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Sans Cosplay Guide: Become Undertale’s Spooky, Scary Skeleton

Back on the 15th of September in 2015, game developer Toby Fox released a game that would dominate the internet over the following years: Undertale. He had developed this game for over 32 months, and he was alone in this ardent task (except, of course, with a little help from his peers). He had crowdfunded this game to gain the financial assistance he needed, and it was something the internet would not regret doing. Welcome to our Sans Cosplay Guide.

Steadily, it grew to a wider audience, and it became a cult classic because of its unique gameplay and amazing story. Keep in mind that everything – the development, script, and music – was all made by him, which is an astounding feat for only one man to do.

This 2-D role-playing indie game is a cute parody of typical RPGs; instead of defeating the monsters to progress the story, in this video game, you have two options: to fight your enemies or make them your friends.

And so, the characters in this game became a vital part of the story. These characters became beloved by their fans because of their unique personalities. You can meet a glamorous robot built to be a TV entertainment star, a buff fish-like monster with a red ponytail while clad in armor, a tall goat lady who is very gentle and caring, and so much more. But of course, the internet loved one particular character extremely much: Sans.

Who is Sans?


Sans is a short and chubby skeleton who the protagonist meets at the early parts of the game. He is always shown with a wide grin on his skull face accompanied by his two large eye sockets and white pupils. Since he is a skeleton, his nose and his hair are completely absent. He dons an unzipped blue hoodie, and beneath it a white shirt. He also wears black shorts with white linings and a pair of slippers, possibly hinting at his laid-back personality.

He is the brother of yet another important character in the game, Papyrus. Unlike Sans, Papyrus is tall and slender, yet like Sans, he is always smiling and smirking at the protagonist. If you had not noticed, their names resemble that of fonts, and that is because the font of their dialogue in the game matches their respective fonts.

When Sans is talking, his words are in the Comic Sans font, and while Papyrus is talking, his words are in Papyrus font. It also can be a reflection of their personalities; Sans is more of comedic relief in the game (until you head on a much evil route), while Papyrus is an upstanding citizen who is keen on the rules.


Sans is known for being very laid back and relaxed. When he is on his job, he tends to sleep on his post, much to the ire of his brother, Papyrus. He is considered to be a lazy person, but he will not become lazy when he is doing things for the people that he cares for and loves, like his brother. Most of the time, he is cracking jokes and puns, even sometimes looking at the camera directly to the audience and winking.

However, despite his relaxed and apathetic nature, there are moments when he talks seriously to the player. Furthermore, if the player goes through the genocide route, he becomes extremely serious and even threatens the player. He cares deeply about his brother, so much so that when the player decides to kill off Papyrus in their play, he would ask them why they would kill his brother.


To get to know Sans a bit more, it is better to know his memorable lines to get a glimpse of what he is like in the game. This is an especially useful tactic when the cosplayer does not know who they are cosplaying as. If you cosplay as Sans, you would be inclined to know his iconic sayings and quotes. So, a select few are listed down below:

  • “Well, I’ll be straightforward with you. my brother’d like to see a human. So, y’know, it’d really help me out… if you kept pretending to be one.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you… SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.”
  • “Our reports showed a massive anomaly in the time-space continuum. Timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting…Until suddenly, everything ends.”
  • “Get Dunked On!”
  • “Take care of yourself, kid. Cause someone really cares about you.”

Why cosplay as Sans?

You may ask: “why should I cosplay as Sans?” Well, he is a popular icon to the meme and gaming community; as the game garnered a cult following, people began writing theories about the story. The game contains different endings with a strong foundation of a good backstory, and one of these endings must make you go through the task of killing everyone you meet. As a result, the fans fell in love when the easygoing and fun-loving Sans became one of the hardest bosses in the game.




When you face Sans as a boss, his appearance changes to a more menacing look, even if only a little has changed. Instead of the usual small, white pupils present on his eye sockets, only a singular large, glowing blue pupil remains on his left eye while his right eye becomes completely dark. The other thing that is completely off is that Sans will fight you, and that never happens in the game unless you kill everyone.


