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Best Thor Helmets to Complete your Thor Cosplay

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Thor is one of the most well-known and loved Marvel characters, ranking among other favorites like Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, and others. And nothing is more iconic about Thor’s costume than his helmet. And if you plan on cosplaying as this superhero, you’re going to need a guide to find the best helmets for Thor. 

Of course, Thor has had his share of controversies– and many of them are actually about his appearance. When you have a character like Thor, you have fans with strong opinions about his appearance in comics and movies, making cosplaying as Thor all that more challenging.

The latest controversy? Thor’s costume reveals for the 2022 Thor: Love & Thunder film. Thor’s 2022 costume is inspired by one of his looks in the ’90s and features what CBR called a more streetwear look. While many fans are not fond of the costume choice, others argue that it’s preferable to some of the 90s looks that featured a bare chest and less sophisticated costumes.

The 2022 poster teased bright blue, red, and gold chest armor. It’s just a peak, but the poster already stirred debate about whether this was Thor’s best costume choice. And while I don’t think there is one right answer for the best outfit for Thor, it just goes to show how important his look is for so many– and how it can be a great point of contention.

But one thing that’s a little more clear-cut is Thor’s helmet. The iconic helmet is one way to elevate your cosplay, no matter the exact model you opt for. The trick is finding a Thor helmet that is of great value, solid quality, and still represents the character– all told, a tall order.

This guide will cover what you need to know to cosplay as Thor, from capturing Thor’s personality to finding the best Thor helmets for you. 

Who is Thor?

Who is Thor

If you’re reading this guide, I have little doubt that you have some awareness of who Thor is. But I want to cover some basic information about his character– just in case you missed some details.

What I love about cosplay isn’t all about the best costumes but also really getting into character as authentically as possible by digging into a character’s backstory and identity. And with Thor, there’s a lot to unpack. 

What is Thor’s real name?

Thor’s full name is Thor Odinson, though he normally goes by Thor. If you go back to old Norse mythology or German mythology, you’ll find he has several names.

These include: Asabrag, Asa-Thor, Bjorn, Einridi, Ennilang, Hardhugadr, Hardveur, Hloirdi, Oku-Thor, Rym, Sonnung, Vethorm, Veud, Veur, and Vingthor. 

Is Thor a real God?

Thor is a god, also known as an Aesir god. Aesir gods are derived from Norse mythology, including Odin, Frigg, Baldr, Hoor, and Thor. The Aesir gods are gods of War, which is why you see Thor depicted as a warrior. However, Thor is not immortal. 

How did Thor become Thor?

Thor got his powers upon birth– his mother is a goddess and his father a god. However, it’s his hammer and helmet that also provide him powers. The comics also follow his development as a warrior. He is from Asgard, the realm of gods. 

What is Thor’s birthday?

No one knows Thor’s exact birthday, but it’s estimated that Thor was born somewhere around 964 to 965 AD. He’s technically about 1,500 years old, but he’s about the equivalent of 30 years old in human years due to aging slowly. Thor never became immortal– a common misconception. His powers give him an extensive life, along with a diet that other gods from his realm follow. 

Is Thor alive?

Avengers: Infinity War killed off countless characters, but Thor is still alive at the end, despite half the universe being destroyed. However, dig into other parts of Thor lore, and there are other times when Thor died. A great serpent kills Thor with its poison.

He dies at Ragnarök, also known as the end of the world. In this version, his legacy is his sons, Modi and Magni. 

Thor Relationships

Thor Relationships

Thor is also known for his relationships and the dynamic role they play in his decisions and powers. Thor’s relationships are a core part of understanding how to effectively cosplay as the character from his parentage to his siblings and romantic relationships. 

Who was Thor’s father?

While many may think Thor is a son of Zeus due to the similarities between the two, Thor’s father is Odin. Zeus belongs to Greek mythology, while Odin is from Norse mythology. In Marvel lore, Odin was the king of Asgard and known as the god of wisdom.

Thor lost his powers when Odin restricted them, and Thor was exiled to Earth. At that time, Odin allowed Loki to be on the throne instead, feeling Thor’s involvement in the war with Frost Giants proved him unworthy. When Thor returned and saved those Frost Giants from Loki, Thor accepted his son to inherit the throne. 

