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Starfire Cosplay Outfits and Costume Guide – Sweet or Sensual?

A Starfire cosplay outfit and costume guide can help you prepare for your next convention. Starfire is one of the best characters in the DC universe, and her portrayal is different each time she debuts in a new adaption.

Personally, Raven is my favorite Teen Titan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have room in my heart – and cosplay to-do list – for Starfire. Starfire is a ray of sunshine full of cosmic powers to brighten our nights and our days. It’s no wonder people love to cosplay her, and today, we’re going to look at some of the best Starfire cosplay outfits and Costume ideas.

Who is Starfire?

  • First Appearance – 1955
  • Race – Tamaranean
  • Eye Color – Green
  • Hair Color – Red
  • Alias – generally no alias, as she rarely hides her identity, though her birth name is Koriand’r
  • Place of Origin – Tamaran
  • Affiliations – Teen Titans, Justice League, Tamaran Royal Family, (sometimes Red Hood and the Outlaws)

A few details about Starfire are either hard to determine or change depending on the adaption. However, these general facts will get you started in the right direction. Starfire was born Princess Koriand’r on the planet of Tamaran. She traveled to Earth after her planet was destroyed by Psions (or Gordanians.)

If you don’t know everything there is to know about your chosen Starfire’s backstory, don’t worry. You don’t have to know much about a character to cosplay them. In fact, you don’t have to know anything about a character to cosplay them. All you have to do is be passionate about their look. 

Pre-Made Starfire Costumes

Not everyone has time to hand make each piece of their cosplay costume. So if you want to buy a costume, then feel free to do so. I love buying what I call semi-costumes which are casual pieces that are also cosplay pieces. Here are a few easy options for Starfire cosplay. 

Teen Titans Starfire Costume

This would be my choice for a Starfire costume as it is similar to her Teen Titans outfit. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and it is identical to certain versions of Starfire. If you don’t want to be uncomfortable or spend too much money, this is a wonderful option. 

Kids Starfire Costume

This Starfire costume is made just for kids. It’s highly appropriate and comes in three sizes. Since most of Starfire’s outfits – especially in the comics – are inappropriate for children, it’s refreshing to see something that isn’t a replica but rather suited for the demographic. 

Comic Starfire Costume

Most of the comic book versions of Starfire wouldn’t be allowed at a convention. But you may be able to get by with this adaptation. If you can’t, then consider wearing skin tone leggings, which dodges most regulations. 

Becoming Starfire

In my opinion, the most important part of cosplaying is getting into character. It’s by far my favorite part, just like roleplaying is my favorite part of playing Dungeons & Dragons. But what can you do to get into character and “become” Starfire? 


  • Cartoon – Starfire is an outgoing and cheerful person, despite her ongoing insecurities. She is always willing to help out her friends and enjoys doing anything the other Titans do, but is known for being naive. She’s not dumb but is quite fascinated with Earth.
  • Other Adaptions – in other adaptions, namely the comics, Starfire is not the same person that I know from Teen Titans. She is instead a fierce diva, a force to be reckoned with who is every bit of sensuality that you’d see in Catwoman or Poison Ivy.

Something important about Starfire’s personality is that it’s very different depending on the adaption. In the Teen Titans cartoon (my chosen adaption), she is fun, sweet, and bubbly. But in the comics and live-action TV series, she is confident, sensual, and independent. So keep this in mind when you are becoming Starfire. You can choose either option, and it will work, but trying to merge them may cause confusion.


Image from Fandom
  • Astral projection
  • Starbolt
  • Starblast
  • Shields
  • Super strength
  • Super constitution
  • Super speed
  • Omni-lingual
  • Anti-aging
  • Limited invulnerability
  • Immunity to high or low temperatures
  • Flight

This is something that stays fairly constant throughout her adaptions. Although this may be altered, the base of her abilities remains unchanged. She has astral powers and general superhuman abilities.

I haven’t made many weapons or “magic,” but you can search for any magic or energy balls and roll from there. Add tiny stars and keep things green if you want to stick with what people imagine Starfire fighting with. 

Be A Royal Alien

This isn’t really about her personality but her background. Starfire is an alien from a royal family, no matter the adaption. This comes with a few facts that can help you get into character.

First of all, she isn’t from Earth, so there will always be things that interest her that most humans wouldn’t even notice. Don’t let this overtake her and become her personality but let it be part of it. Second of all, she is royalty. Although she isn’t always a spoiled princess, she will always have that heir of class.

Starfire Adaptions

There are a few versions of Starfire that are worth taking a look at, such as her DC Legends and Injustice 2 versions, as they are both quite different from anything we’ve seen before. But these adaptations aren’t quite as popular as the ones I will mention.

However, unlike other characters with many diverse versions, Starfire almost always looks the same. Even in her LEGO version, she’s simply a LEGO version of herself. Now that I think of it, a LEGO Starfire would be fire, so if you can pull it off, then do it. 

Original Comics

  • Big auburn wig
  • Green contacts
  • Long-sleeve purple crop top with a red gem
  • Skintight purple pants
  • Purple boots

There are actually a few Starfire comics versions, as with most DC characters. Again, one of her first outfits was not something you could easily pull off for family conventions. However, there are a few shortcuts you can take to ensure that people understand you’re the original Starfire in a way that won’t get you kicked out. 

