthless villains that threaten to demolish the Hero society. It was founded by All For One.

His real name is Tenko Shimura, and he first appeared as one of the main villains of the U.S.J. Arc. Further, he is one of the most dangerous villains owing to his physical and analytical skills. He has enhanced speed, durability, and power, as well as high intellect.

Shigakari also has one of the most deadly and impressive quirks, Decay. With this quirk, he can decay everything he touches as long as all his five fingers touch it.

Eerie Appearance

Shigaraki looks too ordinary for his power without his embalmed hands. He is slim in physique with very pale skin, wrinkles around his eyes, and tinged yellow teeth. He has chapped lips that are uneven, with a small mole underneath on the right side.

He has messy hair that is greyish blue in color. They are in varying lengths, but his longest hair touches his shoulder. Further, some of his hairs are seen hanging over his face covering his sometimes in choppy waves.

In his villain costume, he sports his fourteen embalmed hands. They are all holding onto him across different body parts. Dr. Kyudai Garak, the faithful servant of All For One, and Shigaraki embalmed the hands by taking them from dead individuals.



Tomura Shigaraki is the second most powerful villain after the All For One himself. He has total commander over his powerful subordinates of the League of Villains as well. Plus, Shigaraki has overall abilities that surpass all Pro-Heroes after his body is modified by Kyudai Garaki.

Enhanced Strength: Shigaraki’s strength is more than what his build shows. He can hold Izuku by choking him with his four fingers while the victim finds it difficult to fight back.

Enhanced Speed: He can move very quickly, which makes it easier to touch his targets. Only the All Might was too fast for Shigaraki to track.

Enhanced Durability: Shigaraki can withstand the point-blank blast from Katsuki’s Explosion, sustaining almost no damage. He even battled Gigantomachia for half a month while he was withstanding behemoth’s attacks.

Fine Intellect: Shigaraki is very sharp and analytical. He can deduce the workings of his enemy’s abilities by simply observing their actions.


In My Hero Academia, Quirks are mutations that are considered an extension of a person’s bodily functions. They will normally manifest any time before they turn four. You can gloss over Shigaraki’s quirks below.


Shigaraki’s quirk allows him to decay whatever he touches will all five fingers. The disintegration spreads across the victim’s whole body quickly if they do not amputate the decaying parts. The decaying will happen no matter the object is organic or inorganic.

All For One

His second quirk is the original version of All For One that his master used. This quirk allows him to take other people’s quirks and use them as his own.

  • Search: Tomura Shigaraki possesses the quirk of search, which was Ragdoll’s former quirk. This will allow him to see up to a hundred individuals at once. Plus, he can see them from distances without any obscuring barriers.
  • Radio Waves: Shigaraki can cause a malfunction in communication since he can disrupt radio waves.
  • Air Cannon: He can fire large blasts from his palms. The blasts are of pressurized air, which can be very powerful.
  • Rivet Stab:  He can create black tendrils from his hands and spine that can rivet stab.
  • Super Regeneration: Shigaraki can regenerate from any injuries at very high speeds. This will allow him to withstand Endeavor’s Hellflame.

Dark Personality

Shigaraki Dark

Tomura Shigaraki is considered to be the dark reflection of Deku, the main protagonist of the series. He has a twisted personality, and he does not care about anyone’s life. Moreover, he has no doubts about committing all the evil deeds, including killing innocent people.

Initially, he seems like an arrogant and demanding man-child. However, he learns to be more self-controlled and patient in subsequent appearances.

He is happy with the League of Villains, and he wants to prove it has the power required to torment society. Although he has a general disgust of life, there are some people he holds in high esteem. They are his “Sensei” All For One, Kyudai Garaki, and Kurogiri, his confidant and adviser.

Why Can Cosplaying As Shigaraki Be A Great Idea?

Cosplaying is one of the best ways to experience the essence of a character. You can portray the character you admire on yourself by copying what they wear and how they behave. Therefore, if you like Shigaraki and his quirks impressive, it is a great idea to cosplay as him.

If you embrace your dark side, cosplaying as one of the most dangerous villains is the best way to enjoy it. Shigaraki can disintegrate anything he touches, which is a pretty scary thought. So, dressing up as him not only makes you powerful, it lets you acknowledge the darker side of things.

Shigaraki costume also contains many elements that will allow you to add your personal touch. Further, it takes quite a lot of time to complete this look. So, it can be fun to see what you can do with it.

If you dress up as Tomura Shigaraki, you may also come across people dressed as his subordinates. Some of these popular cosplay villains are Overhaul, Himiko Toga, and Stain.

The Complete Shigaraki Cosplay Guide

This hot manga and anime series is incomplete without its main antagonist. Although Izuku Midoriya deals with many villains in his life, his deal with Shigaraki makes the story all the more captivating.

Shigaraki’s deathly quirks, power, and high intelligence make him one of the most enthralling characters to dress up as. If you want to cosplay as him, creating a D.I.Y. costume is the best approach.