Who is Thor’s sister?

This is an interesting tidbit that’s caused some confusion. Hela is Thor’s niece in Marvel comics. However,  in many movie depictions, she’s his older sister. Hela is known as the Goddess of Death. Though they are related, she’s an enemy of Thor’s.

Her main mission is to increase her control of the dead. Other notable villainous actions include: battling for the soul of Odin and helping Loki with plans for Asgard. She’s a complex and compelling character. But she’s also a thorn in Thor’s side most of the time. 

Are Thor and Loki brothers?

Loki is the adopted brother of Thor. Loki is younger than Thor by about 430 years. Loki is neither good nor bad.  The trickster god is known for his playful ways. Though often drawn into villainy, Loki can’t be classified as good or bad. T

hor and Loki’s relationship is likewise complex. As children, they were once quite close and considered friends. The difference in their quests caused them to drift apart later. While Thor loves Loki, their relationship is never simple. 

Who was Thor’s best friend?

Heimdall is an important friend in Thor’s life. Heimdall, Thor’s best friend, was a guard with special powers. Heimdall could see and hear nearly everything in the Nine Realms.  He committed treason to protect the Nine Realms and rescue Thor. Eventually, he was killed by Thanos.

Luckily, Thor does have other friends, both in the comic series as well as in the original myths. Thor’s most notable other friends include Balder, Sif, Volstagg the Enormous, Hogun the Grim, and Fandral the Dashing. 

What happened to Thor’s girlfriend?

Thor's girlfriend

Thor and Jane Foster have a romantic relationship. While Jane was introduced as a love interest, she was recognized as a superhero later. You may also know her as Doctor Jane Foster.

Her aliases include Storm Chaser, Old Flame, Lady Jane, and The World’s Most Foremost Astronomer.

A respected astrophysicist, Jane founded the Foster Theory and discovered wormholes. She fell in love with Thor as he was trying to return to Asgard. However, Jane and Thor broke up when she pursued a  Nobel Prize.

Did Thor sleep with SAXA?

Saxxa, also known as Jarnsaxa, is a giant with whom Thor has a love affair. In some tellings, she was a mistress, but she was his wife for a time in other tellings. He has a baby with the giant Saxxa, who grows up to be Thor’s son, Magni.

Magni becomes the god of strength and war and is notably stronger than his brother, Móði. 

How many wives did Thor have?

Technically, Thor had two wives, depending on if you’re following original Norse mythology or interpretations/ comics. His first wife was Saxxa, the giant. His second wife is Sif, who is also his on-and-off good friend. Sif is a goddess with long golden hair and known for her insight and poetics. 

Who is the daughter of Thor?

In addition to two sons, Thor also had a daughter. In the Marvel comics, Thor’s daughter with Sif is known as Thrud or Torunn. She has some amazing powers of her own, including superhuman strength, invulnerability, superhuman speed, flight, superhuman stamina, and electrokinesis.

She’s also gifted at sword fighting and can manipulate lightning. She was most prominently featured in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. 

Thor Personality

Thor Personality

As interesting as Thor’s relationships are, he’s also known for his powers and personality. But since so much focus (rightfully so) is paid to Thor’s powers, sometimes his personality can get a little lost in the discussion. Before I discuss his powers, strengths, and weaknesses, it’s important to understand that his personality is integral to both. 

What kind of hero is Thor?

Thor is known as one of the most powerful gods and heroes. However,  his personality is part of his reputation. Thor is well aware of his abilities. He is not confident, prideful, arrogant, and short-tempered. He is motivated by heroism, not simply for ‘doing good.

Instead, he likes being seen and regarded as the ultimate hero. Though confident and ambitious, he acts on impulse and does not think about consequences. He is passionate about what he believes in. Sometimes, he sabotages himself.  

Is Thor intelligent?

Thor is not as intelligent as some heroes, but he’s also not dumb. I’d argue that his impulsive nature overshadows some of his intelligence. Though he doesn’t embrace his cerebral side, he also does show signs of intelligence.