What you need to cosplay as Sans

Of course, cosplaying is for everyone. But if you want a very close resemblance to the character, it would be best if you were short and chubby in the first place. However, that is not the main goal of cosplaying; it is all about having fun with the character you are dressing as. Listed down below are the clothing items you need so that you can dress like Sans.

Sans mask

Sans has a skull for a skeleton, so he does not have hair. A mask is required that completely covers the head and leaving only the eyes. There are a lot of stores that offer masks that feature Sans’ face. These masks already have the distinguishable features of Sans: his large, dark eye sockets, the dark, empty triangular hole where the nose should be, and his always grinning smile.

However, if you cannot afford to buy one, or if you want to make your own as a memorable experience, then you can also do so. You need the following materials:

  • A white ski mask
  • Dark, transparent cloth or black face paint
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors, glue, and tape
  • Paper with Sans’ smile printed on

You can start with a white ski mask since ski masks cover the whole head. If your ski mask has small eye holes, you can make it rounder by cutting it up to match Sans’ eye sockets. Next, you can either cover the eye holes with a black, transparent cloth so that it resembles Sans’ eye sockets, or you can paint the area around your face black.

The next step would be to apply Sans’ triangular hole where the nose should be. You can do so with simply black construction paper. You should cut it up to a triangular shape and put it on the mask where your nose is with either glue or tape. Finally, put the paper with Sans’ smile printed on the mask’s mouth area. If the mask has a mouth hole, you can simply cover it with paper as well.

Alternatively, you can also just simply have a Sans mask over your face without necessarily covering your hair. Even though it is less convincing, you can do this if you do not feel comfortable with your whole head being covered. If you expose your hair, you can also just cover your head with a hoodie.

Blue hoodie (preferably with a white fur hood)

Sans sports an iconic blue hoodie, so that would be your next target. To make it more compelling, a blue hoodie with a white fur hood is preferred. Still, a plain blue hoodie is good enough. When wearing it as a cosplay of Sans, be sure to leave it unzipped because Sans does not zip his blue hoodie in the game.

Plain white shirt

Beneath Sans’ blue hoodie is a plain white shirt. Any plain white shirt will suffice. This shirt is visible because you should be unzipping the blue hoodie.

Skeleton gloves

To look like Sans, you need to look like a skeleton. Thankfully, you do not need to make your body skeleton-like since Sans wears a blue hoodie and a white shirt. However, skin-revealing areas such as your hands should look like a skeleton. So, skeleton gloves are advisable to wear to complete the look. Fingerless gloves are less advised, but they could also work.

Black shorts (preferably with white lining)

This Undertale character is a laid-back and relaxed one, so he wears simple clothes. In the game, Sans simply wears black shorts. So, black shorts are sufficient enough. It is much better if the black shorts have a white lining on them. If not, then it is still okay.

Skeleton leggings

As mentioned before, revealing skin breaks the illusion of cosplay, as Sans is a skeleton. Since Sans wears black shorts, much of his legs are exposed. So, to complete the look, you should be wearing skeleton leggings. No particular style is needed, as long as it looks like a skeleton’s legs. You should wear it under your black shorts.

Pink closed-toe slippers

In the game, it is quite difficult to ascertain the colors of Sans’ footwear, but according to official artwork and character models in different games such as Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Sans dons pink closed toe slippers. Sans’ feet are not exposed because his slippers are closed by their toes. Fluffy slippers are also acceptable, and may even be preferred.

Sans alternate costume designs

Sans does not much have many different costume designs because he wears his blue hoodie, white shirt, black shorts, and pink slippers every time he appears in the game. However, in the genocide route of the game, he will appear quite differently. Below are some alternate costume design ideas to stir it up while still maintaining the character.

Gaster Blaster arm prop




When you are battling against Sans, he summons Gaster Blasters to eliminate you. So, you can incorporate the look like a cannon prop on your arm. This would appear much like how Sans looks like a Mii Fighter in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Certain shops can sell you just that. If you own a 3D printer, you can print your own with an available 3D model on the internet.


