Samus Cosplay Guide

Samus Cosplay Guide: How to Make the Power Suit and More Tips

Are you a diehard Nintendo gamer from the 80s and 90s? If you are, you’ve probably spent hours playing classic video games like Metroid. This game popularized Samus, an ex-soldier of the Galactic Federation whose mission is to hunt Ridley, the leader of the Space Pirates. 

Throughout the game, nobody knew the gender of Samus until it was revealed that she was a girl at the end of the first-ever Metroid game. With a seemingly masculine name and body type, the gaming community was definitely shocked because of this revelation.

Interestingly, she is supposed to be played as a male. However, the game developers then decided that Samus should be a female halfway through the game development.

As a woman in a male-dominated niche, Samus is considered a breakthrough that sparked more representation for female protagonists in the video game world. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many individuals want to cosplay her. Before we begin with our detailed Samus cosplay guide, let’s look at Samus’s background and appearance.

Samus: Background, Appearance, Quotes, and More




Samus Aran was first introduced as a playable character in Makoto Kano’s 1986 game, Metroid. Before she became a warrior and a bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation, Samus was the daughter of Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran. During a Space Pirate raid, she lost both her parents in her home at K-2L. 

Later, she was taken to Zebes by Chozo, who adopted her and raised her to become a warrior. She is fitted with a robust exoskeleton equipped with weapons and missiles. Aside from Metroid, Samus appeared in dozens of films, manga series, and comic books. She even cameo in over 51 Nintendo games to date. 


Anyone could easily assume that Samus is a male. Why? Because of her extremely muscular build. According to The Super Metroid Nintendo’s Player’s Guide, she stands 6 ft 3 (1.91m) tall and weighs 198 pounds (90kg) even without her Power Suit. 

Once revealed that she was indeed a female, she sports long blond hair tied into a ponytail. In the several iterations of the game, her hair color changes depending on the suit she is wearing. You might notice her hair color turns green, red, and violet.

As for her facial features, she has soft blue eyes with a hint of green in most games. However, in Metroid: Other M, her eyes are deep green while she dons a short pixie hairstyle.


Like most Nintendo games where the main character’s personality isn’t deeply focused on, Samus’ personality was not highlighted throughout the story. But one thing is for sure, she is an introvert. She loves spending time alone — may be as a result of her abandonment issues during her childhood.

She flies a single-seat aircraft, meaning she doesn’t want company during her trips, and even left her unit to work alone. When socializing with other characters, she rarely speaks and responses timidly to questions and conversations. 

On the other hand, she is a powerful and ruthless warrior when fighting against the Space Pirates. While she plays a silent and deadly character, she’s also compassionate in helping the oppressed and powerless.

Power and Abilities

Superhuman Physique

gold samus


With Chozo’s DNA, Samus has developed super strength and endurance. She’s more than capable of scaling buildings and running at a speed past normal human ability. She can survive and adapt in the harshest environment — most places in Zebes and Elysia are riddled with foreign and alien elements where normal humans cannot survive.

Combat Expertise 

Aside from sharing DNA with Chozo, Samus began her warrior training at a shy age of three up to 14 years old. This has led to her becoming a superior athlete with extensive combat knowledge. It’s an understatement to say that Samus is an excellent marksman. Her aim is flawless and incredibly deadly during battles. 


Wondering what Samus’ most powerful weapon is? It’s not her superhuman physique or combat expertise, but her immunity to the X parasite. She acquired this ability after receiving an emergency dose of the Metroid vaccine.

More than being immune to the X, she can also absorb other X parasites, converting their energy to boost her health. But despite these powerful abilities, she has inherited their weakness to cold.  




On the very rare occasion that Samus speaks and expresses herself, she makes her point come across as briefly and poignant as possible. Her dauntless aura and charm shows in how she addresses other characters through her words. That’s why knowing her most popular quotes will surely position yourself better while cosplaying her. Remember to use these quotes as your guide to making the most authentic and accurate representation of Samus cosplay. 