He can read well enough, and most place him at average intelligence.  Loki is more intelligent, with a greater capacity and earnestness for reading and learning magic. Thor perhaps could be seen as more intelligent if he was interested in doing so. However, that doesn’t fit his personality. 

Thor Strengths and Weaknesses

Thor Strengths and Weaknesses

Thor is powerful, with superpowers that make him a formidable opponent. At the same time, there are limits to Thor’s powers. These weaknesses, combined with Thor’s arrogance and lack of foresight, have landed Thor in difficult circumstances. Thor is imperfect.  

What is Thor’s true power?

It’s hard to nail down Thor’s true power to just one superpower, as he possesses so many amazing abilities. Thor has an incredibly long life span, as is true for others of his heritage. Thor is not immortal.  He is immune to most diseases, and he’s incredibly strong, fast, and agile. He isn’t easily injured. He possesses a particularly powerful weapon for combat. He’s 90 percent as strong as the Hulk. Given how strong the Hulk is, that’s still very strong.  

Can Thor run fast?

Thor is not the fastest superhero in the Marvel Universe. That distinction belongs to Quicksilver, who can travel up to 8500 miles per hour. However, Thor is very fast. Thor can travel at 300 miles per hour if it’s for a shorter sprint. 

Can Thor breathe underwater?

Thor is powerful, but he cannot breathe underwater.  Thor can hold his breath for a very long time, but he would drown eventually. Thor also does not have special swimming abilities. 

Can Thor travel through space?

Thor’s superhero abilities and cosmic energy allow him to travel through space– to a point. He cannot, however, survive in space or breathe in space. 

Can Thor destroy a galaxy?

At this point, Thor destroying a galaxy is entirely theoretical.  I have seen fans argue that Thor is powerful to destroy a galaxy. Unfortunately, Thor has limitations. He would have to team up with other superheroes to accomplish this goal. 

Does Thor control the weather?

Thor is most known for being able to harness and summon lightning. This power goes further than that. Thur also harnesses thunderstorms from different dimensions.

What is Thor’s most powerful weapon?


It should come as no surprise that Thor’s hammer is powerful. Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, T is his most powerful weapon.  Thor has many hammers in his life. You can see the rankings of Thor’s most powerful hammers.


His hammers inflict great damage and are essential to much of his combat.  With his hammer, his armor and helmet are important as well. 

What is Thor’s weakness?

All great superheroes have at least one weakness. Sometimes these personality flaws manifest as “Warrior’s Madness.” This is a state where  Thor doesn’t have true control over his actions.

This state is especially dangerous when combined with his super strength. Beyond that, Thor is mortal and able to die. He cannot breathe underwater or in space.

He is not as intelligent as his brother, Loki. He doesn’t have great magical abilities. Thor is fast, but he is not as quick as some superheroes. 

Thor Quotes

As you can imagine, it’s impossible to cover all Thor’s quotes, so I’ll just include a few of my favorites. These capture his fierce personality, confidence, and different conflicts.

Whenever you say these quotes, match them with the strength and determination of his character. Watching scenes can help you hit that big personality.

  • “Brother, however, I have wronged you, whatever I have done that has led you to do this, I am truly sorry. But these people are innocent, taking their lives will gain you nothing. So take mine, and end this.”
  • “I will protect Asgard and all the realms with my last and every breath, but I cannot do so from that chair. Loki, for all his grave imbalance, understood the rule as I know I never will. The brutality, the sacrifice, it changes you.” 
  • “Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were going to fight side-by-side forever, but at the end of the day, you’re you, and I’m me, and… oh, maybe there’s still good in you but… let’s be honest, our paths diverged a long time ago.”
  • I’m a bit of a hero. See, I’ve spent some time on Earth. For the record, I saved the planet a couple of times. Then I went searching through the cosmos for a couple of magic colorful Infinity Stone things… but didn’t find any. That’s when I came across a path of death and destruction. Which led me all the way here to this cage… where I met you.”

