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With sharp claws, fast reaction times, and a little magic, Catra is an enchanting character to cosplay as. And that’s why Catra deserves a tutorial for finding the most magical ideas for cosplay suits, costumes, wigs, headpieces, ears, and more.

Ranked by some as one of the best female characters of the 1980s, Catra also carries compelling storylines in She-Ra. But outside of the She-Ra universe, I don’t see Catra showcased as often as others from the Masters of the Universe series.

So, it was a nice surprise to see Catra cosplay making a splash with the return of Awesome Con. After a year of being canceled due to the pandemic, Awesome Con was as big of an event as ever, with a three-day event celebrating comics, movies, television, toys, and games.

With an attendance of roughly 70,000 every year, it’s an exciting and sometimes overwhelming event in Washington, DC. But more than ever, it’s also about a sense of community. From those new to cosplay to those who have been doing it for years, the community is accepting, and dressing up as a character becomes about something more.

Catra made an appearance, alongside countless other costumes. While Catra may not have been the most popular personality, the character was respected, amongst countless others, at a vibrant convention. And there are signs Catra will be honored in even more ways, with some fans pushing for Catra to have a full feature film.

But you don’t have to be at a big convention or waiting on a full feature film to celebrate Catra’s unique abilities and personality. From Catra’s iconic mask to the long tail and shaggy wig, consider this your guide to cosplaying as Catra. I’ll tell you about Catra’s backstory, quotes, and how to buy or put together the ultimate Catra costume.

Who is Catra?


Catra is known for her appearance in the Masters of the Universe franchise, most notably in She Ra: Princess of Power. She was created by Lawrence G. DiTillio; she first appeared in 1985 in the original series. The original series ran just one year, but Catra reappeared with the 2018 reboot, which ran for another 4 seasons. In the reboot, Catra was voiced by AJ Michalka.

While Catra’s full name is Catra Applesauce Meow Meow, she’s rarely called by that. While it’s unclear exactly how old Catra is, it’s estimated that she’s around 17 or 18 at the start of the series and about 21 when it ends.

Though Catra’s storyline is not as long as other characters you may have cosplayed as before, there are many twists and turns to her story– including a redemption arc.

Is Catra a Furry?

Catra is by no means a furry. Catra’s race is Magical, which goes beyond her cat-like appearance. As a Magicat, she’s able to become a purple panther. Magicats also boasts special abilities

Is Catra a Bad Guy?

Before the 2018 reboot, Catra was known as a fairly typical villain, without many dimensions to her story. In both, she’s a member of the Evil Horde– she’s even a captain. In the first season of the new series, she serves as the primary villain and remains an antagonist in subsequent seasons– until her redemption in the fifth season and finale of the reboot series. At one point, she’s second in command for the Evil Horde.

But the 2018 series added dimension to Catra’s character. It’s revealed that she used to be close friends with Adora– and began developing feelings for her. When Adora becomes a part of the rebellion as She-Ra, the two are on opposite sides of the war for ⅘ of the series.

What is Corrupted Catra?

Catra experienced a set pack in Season 3. Following a journey to the void half of her body– including her right cheek, torso, and arm– turn black, with purple cracks spreading over her skin. But as is usually the case with Catra, she eventually recovers.

Does Catra Have Depression?

There are many other aspects to Catra’s decision-making than what the original series portrayed. Throughout the reboot of She-Ra, Catra is shown to suffer from various episodes of PTSD, depression, and general trauma. Her childhood was an unhappy one, where she didn’t receive love and care.

She’s traumatized and learns to mistrust others, often acting out in cruel or unpredictable ways. By knowing her difficult childhood, I see her as a more complex and compelling villain in the reboot. She’s also said to have autism and ADHD.

Does Catra Become Good?

Catra’s redemption arc doesn’t come until the final season of the Netflix reboot when she joins the Rebellion after the Horde Prime comes. Catra apologizes to people she becomes close to- but it’s also notable that she never issues a true apology for her general actions. Some may consider this a partial redemption arc– so it depends on your perspective. Many point to her relationship change with Adora as the main motivator to turn her away from remaining a villain.

Catra Appearance


Catra’s appearance changes depending on her current metaphysical state but also based on character choices. At the beginning of the series, Catra has long, shaggy brown hair that falls past her shoulders. Her hair is cut against her will in the final season by Horde Prime, but she comes to rock her messy pixie.