“My past is not a memory. It’s a force at my back. It pushes and steers. I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution. What’s past is prologue.”

 “Why am I still alive?”

“Mother… time to go!” [Mother Brain attacks and kills the Metroid baby, whose remains scatter over Samus. Samus loads her arm cannon and points at Mother Brain]

“I had been reliving the tragic moments of my recent past. Thanks to the Hyper Beam, which was given to me somehow by the baby, I laid Mother Brain to waste. And the explosion that followed destroyed Planet Zebes, along with the remains of Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and my long-standing nemesis, Ridley. [mournfully] And the baby…”

“Code name: Baby’s Cry – a common SOS with the urgency of a baby crying. The nickname comes from the fact that the purpose of the signal is to draw attention. The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my ship as if this detour had already been part of my flight plan. Baby’s Cry… it was as though it was crying specifically for me.” [Samus has picked up a distress call]

“The creature’s corpse showed signs of what looked like Metroid predation, making my mind race. Metroids, here? Impossible. Metroids can’t tolerate cold temperatures. They couldn’t survive in this environment. Besides, they’re extinct. The baby was the last of its kind…” [Samus has found a creature’s body]

“Perfect! Congratulations!” [if the player completes the game with 100% items found]

These quotes are among the most popular and recognizable words that encapsulate Samus’ ruthless yet compassionate personality. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate some as you walk on stage and pose with your Samus costume. 

Samus Power Suit Costume: What You Need to Prep

Like most video game characters, Samus’ outfit has been updated and changed across different game iterations and series. But her most notable accessories are always carried over despite all the changes. In this section, we highlight the most popular outfit of Samus – her classic power suit.

Power Suit Samus 

Cosplaying the classic Power Suit Samus is a bit overwhelming and difficult. This is probably not best for amateur cosplayers because of its intricate details and complex gears. If you’re considering to sport this suit, you need to remember all these elements: 

Things You Need to DIY

Golden Corset

Golden Cosplay Samus

The golden corset is one of the most distinguishable features of Samus’ costume. To make the corset, you need to make a personalized cast of your upper body. This ensures that the costume fits your form. You can use several materials to achieve this tapered look. If you’re having a difficult time achieving the whole ensemble, you can check out different patterns to guide you in this DIY project. 

Most usually, the structure of the costume relies on the materials used. Don’t skimp on using sturdy and durable materials that will not easily scrunch or fold when worn. 

Golden Vest 

Layered above the corset is the golden vest. Just like the corset, the details of the vest are well-intentioned and sophisticated. However, this might be quite simpler than it looks. Using the same materials for the corset, you can cut long rectangular pieces and glue them together, leaving an inch of space to achieve a pleated look. 


Samus is wearing heavy armor and pairs it with a structured bikini bottom. It has the same material as the rest of the golden vest and corset. It is relatively simple to make. You only need to trace a high-waist bikini using the same materials with the upper body pieces, and voila, you’ve got an accurate costume. 

Red Chestplate

Golden Cosplay

Samus’ classic power suit has a gold and red colorway. For her red chest plate, you also need to create a pattern for this too. You can adjust the size of the chest plate according to your preference. Just don’t forget about the LED light details since this truly brings the costume to a whole new level. 

Thighs, Calves, and Arms 

Samus’ bottoms are less detailed than her top, but that does not neglect a need for flair. For her calves, you need to use two yellow/gold tones. One with the lighter shade should be an interior detail, while the darker shade should be highlighted on the side of her thighs. Similar to the red chest plate, you also need to leave room for the green LED lights to pop. 

As for the calves, you can create a cast of your calves and start building a more angular but defined shape. It should have a similar color to the thighs’ darker shade and include the triangular-pointed kneecap armor and green strips for accuracy. 

For her arms, you can trace your arm and make a cast with the same color and material as the calves. Make sure to leave ample room for the elbow area to avoid any arm movement restrictions. 