Thor Appearance

Thor’s appearance very much suits his persona. Of course, Thor’s appearance does differ a bit if you’re discussing the Marvel comics, original Norse mythology, or the latest feature films. Thor’s appearance embodies much of his strengths. However, his appearance also shows his wounds. 

What is Thor’s physical appearance?

Much of Thor’s appearance in popular culture today is focused on Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal. Chris Hemsworth as Thor has broad shoulders with defined muscular arms, a strong jawline, light facial hair, and shoulder-length blond hair. He also has a fierce stare.

This depiction isn’t too far off from Thor’s origins. Thor is a bit taller and broader, and he traditionally has red hair in mythology. However, Marvel Comics depicts him with the same shoulder-length blonde hair that Hemsworth sports.

Some could argue that Hemsworth’s blonde hair is lighter than the comics. However, it’s hard to compare a comic to feature film conversion directly. All told, Thor is described as strong, in his 30s (human equivalent), and classically attractive. 

Why did Thor cut his hair?

Though Thor is known for his shoulder-length hair, there is an instance where he sports a shorter haircut. However, this is not by choice. In Ragnarok, his hair is cut short to symbolize his enslavement with the Grandmaster gladiators.

Though he doesn’t remain enslaved, his hair is shorter for Infinity War. He eventually grows it back to the classic length. 

How did Thor’s eye heal?

In the Marvel comics and one film, Thor has one eye for a while. Thor loses his eye to his sister Hela. It is slashed so Hela can escape. Their father, Odin, just died. What ensues is a battle for power.

Fortunately for Thor, he doesn’t have to wear a patch over his right eye forever. He is given a prosthetic eye from Rocket Racoon as a gift.  His normal eye is returned dramatically. 

How did Thor lose his arm?

Thor also suffers a major casualty when he loses his arm. Malekith the Accursed gets the upper hand when Thor is left without his hammer. His arm is cut off. However, Thor gets his arm back eventually and his original eye. Thor gets both his eye and arm back when cosmic power is used. The cosmic power fuses his body. 

Thor Costume Tutorial/ Explanation


While I’m giving you suggestions for the best Thor helmets, I do want to explain the Thor costume.  It doesn’t matter if you’re starting cosplay or updating your costume. You can also improve your look.


What is Thor’s costume?

Thor’s costume has undergone many changes. However, the general concept of his full outfit is body armor with a cape, boots, helmet, and hammer. The classic 90s look includes a helmet with wings, a dark bodysuit, a red cape, and yellow boots. These colors can vary based upon era and depiction. Boots, a bodysuit, armor, a winged helmet, and a hammer are what I would consider being most essential. 

Who made Thor’s suit?

Thor’s most famous suite is The Destroyer. The Destroyer was magically crafted by Thor’s father, Odin. This enchanted suit armor has been depicted in Marvel comics, animated TV series, video games, feature films,  Thor merch, action figures, and posters. 

Does Thor need his hammer?

Thor needs his hammer to control lightning properly. However, lightning can be summoned without a hammer. Thor interestingly got his famous Mjollnir hammer. Thor stole the hammer from Thrym. Thrym was trying to use it as a ransom to marry Freyja. Thor loses his hammer at one point to his sister, Hela. Thor’s famous hammer is estimated to weigh a little over 43 pounds. It’s heavy to match Thor’s strength. He goes through many hammers, including a golden hammer. 

Why does Thor have a cape?

Thor doesn’t always wear his cape. Like his armor, Thor’s cape was created by magic. The cape was once point revoked by his father, Odin. It is given back as a sign of trust. His red cape was featured in Avengers: End Game, paired with a blue and red bodysuit. He doesn’t need his cape– it’s more a sign of his power and status. He also sometimes wears armor, but not always. 

Thor Helmet Criteria


Of course, I need to discuss Thor’s iconic helmet. Here, I’ll briefly touch upon the lore of Thor’s helmet. I will also discuss my selection criteria to find the best helmets for cosplaying as Thor. The helmet is integral to authentic cosplay. It’s also important to understand the meaning behind his helmet. 


What is the name of Thor’s helmet?

Thor’s helmet is called NGC 2359. There’s no need to stress if you can’t remember the name. The meaning behind the name is what and how it is made. Thor’s helmet is made out of cosmic dust.

