Avatar Cosplay Costume Ideas

The Best Avatar Cosplay Costume Ideas: Master The Elements of This Cosplay

If you ask me, one of the best shows of the last two decades is Avatar the Last Airbender. Aang, Sokka, Momo, and the rest of the cast hold a special place in my childhood heart. The anime was one of the best I have ever seen. Yes, I am going to call it an anime, not a cartoon. 

I am going to discuss the three main characters of the series, and Zuko. That means I am going to discuss the costume of the man himself, Aang, the Last Airbender. Next to him, I am going to talk about how to cosplay the sister and brother duo, Katara, a girl who is part of the water tribe, and Sokka her goofy brother. 

In this Avatar cosplay costume ideas and guide, I am not going to talk about Korra. That would lead us a bit too far in this article. There is nothing wrong with Korra, but you can just use a Katara cosplay and add some little details to it. They are both members of the water tribe, so there is quite some overlap. 

How to do the perfect Aang from Avatar costume 




One of the two things about Aang’s head that stand out is that he is completely bald, and the other is that he has a massive blue arrow on his head. So you will either need to get yourself a special cap that makes you look bald; these are pretty cheap nowadays, so no need to shave your head if you do not want to.

If you do want to shave your head, just doing it with electric clippers is not going to be enough. That will leave a bit too much hair, you will have to shave your head with a razor too. If that is still too black due to you having black hair, you can use a dye to dye your head blond. That way the hair won’t stand out.

Now you are going to need to use blue makeup or a safe bodypaint to draw an arrow on your head. Make sure you do not touch it until it is completely dry. 

Aang’s eyes:

I am not really a fan of using contact lenses for cosplay. It is often a real hassle and only works when you are, for example, cosplaying someone from an anime with a special eye color. Aang has green eyes, so you can use green-colored lenses. Just make sure you use high-quality lenses; you are putting something on your eyes after all. 


Aang has a quite distinct outfit, and he is showing quite some skin for someone who usually lives on extremely high mountains. He has a pale yellow shirt with a high collar. He also wears yellow pants that stop at about his knees.

To make your outfit complete, you are going to need an orange smock. The smock needs to have pretty short sleeves. Finally, you will need orange wristbands and an orange fabric belt. Both of these are preferably in the same color.

The clothing:

From what I saw when doing my research – was surprisingly easy to find online at very affordable prices. So, if you want to do an easy cosplay that still looks awesome, you should buy the outfit. If you want to make a few pieces yourself, a good start would be the wristbands and the belt. You can make these out of the same material. 


Aang, often but not always, wears shoes. These are brown flat shoes, and they are pretty worn down. You can use any brown shoe made out of fabric. You can make them a little dirty if you want to pay attention to the details. 

The stick:

Aang takes his stick just about anywhere he goes. You will need to get a stick of about 5 feet or 1.5 meters. If you live in a wooded area, odds are you can find an almost perfect stick that you can then cut into shape.

You can also look online for Avatar sticks. Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of them for sale. 

How to do the perfect Katara from Avatar Cosplay



A Contestant or Japanese Wig:

Katara has black/dark brown hair. So you might not need a wig if you have that hair color. Wigs of this fashion are pretty cheap, but the quality can be pretty far apart between two models. Make sure you get one with decent reviews, so you can use it multiple times. If you cosplay a lot, you will often have to wear wigs like this one, so invest in a good one right away. 

Water Tribe Outfit:

You will probably need to buy this outfit online. It is not so expensive, so you won’t break the bank. Making it yourself will take quite a while. You will also need to be pretty good at making clothes. They are by no means as easy to make as they look at first glance. 


You can get these at an affordable price online! If you are very skilled at making jewelry and other cool trinkets, you can try to make it yourself. It will take you a couple of hours to make, however. I would advise you to look online for the perfect one. They are pretty cheap, so you won’t have to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash to get a high-quality Katara Necklace. 


You can use any kind of leggings here, as long as they are dark blue or black. You don’t need to overthink this. 

Fingerless gloves:

Get long-sleeved fingerless gloves. Make sure they are dark blue or black. If you do not have these, you can find them online. You can use them in the winter too if you pick a good quality model. I would recommend you pick a fabric like wool if you want to use it when you are not cosplaying. 

Boots (around knee height):

These can be any kind of women’s knee high brown or black boots. Brown boots are going to be the most accurate here. Try to take a color that resembles the ground as much as possible. That color is closest to what Katara is wearing. 

How to do the perfect Sokka from Avatar Cosplay



Sokka Boomerang:

Unless you are a professional woodworker, you will have to buy this boomerang. It is going to be very hard to make it yourself. You will need a lot of tools. You can just buy the Sokka Boomerang online. There are a few models, if you pick out the more high-quality one, you can use it as a decoration piece on the wall after your cosplay. 

