Jinx Cosplay Ideas Guide

Jinx Cosplay Ideas Guide: The Crazy Girl we All Love to Fear

Explosions and fireworks have always been a great enjoyment for many people. They’re great to watch, a spectacle like no other. Jinx loves them. She likes the explosive nature of things, especially how much they can kill people. But make no mistake, she is not bad. Perhaps a little. It’s mostly for fun, to see the lights go off, to see the fire catch everything, like Harley Quinn, but with bombs instead of a hammer.

If you’ve been a fan of the most popular MOBA of all time or if you’ve seen the show “Arcane” recently, then you must know Jinx, The Lost Bullet. Finding her is bad luck, like a broken mirror or a black cat.

Perhaps it is more like a car accident or seeing the devil. Anyway, you don’t want to be near this girl when she explodes. Well, maybe you want to BE her, just to not be afraid, of course. Welcome to our guide to Jinx Cosplay Ideas.

Who is Jinx?

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Jinx is a character from the game League of Legends specializing in killing his enemies fast with a combination of guns, contraptions, and bombs. She is a mad girl with several issues and a recklessness that makes her very dangerous to everyone around her. She is also an expert in mechanical engineering.

Before the series Arcane, we didn’t know the origin of Jinx, but now we do. Her name was Powder. She is the sister of Vi, a vigilante of Piltover. Both became orphans in their childhood and were raised by an influential bartender of Zaun, Vander.

In there, they learned how to survive and fight in the underworld. However, Powder provoked an accident that killed many of their friends, and since then, she was raised by a mafia boss, Silco.

Slowly but steady, Powder became Jinx, a famous criminal of Piltover and Zaun. During the events of the show Arcane, Jinx gets injured. Silco injects her with a drug from the underworld to save her life. This event finishes her transformation into a true monster to save her life. After that, Jinx’s psyche worsens, and his explosive crimes increase.

Jinx in LoL

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I’ll do a little recap for those unfamiliar with the world’s greatest MOBA of all time. Firstly, a MOBA is a game style where you control a single character of a team. You play along with other characters against an opposing team, battling swarms of enemies to reach the enemies’ home base and destroy it. League of Legends (LoL) is the most popular game of the genre. It has very rich lore, fueled by more than 150 characters.

Jinx comes from here. She is an “ADC” character that quickly deals a lot of damage to a single character. Commonly, these characters are the center of attention in the game since everyone wants his killing machine to be the strongest. This is one of the reasons Jinx is so popular. She is an outstanding ADC, not very hard to use, and a lot of fun.

Personality and Quotes

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Jinx is not a stable person. Her life was rough since the beginning, and a hazardous substance altered her body permanently. She suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia, seeing visions of her dead friends, hunted by guilt and hatred. She has a tendency to commit violence and treats her weapons like real people, talking with them and responding to herself.

Jinx is a very fun psychopath in the game, cracking jokes about his guns and killing. However, in Arcane, she was given a richer depth, and her character evolves in many ways throughout the show. The following quotes are divided into two. The ones from Arcane have a darker and more profound meaning, whereas the rest are from the game, with a funnier tone.

Arcane quotes:

  • Talking to Vi – “You never left. I always heard you. Shadows in the streets, prickles on the back of my neck. Your voice, pushing me, picking me up when all the colors were black. You’re the reason I’m still alive.”
  • “I made her a snack… (making Vi think she cut off Caitlin’s head and was serving it on a plate)… Sheesh, I’m not THAT crazy.”
  • “I thought, maybe you could love me like you used to, even though I’m different. But you changed too. So, here’s to the new us.” – Seconds after this, she blows up a building.

LoL quotes:

  • “Stay still; I’m trying to shoot you.”
  • “No need to be scared… or alive”
  • “Rules are made to be broken, like buildings or people!”
  • “You are my favorite waste of bullets.”
  • “Say HELLO to my friends of varying sizes!” – Talking about her guns

It’s always good to have these phrases prepared so that you can act out your Jinx costume properly when you go to a convention. If you know the character’s story or played the game, it would be funny to interact with other people who have the costumes of Vi, Caitlin, Ekko, Jayce, etc.