If you study his villain costume thoroughly, you can recreate one that is better than any ready-made costume you can rent. You will need some make-up to complete his detailed face.  Additionally, you will have to prepare the most important accessory on him: the hands.

With the help of this guide and some effort, you can pull off the best Tomura Shigaraki look. Now, check out the essentials you need to complete the look.

Shigaraki Lovetomura

Things You Will Need

All the times mentioned below are important to create the costume. Plus, they are all easily available in stores nearby. If you do not find them, you can always order them online.

If you do not find them anywhere at affordable prices, it is okay to miss a detail or two as long as you get the overall look right. Because cosplay is all about engaging with your creative side and having fun, you can modify it the way you like it by keeping only the basics right.

Black T-Shirt

Tomura Shigakari wears a black long-sleeved t-shirt. This seemingly simple piece is the most important part of the outfit. The neck should be V cut, as is his t-shirt. It would be best if it were a little loose like his.

You can also go for a simple black turtle neck, although a simple long sleeve is enough. At the same time, you can use a different neck design if you do not want to go with the V cut.

Availability: You can look for this simple t-shirt in your wardrobe since a black t-shirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. You can order it online from any cloth store if you do not have it since almost all cloth retailers have black t-shirts.

Alternative: If you can not find a black, full sleeve, V-neck t-shirt, you can wear a navy blue or brown one. Or, you can always borrow a t-shirt from your friend or a cousin since the fitting is not all that important.

Black Pants

The most dangerous villain in the My Hero Academia wears very simple clothing. However, the hand accessory is what makes him look so frightening. On which, you can find information about in detail in some time.

Shigaraki always wears pants that are like his top, black in color. The pants are slim-tapered and casual. You can wear any pair of black pants as long as it is quite fitting.

  • Availability: Black pants are something everyone owns, so you can find them in your own wardrobe. Even if you do not have the exact slim-tapered pants, you can wear black jeans of any kind.
  • Alternative: You can shop casual black pants from any retail cloth store near you or order them online. Or, you can borrow it from a friend as well.

Greyish-Blue Wig

As it is true with many anime characters, the hairstyle is what really sets them apart. Therefore, the wig is the most important part of the costume.

You will have to wear a greyish-blue wig that is long enough to brush above your shoulders. Plus, it should be cut unevenly while some strands fall on your face to cover your eyes. On the other hand, you can use an all-grey wig or all blue wig instead, which will look authentic as well.

  • Availability: You can purchase a medium-length bluish-grey wig online. It is easily available on major e-commerce websites such as Amazon.
  • Alternative: If you can not find the exact type of wig, you can buy any lengthy wig that is white. Then, you can cut it across like Shigaraki’s hair and color them greyish-blue at home using paint.

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Red Shoes

Shigaraki wears an all-black attire, so his red shoes stand out. Therefore, it is important to incorporate a pair of red tennis shoes in your costume.

You can wear any pair of red sneakers with white soles and black shoelaces to complete the look. If you do not have the exact same shoes, you can settle with any pair of bright red shoes.

  • Availability: You can buy the exact same shoes as Shigaraki online. Or, you can purchase any red shoes with white soles in shoe stores.
  • Alternative: You can use any red sneakers, paint the sole white, and replace the original lace with a black one to get every detail right. Or, you can paint a white shoe red except for the sole part to get a similar look.

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Accessories and Make-Up

Before diving into this section, you must decide which Tomaru Shigaraki you want to be. You can be Shigaraki in his casual clothes without his hands or Shigaraki in his villain costume.

If you are torn, you can pick Shigaraki in his villain costume since it is far more interesting than the other. So, here are some accessories and make-up tips you need to complete the look.


He carries the disembodied hands in his coat pockets when he is in his civilian costume. So, you need to wear a long black coat to dress up as him in civilian clothes.

The coat is also his uniform cloth, so you will have to complete it with all the embellishments and shiny buttons. The trench coat also comes with a belt that flaps around as he moves.

You can use any gothic-looking black trench coat and add the buttons as you see in his image. Further, make sure the flaps are long with tail-like ends. If you can not find gothic-looking trench coats, you can work your scissors on an ordinary black coat.

Disembodied Hands

The most repulsive and the most noticeable feature of Shigaraki is his hands. When he is in his villain costume, he wears fourteen hands taken from dead people. They are grey-colored hands with zombie-like features.

He uses his dead father’s hand to hold and hide his face. All the hands have a golden base attached to them.

You can buy all of these hands online, or you can make them yourself. If you plan to make them at home, all you need is fourteen gloves, stuffing materials, and small rectangular boxes.

You will have to start by stuffing all the materials in the gloves to make them full and real. Then, you can attack the rectangular boxes as the base for this hand. Before that, you can color the boxes gold and the hands grey with some blue hue at the edges to make it look more realistic.

Next, you may need some plastic tube to connect to his face hand. You can paint the tube the same red as his shoes. Alternatively, you can cover it entirely with thread or a piece of cloth.

Where to find everything you need


You can complete any cosplay only if you get the make-up right. You can always take the help of a professional make-up artist if you can not do it yourself. On the other hand, there are plenty of make-up tutorials on the internet that will teach you cosplay make-up.