Shoulder Balls

What makes a Samus costume an accurate one is the attention to detail. Every part of the classic power suit serves a purpose, especially the shoulder balls. You can shape vinyl foam into a spherical form incorporating the black space details into your designs to make them. After the shoulder balls are formed, you can attach them to the chest plate as well. This is the best way for the balls to keep their form. 


Samus’ shoes are bright and golden. It seamlessly aligns with her calf armor. To achieve this, you can use any old pair of shoes — preferably a pair of heeled closed-toe wedges or platform boots. Simply wrap the same material (eg. golden foam) on the shoes and follow Samus’ shoe details. 

Things You Can Simply Buy


To complete your look, you need to add in the iconic cannon arm and helmet. Both of these accessories are readily available online, so you don’t have to hassle yourself in making them. Aside from these, you can also score the inner clothing and accessories you need, such as the black bodysuit, leggings, and gloves. 

More Samus Costume Ideas 

Aside from Samus’ power suit, you can also try cosplaying Dark Samus. You’ll probably need to create all the elements in the power suit, except in a different colorway. A Dark Samus costume entails more precise details, considering the lights and carvings on the armor itself. 

If you want to cosplay Samus but do not have the time to do all the prep work and costume elements, you can check out the Zero Suit. It is a form-fitting suit that is readily available in different stores online. You can easily cop one here

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The cosplay body suit is completely sewn and has an invisible vertical zipper along the backside so you can put it on and take it off easily. Please note that the soles are not included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I purchase a ready-to-use costume?

Answer: Finding a ready-to-wear Samus costume might be difficult, especially if you want a Samus power suit. Its intricate details and design elements are so complex that not many cosplay stores sell them off-the-rack. However, some cosplay boutiques deliver custom-made Samus costumes. You only need to send your measurements, and they will do everything for you. 

In any case, you can also wear the Zero suit since they are among the most readily available costumes online. You can even find one on Amazon. The whole suit won’t cost more than a hundred bucks. We have found one that’s only $49

Question: Can you do a couples cosplay with Samus? 

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can! Like most Nintendo games, Samus has only one love interest. He is Kevin Keene, the protagonist of the animated comics: Captain N: The Game Master.  He is a teenager from Earth transported to Videoland to defeat Mother Brain. Unlike Samus, Kevin’s costume is fairly simple. In fact, he wears typical teenager clothes — a blue pair of pants, a yellow turtleneck, a varsity jacket, and white sneakers. 

Question: What are the most essential details for the Samus costume?

Answer: Recreating the Power Suit to the most accurate details can be extremely time-consuming. And if you’re pressed for time, you might just want to skip some details and focus on the ones that matter. For Samus, this is the cannon arm, the shoulder balls, and the helmet. 

Generally, you can make all the other pieces (eg. chest plate, corset, calf armors) with the same colorway without all the intricate details. But the combination of the cannon arm, shoulder balls, and the helmet truly tie the Samus look together. So, don’t skimp on creating these elements as detailed as possible.

Question: What are the Ideal Hair and Makeup Looks for Samus?

Answer: Samus’ hair and makeup are usually simple. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or even eyeshadow. You just need to tight line your waterline with black eyeliner and wear blue contact lenses. Aside from that, you just need to look paler than usual since she has a white complexion. 

For her hair, she wore the same blonde hair color throughout the different iterations. So, if you have blonde hair, you’re in luck. You don’t have to dye your hair or wear a wig. Just bring your hair into a high ponytail, and you’re good to go! 

Final Thoughts About the Samus Cosplay

It’s safe to say that a Samus cosplay isn’t for amateur cosplayers. It has an extremely intricate character design which might be overwhelming to any newbie. Whenever you want to get started in making her costume, ask help from some of your friends to get started! 

There’s no need to be pressured about the minute details. You won’t have to worry about getting everything right down pat; some details can be overlooked. While accuracy matters in the cosplaying world, you can always have artistic liberty with your creation and cosplay presentation. Use our practical tips and start cosplaying as Samus for your next event now!

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