How to Cosplay Like a Killing Machine

Jinx is a slim teenager with long blue hair with two long braids. Her eyes are bright purple due to the Shimmer, and her skin is ashen. She always carries with her three weapons. Her machine gun, “Pow-Pow”, is her main one, then there is her pistol “Zapper”, and lastly, her missile launcher, “Fishbones”. She also carries her custom grenades, “Flame Chompers”.

This costume changes between skins, which I’ll show you in a moment. Her primary costume and the one shown in Arcane are very similar, so I’ll explain how to make the Arcane one because it’s a bit easier than the classic.

Arcane Jinx

The Arcane costume is a mesh of clothing hand-made from scraps of different cloths. You’ll need:

  • Wig
  • Makeup
  • Leatherette Tanktop
  • Various belts and armbands
  • Leatherette long gloves
  • Purple cloth forearm sleeve
  • Purple trousers with black lines
  • Long boots

Buying guide

As with all cosplay, you can find it pre-made on Amazon. These costumes are usually good enough. They are probably the easiest and most reliable way to dress as Jinx. A popular character like her is not hard to find.

You can buy the entire costume on Amazon or just parts of it if you already have a way to fill in the gaps:

Jinx Arcana Costume

In AliExpress, you can find parts of Powder costume as well as the original Jinx:

Jinx Cosplay AliExpress

EzCosplay have cheaper guns to buy, but that also means that they’re not the best quality:

EzCosplay Jinx

Whatever you choose, remember to read the article’s description and opinions thoroughly. It’s essential to be very careful with the size, as this is often a big problem if you don’t get it right.

The quality of materials varies greatly, and it depends on how much you are willing to pay. Cheaper costumes tend to be low quality and endure lesser.


If you want to make your own costume, the Arcane Jinx variant has a significant advantage. It is already hand-made clothing. That means that any nuances you want to add can make for a cohesive cosplay.

The Wig is easy to buy, and then use some hair spray to get it right. For the braids, some hair extensions would do the trick.

The makeup is easy. Concealer, eyeliner, and powder can do wonders. For the eyes, you have two options: Bright blue or Purple, the ladder being the most extreme version of Jinx’s madness.

As for the top, Jinx uses a black leather tank top with a white lace forming an “X” on her chest.

diy jinx cosplay

Jinx has two belts, one grabbing the top and the other on her wrist. These can be as simple or complex as you want. You can mix the classic costume with the Arcane one and add some bullets onto the belt.

The arms can also be as complex as you want. A long black glove and a purple armband are enough. You can then add as many straps as you want to give it more detail and put there some bombs, for example.

The pants are a pair of three-quarter trousers with a “V” shape bottom. You can wear some old pajamas and dye them purple. Then paint long black strings, and you’re done.

Lastly, the boots are also scratched. If you have a pair of old boots, use them as they are and add purple laces.

Here’s an example of an incredible Arcane Jinx Cosplay to get inspired


Before I go with the alternative Jinx cosplay, there are, of course, Jinx’s weapons. She has three main guns plus the grenades. If you don’t have any craftsmanship skills,

I highly recommend finding these weapons at your local store. If they are too expensive, there are two ways you could go about it.

First, you can make your own replica of one of Jinx’s guns. I recommend her pistol “Zapper” as it is the easiest to make and the most comfortable to carry.

There is also the “Flame Chompers”. However, they are not usually her “main gun”. Here are some tutorials to these guns:

Secondly, if crafting is not your cup of tea, you can recreate another pistol to fit Jinx. If you can’t find Jinx’s gun or it is too expensive, see if you can find any steampunk pistol and paint it with Jinx’s colors. Put some purple and bright blue onto any expressive gun, add some scribble, and you’re good to go. It won’t be as “accurate” as the standard gun, but it will be your own.

Lastly, if you want to make Pow-pow or Fishbones, I recommend using light materials like cardboard and PVC tubes. These two guns are cumbersome, so avoid using thick and heavy materials. Then paint them gray, blue, purple and pink.