In her typical form, Catra possesses a mix of cat-like and human characteristics. She has velvety brown cat ears and a long brown tail. She’s of decent height but has a small frame, with a smattering of freckles on either side of her petite nose.

Her eyes are a striking turquoise color on one side, and a yellow hue on the other. Her jawline is sharp and pointed, and her dark eyebrows are heavily arched downward. She’s very expressive, which shows in her facial expressions and features. She’s also known for the stripes on the sides of both arms.

Catra Relationships


Catra’s relationships provide insight into her character and her backstory. While you don’t need to know everything, Catra is into cosplay as her, it can guide you to acting out her character in a more convincing way. Part of what I like most about cosplay goes beyond the costumes and involves getting involved in the character themselves.

Is Catra Lord Prime’s little sister?

Catra is not biologically related to Lord Prime. The reason why some think she is is that Lord Prime calls her a little sister in the first episode of Season 5 of the She Ra Netflix reboot. This was used not as a term of endearment, but as a threat.

By calling her little sister, Lord Prime was attempting to belittle her and show superiority. This is just another example of Catra being a complex character- who has many obstacles of her own to overcome to find her inner strength and identity.

Are Glimmer and Catra friends?

Glimmer and Catra spend most of the series as enemies– but all of that changes in Season 5, where their friendship grows. The two bond when Catra is rescued by the team of Glimmer, Adora, Entrapta, and Bow.

When Catra is rescued from Horde Prime’s ship, she experiences kindness and true companionship in a way that she has spent much of her life deprived of. With time, Glimmer and Catra do become friends– which is important for Catra’s transformation from villain to a friend.

Who is Catra’s girlfriend?

Another turning point in Catra’s life is when she starts dating Adora. Though Catra has always been fond of Adora, Catra’s traumatic childhood and her decision to turn towards villainy created an obvious chasm between the two. After Catra is rescued, their friendship grows.

By the end of Season 5, the two begin dating. Many fans have envisioned a future where Adora and Catra get married and even have a kid together– showcasing the popularity and support for this unlikely enemies-to-lovers relationship.

What does Melog mean?

Catra does have another ally. Melog is a magical being from the planet of Krytis. Melog imprints and forms an unbreakable bond with Catra and is the only of their species to survive an invasion by the Horde Prime.

Melog is a shapeshifter, with one form resembling a brown cat-like form but without pupils and blue energy always hovering over them. In another form, they are blue, with a misty blue mane and tail.

They pick up on others’ emotions, changing color in response. It’s also Melog that helped Catra reveal and realize her feelings for Adora.

Catra Personality


When it comes to understanding Catra’s personality, it gets tricky. The problem is Catra’s traumatic childhood experiences and subsequent struggles with PTSD, depression, and anxiety make it hard to distinguish from her true personality. For Seasons 1 through 4, Catra can be distant and then aggressive and mean-spirited– some go so far as to say she has Borderline Personality Disorder, but I think it’s more a case of defensiveness and trauma, not so much something intrinsic. She can be jealous as well.

But if you want to cosplay as Catra, it’s important to push aside some of those surface-level characteristics and dive into the personality she displays beyond it. She leans more analytical when she has a good mindset, and, in the right environment, she can be resourceful and efficient.

She has a strong will and is typed as an ESTJ. according to As an ESTJ, she thrives around others and is naturally outgoing. Her desire for order makes her very capable of leadership with a logical approach. Catra is hard working and also more hesitant to express her emotions.

Catra Strengths and Weaknesses


That leads to Catra’s strengths and weaknesses. At her strongest, Catra can be a formidable leader and enemy (or ally). At her weakest, Catra can allow her vulnerabilities to overtake her decisions– leading to her being manipulated.

Since both psychological and physical powers are important to understand, let’s take a look at what Catra excels in– and where she struggles.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses

Catra has sharp claws for attacking, as well as incredible agility. With her cat-like abilities, she has enhanced scent and hearing, as well as the ability to jump, climb and balance. She’s also far stronger than she looks. At the same time, her greatest vulnerability is that she hates water– so when faced with water, her combat will be greatly disrupted.

Psychological/ Mental Strengths and Weaknesses

Most of Catra’s strengths tie into her personality. As I mentioned before, she can be organized and a natural leader. She’s strategic and she can manipulate others– and also predict others’ next moves.