Start with that amazing wig, and then get pupil-free (and whites-free) contacts that are bright green. Finally, play around with the outfit. This is a good time to make a one-of-a-kind outfit. As long as it is skin-tight and purple, you’ll be fine. 

Teen Titans

Image from Fandom
  • Purple armbands
  • Long red wig with bangs
  • Green contacts (light green whites)
  • Sleeveless crop top
  • Purple thigh-high boots

I must remain calm while talking about Teen Titans because even though it doesn’t copy the comics, it’s one of my favorite cartoons. Although I didn’t love Teen Titans GO! if you did, then that’s wonderful! The outfit for Starfire is relatively the same either way. 

Not only do I love the show, but Starfire’s outfit is my favorite in the series than in any other adaptation. It is equal parts sweet and sassy, which is everything that Starfire is when you merge her two given personalities. 

DC Super Hero Girls

Image from Fandom
  • Red wig
  • Green contacts
  • Silver armbands
  • Green gems
  • Purple boots 
  • Purple dress (versatile) 

I haven’t seen DC Super Hero Girls, but if you have a younger cosplayer interested in being Starfire, this may be their inspiration. The best part about this version is that she doesn’t always wear the same outfit. 

You can wear almost any purple dress, and as long as you wear the armbands and add green gems, you are good to go. I love her plaid skirt, and I love the ombre dress she wears even more.


Image from Fandom
  • Curly red or black wig (3b or higher, I believe) 
  • Purple suit (versatile)
  • Purple heeled boots
  • Green gems and gold accents

This is currently one of the most popular versions of Starfire right now, and I can see why. This may be the most canon Starfire we’ve seen since the comics. GHer hero outfit is a full purple bodysuit with gold and green details.

However, you can go with her purple leather dress and fur or something entirely different. As long as you get the hair and the attitude right, people will fall in love. 

Starfire Quotes to Use for Your Cosplay

  • “You may not value my life, but I still value yours.”
  • “The greater you struggle against your power, the more the power resists. So you must embrace what you have inside, let it become you, and you will find who you were meant to be.”
  • “At least we fight for what’s right.”
  • “On Tamaran we appreciate the past. We respect it. But we don’t live there. We live here. Now. In the moment.”
  • “I am the cool. Shamma Lamma Mu-mu.”
  • “Laughing at your shortcomings makes us all feel better about ourselves.”
  • “You are just as disrespectful and sadistic as another evil human our friend denounced! You will not have our protection!” –

Couples Cosplay with Starfire

Couple costumes are so fun, even if you’re not a couple. I believe they are the perfect solution for those who have anxiety and suffer from stage fright. If you have a friend with you, everything else seems much smaller.


Image from Fandom

This is an obvious choice, but I had to say it. I recommend choosing the Robin and Starfire from the same adaption but if you can make it work otherwise, then go for it. 

Want to know more about cosplaying as Robin? Here’s our full Robin Guide.


Raven is one of my favorite heroes of all time. She and Starfire are great friends in Teen Titans. If I did a DC couples cosplay, I would be tempted to be Raven and have someone else be my partner as Starfire. 


Image from Fandon

Blackfire would be so fun to cosplay with a Starfire. The sisters look very similar but with different aesthetics. So you could easily make the two costumes at once and do different colors. 

Red Hood

At one point in the comics, Starfire joins the Red Hood’s gang. In the comics, I’m not sure which Red Hood is featured, but there are many options for the Red Hood, as many have taken the name. 


Image from Fandom

I couldn’t finish up without mentioning Silkie. Silkie is Starfire’s pet from Teen Titans. He is a caterpillar created by Killer Moth. Although he belongs to all of the Teen Titans, Starfire is closest to him. 


Question: What is the Best Starfire Costume Outfit?

Answer: The best one is the one you feel most comfortable in. You can go with her most risque costume or her most conservative one, or you can completely customize your own. That’s what cosplay is all about. 

Question: How Do You Use Starfire’s Powers for Cosplay? 

Answer: There are a few ways to do this. I find that fairy lights, cotton, and clear Christmas ball ornaments work wonders. But there are many ways you can create “energy” for your costume. 

Question: Is Starfire Cosplay Popular?

Answer: It is relatively popular. However, if you spin the Starfire cosplay and make it your own, it doesn’t matter how many others are Starfire because yours will be true to you.

Question: Can I Cosplay Starfire if I’m a Man?

Answer: Your gender isn’t relevant when it comes to cosplaying. Genderbent cosplay is some of my favorite cosplay out there. It’s unique and you can customize the character to make it all you.

Wrapping Up Your Starfire Cosplay

Once you buy or make your Starfire costume and finish your makeup, all you have to do is get into character. This is crucial to winning contests or owning your cosplay. You can follow the steps I mentioned above but never let it stress you.

The second you begin to stress, take a moment and relax. Starfire would tell you that you look amazing and never listen to the haters (even if they are imaginary.) One of my favorite quotes of Starfire’s may encourage you. 

“There will always be people who say mean words because you are different. And sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people that do not judge people based on how they look or where they came from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.” 

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