The name refers to the nebula 12 to 15 thousand light-years away from a constellation known as Canis Major. This tie-in makes sense because that nebula is shaped like a helmet, with a wing formation. Hence, Thor’s helmet has wings on the side. 

Why does Thor’s helmet have wings?

The helmet’s wings are symbolic and make Thor’s look more distinct. He was first presented with a winged helmet for ceremonial purposes by the Einherjar. Wings also are symbolic of speed. This is a nod to Thor’s super-speed powers. 

Why did Thor stop wearing his helmet?

Thor isn’t always wearing his helmet. The helmet has largely been absent from recent feature film depictions of Thor. Thor swears loyalty to protecting the Nine Realms. He removes his helmet as a sign of his honor and respect.

The helmet is often absent because of actor Chris Hemsworth’s preferences. He argues that wearing a helmet makes it harder to see and act. Still, the helmet is an important part of Thor’s lore.

It has become a recognizable symbol. If you want to upgrade your cosplay costume, then buying a great helmet is an excellent option. 

Best Thor Helmets

So with all that in mind, here are my picks for the five best Thor helmets you can buy online. All of my picks adhere to the original/ classic Thor helmet design. These helmets also represent the helmet’s meaning.

I looked for both affordable and unique options on Amazon and Esty. Both Amazon and Etsy have fair return and shipping options. These places also offer a good value for materials.

I wanted to include both conventional and handmade Thor helmets. I also included helmets offered at different prices.  I hope you can find the right helmet for your budget. 

Open Face Winged Helmet

This open-face winged helmet is offered at an affordable price. The standard size fits women’s heads and smaller heads. You can purchase the helmet alone or as a set with a hammer.

The helmet is designed with weathered details and textures; it comes with bronze, silver, and gold tones. I like the ridges on the rings and the simple design. This helmet will work well with other parts of your Thor costume.

The helmet is made with firm foam. It won’t be heavy and can be worn for long hours. This helmet is an Amazon exclusive. Buy Here


  • Lightweight Foam Design
  • Weathered Detail
  • Affordable Price


  • Foam Isn’t As Durable/ Sturdy
  • Only For Smaller Heads

Rubie’s Thor: Ragnarok Adult Thor Helmet

It’s hard to find a men’s helmet on Amazon. The good news is that I found an affordable Thor helmet.  This is one of the few that I’d recommend. The minimalist design looks like Thor’s helmet. It has wings and just enough detail to be recognized.

This Thor helmet is made out of a durable plastic blend. It features a simple pull-on closure. The helmet comes with a basic t-shirt styled polyester black suit with a red cape. It’s an economical choice if you don’t want to spend a ton. Buy Here


  • Costume on a Budget
  • Hard Plastic is Easy to Clean
  • Polyester is Lightweight 


  • It looks a Little Cheap
  • Must Buy Helmet with Costume

Thor Headpiece – Made to Order

If you have a little extra money to spend, this Thor helmet and headpiece is easily one of the best options.  The helmet is handmade and made to order. You can also request another style if you don’t like the stock photo.

The helmet is carved by hand and is made with foam and paper mache. The helmet is strong but lightweight. It’s designed specifically for cosplay. The creator wanted to make sure the helmet wouldn’t slip off.

You won’t have to worry about adjusting the helmet. This accessory provides a snug fit. The seller is highly rated, and there are flexible payment plans if you need them. Buy Here


  • Custom Designs
  • Lightweight and Sturdy
  • Snug Fit 


  • Takes a While to Ship
    Low Inventory 

Thor Ragnarok Movie Winged Helmet

This Thor helmet is nothing short of iconic. This helmet is the most expensive helmet on my list.  The helmet is also the most durable and the best choice if you want something that doubles as a collector’s item.

This stately winged helmet is made with steel and leather for an authentic look; it was crafted with the Ragnarok movie in mind. This helmet can be ordered in a variety of primary colors, including silver, black, and bronze. Buy Here


  • Durable Steel
  • Doubles as Collector’s Item
  • Highly Rated


  • Expensive
  • Heavy (1.7 kg)

Lady Thor Headpiece

This smaller Thor headpiece is a great buy; it still replicates a classic Thor helmet design. However, this helmet is lightweight.  This helmet is made with leather and elastic materials.