She’s also great at identifying weaknesses in her opponents. At the same time, she can be volatile– including showing signs of anger, jealousy, and more.

When Catra is suffering from these emotions, it can work against her strength as a strategist. She can always ally with the wrong characters and be slow to trust new allies.

Catra Quotes

  • “Hey, Adora.”
  • “Are you kidding? That is awesome. We’re gonna see the world and conquer it. Adora, I need to blow something up.”
  • “Because you left me. And if I don’t bring you back, Shadow Weaver’s gonna have my head. So, enough with your weird little identity crisis and let’s go home.”
  •  If I want something, it’s taken from me. If I win a fight, I lose the war. Threats only work on someone who has something to lose. But me? I’ve already lost it all. And you can’t be any good at this, because you just let yourself get distracted… So, what’ll it be?”
  • “It won’t be over until Bright Moon is destroyed and the rebellion falls. It won’t be OVER until darkness covers Etheria forever. And it won’t be over until I see the looks on your friends’ faces when they find out you failed. That you were too WEAK to save them!”
  • “I love you, I always have!” (to Adora)
  • “We’re going to see the world! And conquer it!”
  • “Why should I respect her? She’s just bitter that she doesn’t have any real power that doesn’t come from Hordak and everyone knows it. I guess it sure must be easy being a people pleaser like you.”
  • “You know what? It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore. You know what I see here? All my hard work was ignored because of one mistake. My dreams are turning to dust in front of my eyes.”

Catra Costume Tutorial/ Explanation


Now that you know about Catra’s relationships, personality, and even some great quotes, it’s time to build your perfect Catra costume. I’ll discuss every piece in detail and my picks under the Cosplay Ideas section, but I want to just go over the general outfit. Catra has cat ears and a tail, so you’ll naturally want to find a headband with ears and a cat tail attachment.

She also wears a bodysuit/ leotard with ripped tights, both a deep crimson to burgundy. Sometimes she dons a black top to her leotard, and occasionally you’ll see black from her calves to her feet. Her brown hair is either worn long past her shoulders or in a pixie cut. And, of course, you can’t forget Catra’s mask, often worn on her forehead when not in use.

Why does Catra wear a mask?

The red mask is an iconic part of Catra’s costume, and I can’t see anyone cosplaying as Catra without it. Catra’s mask is usually worn more like a headband, but it’s not there for aesthetic purposes.

This magical mask was gifted to Catra by Hordrak, and it was originally stolen from the Queen of Magicats. She wears it to keep it safe, but it also gives her the ability to transform into a purple panther.

Catra Cosplay Ideas

Catra Costume Cosplay Ideas

Now I’ll give you my top ideas for Catra costume ideas. All of my ideas are from Amazon and products that have promising customer reviews. I’ve included Catra costume cosplay items that are meant to mimic Catra’s look as much as possible. Others provide a creative and modern interpretation of the looks.

You’ll find picks by categories, including Catra Headpieces/ Masks, Catra Ears, Catra Wigs, Catra Bodysuits, Catra Tights, Catra Tails, and Full Body Catra Costumes. That way, you can either buy a full costume or piece one together for yourself. I hope that my picks will guide you towards the Catra look that’s right for you. Feel free to mix and match how you like!

Catra Headpiece/ Mask

No Catra cosplay outfit is complete without the magical mask. Worn as a headpiece, the iconic mask is what gives Catra her magical ability to transform into a purple panther.

Keep this true to form, with the same reddish-orange hue and shape so that it’s immediately recognizable. My top pick comes from Amazon for affordability, but I did sneak in two handmade headpieces from Esty as well.

Princess of Power Catra Cosplay Mask Cosplay Accessory Props

This simple polyester Catra mask is great for no-fuss cosplaying. It embodies the hue and shape of Catra’s mask, with a simple strap for easy wear. It’s a unisex size and has some elastic stretch for most adults. Buy Here.


  • Adjustable Strap
  • Breathable Polyester
  • Accurate Style


  • Lack of Reviews
  • Maybe Flimsy

Handmade Catra Headpiece (Mask)

This handmade Catra headpiece features a harder cast resin shell. That shell makes it sturdier and more durable. Select from a striking wine or rust-red and between clean or weathered designs. I love how it’s recognizable as Catra, but has a slightly different look. Buy Here.