Blue pants:

Sokka wears a pair of dark blue pants. If you just use jeans, this is not going to look very good. You will need to have one made out of cotton or silk. Another option is to buy a water tribe costume. You can find a couple of good ones online. 

Blue long sleeve tee:

If you are on a budget, you can use any watercolor blue long sleeve tee. Try to pick one that looks a bit on the darker blue side. It is going to be an add-on to the costume to wear under the blue coat. So make sure it is a size larger, so it pops out from the other coat. 

Blue winter coat – Sokka – unlike Aang:

dresses appropriate for the climate; meaning he wears a blue winter coat. The coat will need to have some wool on it as a finish. To play Sokka accurately, you will again need a dark blue coat that resembles the color of the ocean. Another option that is going to be a bit better, in my opinion, is to just buy the water tribe clothes online. 

White ribbons:

These can be any white ribbons. I would go for ribbons that are at least an inch or 2.5 cm in width. You can pick the cheap ones they use for packaging. If you want to have a really nice high-end finish, you can again use silk or wool ones. I would go for the wool ones as they seem to fit the costume better. 

Brown shoes:

You don’t need to buy special shoes if you do not want to. Try to find some brown shoes. These should be a little dirty; Sokka is a warrior and a buffoon, after all. 

How to do the perfect Zuko from Avatar Cosplay

Black wig:

Zuko is known for his pitch-black hair. It is quite short. So you are going to either cut your hair or buy a regular wig. When you have to dye your hair for the color, you can not go wrong with the blackest color. It will contrast very nicely with the robes.

Red pants:

Try to find a pair of red baggy pants. Try to find a fabric that is light and picks up a lot of air. Zuko his costume is known for the traditional pants that were worn in ancient Southeast Asia by the nobility. 

Zuko robes:

You will likely have to buy the Zuko robes online. There really isn’t a way around this unless you are really amazing at making clothes. The robes you need to make are going to be quite flashy, with a lot of dark crimson red and a gold-colored finish. I think making such robes – even for a very experienced someone – is going to easily take you over 10 hours by hand. 

Black shoes:

This is pretty straightforward. Almost any kind of black shoes – save for leather dress shoes – is going to be a decent fit for a Zuko cosplay. You do not need to buy special shoes for good cosplay, but for a perfect one, you should consider it. You can also make them yourself. This is a bit easier than the robes and can be a cool project. 




Zuko isn’t Zuko without the massive scar on his face. You will need to have makeup that has the color of dried flesh. You will need to apply this on about 30% of the right side of your face, over your eyes. You can not be Zuko without the scar make up in my opinion. It is the most essential part of the character and his personality. 

That is it! Zuko is the easiest one to cosplay if you just buy the (awesome looking) Zuko cosplay costume. The price for the robes is decent, and you can use them as a regular bathrobe too.

Frequently asked questions about Avatar Cosplay 

Question: Are characters from Avatar hard to cosplay?

Answer: In my opinion, Avatar is one of the easiest franchises to cosplay as a beginner. Aang is especially easy for guys. If you have a bald head, or a cap that makes your head look bald, and a blue arrow on your head, everyone will right away know who you are cosplaying as. 

The same goes for Zuko; due to his scar and robes, he is also a very recognizable cosplay. Though, he is a bit less famous than the avatar himself. The female characters are a bit harder to cosplay. You will at the very least need a very good water tribe costume if you want to have a convincing Katara costume. 

Question: Can couples do Avatar Cosplay? 

Answer: Yes, there are a lot of cool Avatar couples you can cosplay as. The most famous of all is, of course, Katara and Aang. The costumes for these two are not hard to make, and you can easily buy them online. 

If you want to cosplay another couple, there are a lot of great options. I think the best couples cosplay for express is going to be Sokka and Princess Yue. It has a very cool vibe, but the Yue cosplay is kind of hard, and not a lot of people are going to know who you are cosplaying as if your Sokka is not nearby. 

Question: Can I cosplay Appa and Momo?

Answer: You can, but should you? I have never seen an Appa or Momo cosplay that looks impressive. Funny, yes definitely, but cosplaying a tiny monkey or a huge buffalo, is never going to be perfect. 

I do like it when people do this and don’t take themselves too seriously. It is a very funny option and great to get a laugh or two. It is also a good idea for a very original and goofy couples cosplay. 

Final thoughts about Avatar Cosplay Costume Ideas Guide

Cosplaying as an Avatar character is one of the best ideas you can have as a beginner. The costumes are really accessible, you can make a lot yourself, and you can buy almost every prop online for a decent price. 

There are a lot of Avatar characters you can cosplay, and these four are only scratching the surface. I think an Avatar costume really shines if you are dressed up in a group, with each being a different character.

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