Tomura Shigaraki has a deceased-looking pale skin tone. He has chapped lips with a visible red scar on them. Plus, the skin under his eyes is wrinkled and reddish.

Below are simple steps that can help you get that look

  • Firstly, you will need the right primer to prepare your face for the make-up. Depending on the party’s location, you can use a moisturizer or sunscreen before applying the primer.
  • You should also use a concealer to hide your imperfections before applying the foundation. If you have any scars, it is better to use more concealer to avoid clashing with the Shigaraki’s scars you will have to create.
  • Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone and skin type and apply it evenly over your face. You can use a make-up sponge to spread it evenly. This step will create the basement for the cosplay make-up.
  • The next step is to create Shigaraki’s imperfections on your skin. As mentioned earlier, he has chapped lips and redness under his eyes. You can use Color Wheels and an angled brush to create it.
  • You can use the shades of red, some light pink, and brown to make it look as genuine as possible. Plus, mixing it with some foundation can give a more realistic look.
  • Then, you can use the darkest shades of red and brown to create the scars on his lips.
  • To nail down his look, you need to style the wig in clumps as well. You can use some hair gel or mousse through it to give it a choppy appearance.
  • Tomura Shigaraki has red irises that are very small. If you want to take your cosplay one step further, you can use a red-colored lens.

Tomura Shigaraki: Character Trivia

Even the hardcore fans of the My Hero Academia may not know everything about the story’s greatest villain. So, here are some interesting character trivia about Shigaraki that you might have never heard before.

  • Tomura Shigaraki’s prototype codename was Sazanka (Meaning: Sand Calamity).
  • Shigaraki is one of the few villains revealed to be the descendants of the three most infamous villains. They are All For One, Oji Harima, and Destro.
  • He is also the only descendant who is not related by blood to his predecessor. He is the adopted son of All For One.
  • Technically, Shigaraki has the most number of Quirks in the manga as well as anime series. When he attained the All For One Quirk, he got all the quirks stolen by All For One. Plus, he has his own decay quirk.
  • Shigaraki is considered the dark parallel to the hero, Izuku Midoriya. The story is about how Izuku became the greatest hero as much as it is about how Shigaraki became the greatest villain.
  • You may know that the hands he wears on his face belonged to his father, but did you know about the other hands

The hands around his neck belonged to his mother, while the hands on his wrists belonged to his older sister. Further, he has the hands of his maternal grandfather, grandmother, and two random men who made him angry.


You probably know everything you need to know about Tomura Shigaraki ‘s costume and more. However, some questions may arise when you are putting the costume together. So, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Question: Can Women Dress Up As Tomura Shigaraki?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Women can dress up as Tomura Shigaraki even though it is a male character.

Cosplay is all about expressing yourself through the characters you admire so, anyone can dress up as a character of any gender. You can stick to the rules and look like a male character or add a little twist to the character.

For instance, you can give Shigaraki long blue hair instead of a short wig. Even though it may not be the original character, you can make it your own version of Shigaraki.

Question: Does Having A Short Height Take Away The Personality Of The Character?

Answer: No. Your height, no matter how tall or short, will not take away the character’s personality.

Tomura Shigaraki is a skin 20-year-old young man who is known to be 5’9″ feet tall. Yet, in cosplay, your height does not impact the look in any way as long you know how to carry yourself as the character you are in.

The most important thing about cosplay is the outfit, make-up, and attitude. Further, if you want to wear a pair of wedged shoes, you can go for it as long as it has all the required details.

Question: Is Dressing Up As Shigaraki Comfortable?

Answer: You may not feel as comfortable in Shigaraki cosplay as you would in your everyday clothes. Well, cosplay is not about comfort as much as it is about dressing up as a character. Nonetheless, it can be more comfortable than most other cosplay costumes you may wear.

The key to staying comfortable in cosplay costumes is to pick the right materials. You must opt for soft and breathable fabric for your costume to make sure they are comfortable.

Question: Does Tomura Shigaraki Cosplay Require A Lot Of Make-Up?

Answer: To answer in short, no. It does not require a lot of make-up, yet it may require a considerable amount of it. You will need some foundation, eye make-up, and lip make-up to complete the look.

You may need only a little make-up compared to other anime cosplay because his hair covers most of his face. Furthermore, in his villain costume, you will have to cover your face with your hand. So, although make is necessary, it is not what needs to be given the most attention.

Final Words: Which are Your Favorite Shigaraki Cosplay Outfits and Ideas?

Tomura Shigaraki is one of the most popular villains among manga and anime enthusiasts. He is known for his dark quirk of disintegrating everything.

The fourteen disembodied hands that cover his upper body and face are what make him an interesting cosplay. Although it may seem difficult to succeed, you can surely rock the costume after some trial and error.

Some elements in the costume are more important than others. Hopefully, with the help of this Shigaraki cosplay guide, you can get everything right.

While you are wearing, stay on the lookout for other heroes and villains at the party! Also, do not forget to learn some signature lines to complete your cosplay!

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