  • Durable Resin Shell
  • Clean and Weathered Designs
  • Two Great Colors


  • Attachment Not Included
  • Pricey

Handmade Catra’s Headpiece – Power Princess

If you plan on cosplaying as Catra more than once- or several times– this would be my top pick. This Catra mask/ headpiece is made with a unique blend of foam and reinforced paper mache– so though it’s sturdy, it’s also lightweight and very wearable. Foam padding adds comfort for many hours of wear and you can custom order your size.


  • Handmade to Order
  • Comfort Foam
  • Lightweight


  • Not Weather Resistant
  • Shipping May Take A While

Catra Ears/ Headband

Catra has feline-like ears, embodying her connection to cats. It makes sense, considering her cat-like abilities. All of these Amazon cat ears are worn as headbands, making them practical even for a long day of cosplay.

Unlike the Catra masks, these are a little less on the nose and meant as interpretations. I tried to stick to a plain pattern and a dark brown to blackish hue.

You’re free to play with the style of cat ears a little, so long as you have accessories needed to properly represent Catra.

E-TING Long Fur Cat Ears Anime Cosplay Headband Hairband

E-TING Long Fur Cat Ears Anime Cosplay Headband Hairband

Choose from 8 colors: solid black, black with pink, black with white, or other patterns like a leopard, fox, tiger, and rainbow. The slim headband is adjustable and designed to wear with other accessories.

Faux fur adds playful, realistic detailing along with a well-constructed inner ear. It’s lightweight and highly rated for staying in place. Buy Here.


  • Realistic Faux Fur
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Lightweight


  • The headband is a Little Flimsy
  • Some Have to Attach Ears Themselves

Fasteners 1 Piece Cat Fox Long Fur Ears Headband Cute Cat Fox Long Fur Ears Anime Cosplay Headband

Fasteners 1 Piece Cat Fox Long Fur Ears Headband Cute Cat Fox Long Fur Ears Anime Cosplay Headband

This charming headband features cat/ fox ears with a fluffy faux fur construction and charming pale pink inner ear. Polyester fiber makes them fair better if you’re caught in the rain for a short while. The slight flare adds a little pizazz. Buy Here.


  • Pointed Ear Construction
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable


  • The headband isn’t Comfortable
  • Ears Don’t Come Attached & Maybe Flimsy

COSYEARS Wolf Fox Cat Ears Headband Cat Cosplay

COSYEARS Wolf Fox Cat Ears Headband Cat Cosplay

These ears may not quite look like Catra’s, but I do think they’re a good pick. Available in multiple colors, from sandy brown to black to bright hues like lime green and pink, feel free to have fun experimenting with your style.

The headband is adjustable and the ears are reinforced with rubber– making them less likely to flop compared with other options. Ears can be detached or adjusted to a greater height. Buy Here.


  • Many Styles
  • Rubber Reinforcement
  • Adjustable


  • More Wolf-Like
  • Fragile when Adjusting

Catra Wig/Hair

Having a wig isn’t an absolute must. If you have deep brown hair you can probably style it by mussing it up a bit. But for many, a wig elevates the costume. Since Catra has two hairstyles in the series–one longer, and one after her hair is cut — I included both pixie cuts and longer styles.

I tried to stay within the same medium to darker brown color range and also to capture the more shaped and layered look of her hair. Many wigs can also be further styled– just check with the specific product.

You can find higher-quality wigs from a wig or costume specialty store, but also of these wigs are from Amazon and offered at a great price– all the while allowing you to cosplay as Catra.

Angelaicos Anime Party Halloween Costume Cosplay Wig

Can’t decide between Catra’s long shaggy hair and her pixie cut? This cosplay wig is an in-between length, with great layers and textures. The rich brown hue is a great pick. Synthetic hairs are heat-resistant and are stylized. Your purchase comes with a wig and an easy-to-wear hair cap.


  • Great Brown Hue
  • Layered Detailing
  • Heat Resistant


  • Different Length than Catra’s
  • Shipping May Take A While

Map of Beauty Fashion Women Natural Short Curly Wig

Map of Beauty Fashion Women Natural Short Curly Wig

Available in dark brown and black, this short wig adds some style and flair to cosplaying as Catra. Curled edges frame the forehead. The synthetic hair is heat resistant and can be styled. Care includes hair cream and using a gentle comb the first time you wear it. Buy Here.