Alternative Cosplay

All LoL champions have a series of skins. They reimagine how the character is presented. Some are very different from the main skin, and others are just a change of clothes. Here are two of the most famous:



In a futuristic setting, Jinx is recreated as an augmented human with a mind influenced by a sinister program. Here, a critical failure made her lose her mind and become a psychopath. She is a techno-punk version of Jinx, having the same weapons but with a pixelated energy-based nature.

Her outfit is much darker and more saturated. This costume is probably the hardest to pull off because of the mechanical augmentations Jinx has. If you want to make this costume, here’s a shortlist of what you’ll need:

  • Pink, bushy wig
  • Black helmet
  • Makeup with body-painting
  • Black leather top-jacket with a hide on top
  • Black trousers with belt
  • Purple tank-top with one long sleeve
  • Green scarf
  • Gray shin guard
  • Purple boots

Jinx Heartseeker

Another of Jinx’s most popular skins is a Valentine Special, Jinx Heartseeker. This costume comes in various colors, but the main one is primarily pink, red, and violet. This Jinx is a much more joyful version of the standard psycho. However, she’s still Jinx, and her main enjoyment comes from killing enemies.

This costume has a very Victorian burlesque style that somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Her weapons are romantic, with hearts and flowers instead of the usual explosion, and the colors are pink and red. The more hearts you add to this costume, the better. You’ll need:

  • Light purple wig
  • Makeup
  • Red corset with a violet blouse and heart-formed button
  • Heart-formed hair presser
  • Purple arm-sleeves with long red gloves
  • Red long stockings with long purple boots


If you have a girl who wants to join a convention, this costume might be a great choice. “Powder” is the actual name of Jinx, and it was her original persona. She was a sweet and ingenious girl, with the only motivation of helping her sister and her friends in their missions. However, her childhood was far from a fairytale. She grew up an orphan in the city’s poorest districts and was taken care of by a bartender named Vander.

Powder has a simple outfit, probably handmade. She is always carrying around her little contraptions, childish versions of her Flame Chompers, as well as a small monkey with cymbals. Her outfit has:

  • Short blue hair with pressers (or wig)
  • Purple stringed T-shirt
  • Dark blue jacket
  • Long blue fingerless gloves
  • Brown shorts with a blue skirt around her wrist and a black belt
  • Purple long stocking with blue anklet support and brown shoes.


Question: What’s Jinx’s role in LoL?

Answer: Jinx is ADC, meaning she goes in the bottom line, joined by a supporting character. This is the usual combination, though some may change this sometimes. As far as powers go, the first one of Jinx is changing between his machine gun of short-range to her long-range cannon and vice versa. Next is her pistol, which throws a long-range electric pulse to slow down enemies. Thirdly, his bombs stay in the ground for seconds and stop enemies in their tracks. Last but not least, her ultimate ability is a global range missile that explodes in contact with an enemy and deals a lot of damage to a fairly big area.

Question: Why is Jinx called that way?

Answer: Before Arcane, this question was unanswered. But now we know that her name was given to her by her sister, but not directly. A friend of theirs, Milo, called Powder “Jinx” because she was bad luck on their missions. At first, her sister, Vi, defended her. However, after a terrible accident that got their friends killed, Vi told Powder that Milo was right, she was bad luck. Since then, Jinx was born as a twisted acknowledgment of her bad luck nature.

Question: What characters are suitable for a group cosplay with Jinx?

Answer: There are many options. LoL is a group game, so any combination of ADC + support could make for a fun experience. If the group is larger, you can have a top, a mid, and a jungle. However, some characters have unique interactions with Jinx, making them great companions for group cosplay. These are Vi, her sister, Ekko, her former best friend, and Caitlyn as her mortal enemy.


Jinx is a fun character on many levels, and that is how it’s supposed to be enjoyed. This is a cosplay to get creative with a bit of madness, to have some dark humor, and have a good time with whoever is around.

In real life, we can’t go around blowing things up. However, we can have an explosive personality, ready to burst at any moment. To all those who feel different or want to be more listened to, put on a Jinx cosplay and make the world your own.

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