Sasuke Cosplay Outfit Ideas Guide

Sasuke Cosplay Outfit Ideas: Become The Viligante Warrior

Naruto is an anime classic and a show with a well of inspiration to draw cosplay ideas from. The show has a first and second season which is complete with hundreds of episodes and is not in full swing with the spinoff series; Boruto. Needless to say, it’s going to be difficult not to find a character you want to cosplay from this iconic show! 

However, we won’t be covering the series protagonist here today. Instead, we’ll be taking a look at everyone’s favorite edgelord and second fiddle to Naruto’s lead guitar, Sasuke! As watchers of the show will know, Sasuke isn’t the nicest guy around. He quickly betrays the Leaf Village in hopes of gaining power and exacting revenge on his supposedly traitorous brother.  

During this time, Sasuke goes through a lot of different outfits. This list will cover the following points on Sasuke’s timeline:

  • Original Sasuke
  • Chunin Sasuke
  • Hebi Sasuke
  • Boruto Sasuke

Due to the time skip between the original Naruto series and Shippuden, some of the younger Sasuke outfits maybe a little more difficult to pull off for grown adults. Nevertheless, we encourage you all to give these cheap Sasuke cosplay outfit ideas a whirl!

We’ll also include a list of clothing, accessories, hair dye, makeup, and body paint to get you started!

Original Sasuke Cosplay Outfit Ideas

This version of Sasuke is the one we are first introduced to at the start of the series. In a similar fashion to the simplicity of season one of Naruto, before things went absolutely crazy, this is probably Sasuke’s least complicated design.  

What you’ll need:


AOG Custome

Sasuke’s costume is incredibly easy to pull off. Firstly, if we start with the torso, you will need a blue, short-sleeve shirt. This may seem simple enough, but the tricky part is going to be finding a shirt with sleeves short enough for your arms to be exposed yet large enough that the neckline appears comically oversized. You may need to invest in an official cosplay-oriented Sasuke shirt for this piece, but those on a budget can feel free to use a regular blue shirt.

You will also need a secondary white shirt to wear underneath the original so that both sets of arms poke through. Moving down, you’ll need a pair of standard white shorts with a small pouch attached to the right knee (although this can be foregone to save on expenses). Finally, you will need a pair of matching blue open-toe sandals to finish off the ensemble!


Very little, if any. Any makeup used will only be to accentuate the anime character’s natural features. Depending on which iteration of the original series Sasuke you want to cosplay, you could paint some tribalistic markings over your face to imitate Orochimaru’s curse seal implanted into Sasuke nearing the end of the original show. 



As mentioned previously, Sasuke wears a small pouch on his upper leg, presumably to store kunai and other weaponry. He also bandages his limbs, namely the area between his knee and his ankle (the entire shin area on both legs).

These two accessories are fairly easy to pick up, but where you may have to dip into your savings a little is with the iconic Hidden Leaf Village headband. In this day and age, it is not very difficult to pick up a Naruto headband for next to nothing price-wise. The show has made a name for itself, and this headband has been sold and purchased at conventions from across the globe!


Sasuke’s hair is black and spiked at the back. You’ll need some hair dye and gel if you want to replicate it authentically without buying a wig. 


  • “Fight me… Right now.”
  • “I hate a lot of things, and I don’t particularly like anything.”
  • “I’m going to restore my clan and destroy a certain someone.”

Chunin Exam Sasuke

This is still a childhood version of Sasuke but one that comes during the Chunin exam portion of the story. Sasuke has updated his wardrobe here and looks a lot darker than he did in his traditional navy blue. Still, let’s take a look at what exactly has changed.

What you’ll need:



Sasuke’s “outfit,” if you can even call it that is just a black one-piece that leaves his forearms and lower legs exposed. This may be difficult to find, and so, we recommend just using a black shirt similar to the original Sasuke design and a pair of black shorts instead. Then, you will need a pair of black open-toe sandals this time around.


Again, Sasuke does not wear makeup, but you can paint the curse mark onto your arms and face to show the level of evil your Sasuke cosplay is at.


Sasuke loves his accessories, so let’s get straight to it. Firstly, as for returning items, the leg pouch is back and is joined by a secondary circular pouch on the lower back.

Both of these items can be foregone due to budgetary restrictions as they don’t really add anything special to the ensemble. Bandages return on Sasuke’s lower legs but also on his upper right leg as well.

This set of bandages goes over the top of his shorts. Then, we also have bandages covering the entirety of Sasuke’s left arm, all the way from his knuckles to his shoulder. Black tape should also be wrapped around these bandages sporadically.

.Finishing off, we have a set of elbow guards and the traditional headband. You can depend on levels of squeamishness, opt to wear a pair of Sharingan contact lenses here as well.



Sasuke’s hair is the same as before.  


  • “If you’re not gonna come at me, I’ll come to you!”
  • “Chidori!”
  • “Sharingan!”