If you want to make your own and you do not have a 3D printer, then it might be a lot harder. You would need tons of preparation and the appropriate materials. Since the Gaster Blaster has an intricate design, you should follow its model design. White cardboard material or something similar may be sufficient for that.

Blue eye pupil

In genocide mode, Sans dons a blue eye pupil on his left eye socket. It is such an iconic look that it transcended into meme status. If you want to portray this look, blue paper over your Sans mask’s left eye hole would suffice. If you know how to, then having a glowing blue eye would be more sinister and overall better. However, you need to know electronics to make one yourself.

Sans: Character Trivia and Mannerism

If you are cosplaying Sans, and you want to give out character trivia to people who ask about it, you can learn some of them here. This trivia is also useful if you want to act out something that is not usually visible in plain sight of the character. That way, you can fully commit to being in character other than appearance.

  • As already mentioned, Sans’ name is a reference to the font Comic Sans. When he speaks, his words are in this particular font. So, if you are designing dialogue to bring with you as props, it would be better to make the words into Comic Sans.
  • At the start of the game, it requires you to enter a name. If you enter “Sans” as the name, you will get the following response from the game: “nope.” It will then require you to enter another name, rendering the name unusable as the player’s name.
  • Sans is alluded to be a left-handed character because of several circumstances. For example, he shakes the protagonist’s hands using his left hand. In one of the ending’s credits, he is shown to be riding a tricycle using his left hand. In battle, he manipulates gravity using his left hand.
  • One of Sans’ common poses is his shrugging pose. He shrugs both of his shoulders while sometimes winking.
  • Sans usually winks after telling a joke.
  • If you plan on carrying speakers with you, it is best to play either the “sans.” OST, “Megalovania” OST or the “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” OST. The “sans.” OST is his most common theme song across the game when you meet or converse with him. The “Megalovania” OST is the battle theme when you fight Sans in the genocide route. The “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” OST is a hidden and unused OST for Sans.



Frequently Asked Questions about cosplaying Sans

Question: Can I cosplay as Sans on Halloween?

Answer: Of course, you can. There are no restrictions when dressing up on Halloween. If you are cosplaying as Sans for a Halloween party and you do not want to overcommit with the look, you can simply just wear the blue hoodie, white shirt, black shorts, and pink slippers.

Question: Is there a helmet for a Sans cosplay?

Answer: There is, and there are stores and shops that can sell it for you. If you have a 3D printer, you can also print the helmet using an available 3D model on the internet. It might even be preferable because it is more representative of a skull’s hardness, although it might be more uncomfortable to wear if not the right size.

Question: What are Sans’ eyes for cosplay?

Answer: Sans has small, white pupils on his large eye sockets, while during combat, he has a large, blue pupil on his left eye socket. You can simply use regular bond paper for the white pupils and blue construction paper for the blue pupil.

Question: Can females cosplay as Sans?

Answer: Yes. Sans has a simple costume, so females can also wear the costume provided here. They can wear the white shirt, blue hoodie, black shorts, and pink slippers in the same way without any necessary modifications, as long as it is comfortable and in the right size.

Question: What game is Sans in?

Answer: Sans is in the indie game Undertale developed by Toby Fox. The game was released in 2015 on Windows, and then later released on other consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. Sans also appears in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game on the Nintendo Switch as a skin for the Mii Fighter.

Sans Cosplay Guide: Final Thoughts About the Sans Cosplay

Sans has a relatively simple attire. You can find some of these costume props in any clothes shop easily such as the blue hoodie, the white shirt, black shorts, and pink slippers. However, the other costume props such as the skeleton gloves and skeleton leggings become much harder to find, yet still common as Halloween costumes.

The difficult part about the Sans cosplay might be the Sans mask, although you can avoid the hassle of making one yourself by buying one in online shops and stores such as Etsy. Of course, when you make the mask, you need basic stationery items such as scissors and glue, as well as a sewing kit.

Cosplaying as Sans can be enjoyable, especially that Sans is a trendy character in the meme and gaming community. He is also fun to cosplay as one because of his easy personality of cracking jokes and humoring other people.

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