I like that the helmet is hand-painted and has a comfortable strap. This is useful for wearing for many hours. I also like that it comes from a highly rated independent shop. Buy Here


  • Hand Painted
  • Lightweight 
  • Custom Made


  • Low in Stock
  • May Take up to Two Months 

Final Buying Recommendations: Thor Hammers

If you’ve bought a Thor helmet, you might also want to consider a hammer. You don’t have to spend a fortune on Thor hammer. Just as my picks for Thor’s helmets were affordable, you can find a cheap hammer.

You can buy Thor hammers on Etsy and Amazon as well as sites like eBay.   Here are just a few that caught my eye. Based on their overall quality, value, and consumer ratings, these are recommended. 

Adult Thor Hammer

Want to wield Thor’s hammer but don’t want to deal with its weight? This lightweight hammer has over 1,100 ratings, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stores. It’s made out of polyester and plastic and can easily be hand washed.

It’s an officially licensed Marvel Avengers: End Game and has an authentic look. You can strap it on your wrist for convenient carrying. Buy Here


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable 
  • Velcro Strap


  • Some Arrive as Different Colors
  • Can be Fragile 

Thor Hammer Metal 2.0 version, MCU Thor Mjolnir Cosplay

This striking Thor hammer is a true collector’s item. It’s a replica of the movie prop and meant for true Thor fans. Wax is used during a multi-step hand polishing process.

The hammer is hollow inside. You have the option to add magnets or other objects to increase their weight. However, it weighs over 9 pounds. It may be best as a display item. Buy Here


  • Collectors Item
  • Hand Polished
  • Highly Rated


  • Expensive
  • Heavy 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Who will win: Thor or Captain Marvel?

Answer: Fans love speculating what superheroes would win in theoretical battles. Captain Marvel and Thor both have undeniable powers. It’s hard to say who would win. However, I think that Captain Marvel would win in a fight with Thor. Captain Marvel can absorb thunder. Maybe even more importantly, Captain Marvel is a bit more focused.  She is impulsive. This means that Captain Marvel is more strategic.  There are circumstances in which Thor might win. However, Captain Marvel has a strong advantage over Thor. 

Question: Who is stronger: Thor or Hulk?

Answer: Thor and Hulk are both known for their strength, but the Hulk is stronger. Thor is still incredibly strong. He is about 90 percent as strong as the Hulk.  Thor is known to be more intelligent than the Hulk. He also possesses the ability to harness lightning. While the Hulk is stronger,  Thor has more advantages as a superhero. 

Question: Who is more powerful, Thor or Wanda?

Answer: It depends on what you define as power. In terms of physical strength, Thor undeniably has an advantage over Wanda. At the same time, Wanda is far more skilled and powerful. She has magic. Wanda is called the Scarlet Witch. She has a harness, a form of dark magic known as Chaos Magic. Chaos Magic manipulates reality. For Thor to beat Wanda, he has to beat her magic. She can control his mind. This is more dangerous than strength alone. 

Question: Why does Loki’s helmet have horns?

Answer: Loki, the younger brother of Thor, also has a helmet. While Thor’s helmet is noted for its wings on the side, Loki’s helmet features horns. Horns are said to be symbolic of Loki’s magical abilities. Someone argues it’s also a sign that he was meant to inherit the throne of Asgard. 

Question: Who touched Thor’s forehead?

Answer: Thor’s hammer touches his forehead in Norse mythology but does not kill him. 
In the last season of Ragnarok, an older woman is working as a cashier. She touches who touches Magne, Thor’s son. When Wenche touches Magne, Magne inherits superhero powers. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, there is no one best helmet for cosplaying as Thor. There’s also no one best way to cosplay. At least for me, the fun of cosplay is getting into character. It’s also about adding your interpretation. Buying a solidly built helmet with the iconic wings and design is nonetheless an excellent way to bring your cosplaying Thor to life. 

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