Hebi Sasuke


We’ll skip ahead to Shippuden now, where Sasuke just continues to expand his wardrobe. During the first meeting with Sasuke after the time skip, Sasuke has gotten a completely new outfit. After he kills Orochimaru and forges his own group known as Hebi (and then Take later down the line), Sasuke is wearing his signature outfit that we will cover here.

What you’ll need:

  • White/Grey opn shirt/Yukata
  • Purple rope
  • Purple jacket (to tie around the waist)
  • Black trousers
  • Black sandals
  • Black fingerless gloves


Sasuke’s upper body dons a yukata that flows mostly open in that it exposes most of his chest. Moving down, he also has some form of jacket wrapped around his waist and tied up with a large thick purple rope acting as a belt. Sasuke also wears a pair of darker shorts when compared to the purple jacket around his waist and a pair of black sandals which seem to reach up to his knees.

Should you not be able to procure a yukata in a similar style, this same outfit can be worn using a dark grey vest (likening yourself to Taka Sasuke instead). However, in this incarnation, a lot more bandages will be needed around the arms, stomach, and forehead. Sasuke also wears a set of handguards over the back of his hands. A set of fingerless gloves, however, will do the trick just fine!


No traditional makeup to speak of here, but you can either paint a small curse mark on the side of your neck or expand it further onto the chest to signify it is taking over.



For this version of Sasuke, you will need his signature sword stored in a square sheath. You really don’t need the sword itself to make the cosplay look authentic, and any long rectangular box affixed to your lower back will do the trick! You will also, once again, need to acquire a set of Sharingan contact lenses.


Rui’s hair is incredibly white and jagged. It would be difficult to mold one’s own hair to such a design, so we recommend picking up a replica wig. 


  • “I merely spared your life on a whim.”
  • “If you have the time to chase after me, you should be training.”
  • “I didn’t want to give him the pleasure of seeing me obtain power by following his ways.”

Boruto Sasuke

Finally, concluding our list, we will end things off with the latest addition to the Naruto franchise with Boruto’s version of Sasuke. This Sasuke is all grown up, married, with a daughter, and no longer brooding in his room while listening to My Chemical Romance. As you can imagine from such a mature version of Sasuke, his outfit is much more understated this time around. Let’s take a look at how Sasuke is spending his adult years!

What you’ll need



Sasuke’s outfit is pretty simple in this incarnation of the character. He wears a long black cape fastened around his neck. However, the inside of the caps is purple, so be sure to watch out for this. Moving downwards, Sasuke wears a lilac top. This can be substituted for almost any top of a similar color.

In true Sasuke fashion, it wouldn’t be our favorite edgelord unless a pair of black or grey sleeves poke out from the vest’s sleeves, so be sure to pick up a dark undershirt as well. Moving on, Sasuke wears a pair of black trousers and black open-toe shoes that climb to the middle of his shin. All in all, this outfit is very easy to pull off and allows for a lot of substitutions.


Sasuke has outgrown his curse phase and so requires little to no makeup. 


ninja gloves

Sasuke is still carrying a sword, but this one is just a regular katana with a bandaged hilt and red sheath. For a true Boruto Sasuke cosplay, you will need a right eye contact lens of the Mangekyou Sharingan and a left eye contact lens of the Rinnegan.


Sasuke’s hair is less spiky this time and falls over his face, masking his left eye. 


  • “That’s what I’m prepared to do as your teacher.”
  • “Are you prepared to die for the village?”
  • “Chidori!”


Question: Which is the cheapest Sasuke version to cosplay?

Answer: The cheapest Sasuke to cosplay is Boruto Sasuke. It requires the most everyday accessible clothing and does not require the purchasing of a pricey Naruto headband. The second best option would be the original Sasuke design, but the blue top may be difficult to acquire, and, as previously mentioned, the headband itself is a little pricey in some locations.  

Question: Where can I buy ready-made Sasuke cosplays?

Answer: Those wanting to take their cosplay to the next level and do away with any D.I.Y can always purchase full outfits from select cosplay outfitters. Check out some of the links below!

Amazon Sasuke Costumes

Alternative websites include Miccostumes, which has a plethora of great costumes to choose from as well! Micocostumes also sells a lot of the Sasuke accessories separately as well, allowing for you to D.I.Y most of your outfit and pick up any leftovers through their online shop!

Micocostume Sasuke Costumes

Question: Are there any more complicated Sasuke cosplays?

Answer: The most difficult Sasuke cosplay would probably have to be his full Orochimaru curse seal awakening form, as seen in the latter half of Naruto and the early portions of Shippuden. This requires a full coat of body paint and large wings, which would be very difficult to acquire or make from scratch. 


So, there you have it! These were some of our suggestions for cheap and affordable Sasuke cosplays tailored towards those on a budget. We had to exclude some of the more eccentric cosplays like Sasuke’s full Orochimaru curse seal awakening, but we’d love to hear any suggestions on how to build those wings on a budget!

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