  • Heat Resistant
  • Good Price
  • ‘Curled Edges


  • Shipping Takes Up to 1 Month
  • Sheds; Best Suited For Smaller Heads

Kalyss Brown with Highlights Yaki Synthetic Women’s Wig

Kalyss Brown with Highlights Yaki Synthetic Women’s Wig

Add a stylish touch to Katra’s classic layered hair with this wig. The highlights may not be accurate for the classic Katra animated style, but the general color and shape capture her spirit.

You can also opt for an ombre brown, black with brown highlights, or a  darkest brown for a more accurate look.

The detailed coloring adds an illusion of more volume to the 130 percent density, meant to mimic straight hair. The cap includes ventilation for breathability. Buy Here.


  • Breathable
  • Ombre and Highlighted Styles
  • Multiple Colors


  • Highlights are Harsher Than Pictured
  • Some Browns have Reddish Tint

Nnzes Long Brown Wigs for Women Wavy Natural Hair Wig

Nnzes Long Brown Wigs for Women Wavy Natural Hair Wig

Want a wig that captures a little of Catra’s style, but is also versatile? More natural than anime, this dark brown wavy wig falls below the shoulders with temperature-resistant fibers. It’s designed to tangle less than many affordable wigs. A knitted lace cap provides a secure fit and can be trimmed to size as needed. Buy Here.


  • Knitted Lace Cap
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Adjustable Staps with Simulated Scalp


  • Less Shaggy than Catra’s Style
  • Darker Than Pictured

Sleeveless Bodysuit/ Leotard

Whether you opt for a bodysuit or leotard, I think this is the best to nail Catra’s look– unless you buy a full costume. My picks range from brighter red to maroon, with the deeper hues closer to her original look.

Opt for a fabric that will be figure-hugging but also breathable. I’ve stuck with sleeveless looks, but if you’re cosplaying in a cold place, you could also “cheat” by opting for a leotard with sleeves or adding a small jacket.

TOB Women’s Sexy Sleeveless Bodysuit Tops High Waist Bodycon Scoop Neck Leotard

TOB Women’s Sexy Sleeveless Bodysuit Tops High Waist Bodycon Scoop Neck Leotard

This affordable and breezy bodycon bodysuit works perfectly with other accessories. Polyester and spandex provide stretch for a comfortable fit and are snug but not too tight in the right size.

You still get that high neckline, too. I think your best bet is to go for the wine color, but you can brighten Catra’s look with the brighter pop of red. Available in Sizes Small to X-Large, or up to a US Dress Size 16. Buy Here.


  • Wine and Red Shades
  • Flexible and Breathable
  • Versatile and Highly Rated


  • Torso Runs Long
  • Snap at Bottom Makes Using Restroom Inconvenient

TOB Women’s Sexy Sleeveless Bodysuit | Amazon

Cool, comfortable, lightweight house bodysuit for women.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

MANGOPOP Women’s Mock Turtle Neck Sleeveless Tank Tops Bodysuit

MANGOPOP Turtle Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit

This mock turtle neck bodysuit is comfy and provides a little more coverage than my last pick. The blend of 90 percent modal and 10 percent spandex is soft with some stretch with bright red or burgundy for your Catra costume.

It’s very highly rated and available in up to size XX-Large. A little more forgiving than my last pick, the style still has that great high neck and alluring colors. Buy Here.


  • More Size-Inclusive
  • Comfortable and Form Fitting
  • Deep Burgundy Hue


  • Slightly Sheer if Stretched
  • Runs A Little Short

Speerise Women Mock Neck Sleeveless Leotard Spandex Dance Bodysuit

Speerise Sleeveless Leotard Spandex Bodysuit

Spandex is a more common option for cosplay. If you feel comfortable wearing it, spandex just has a special superhero-like touch and gives a little star power for a Catra cosplay costume.

The nylon-spandex bodysuit zips up in the back– making it much more practical, in my opinion, than the bottom snaps of my previous picks.

It’s a great material for an active day cosplaying as Catra, and you can even rock this leotard for dance and yoga classes. Available in red and maroon (as well as other colors) and Sizes X-Small to XX-Large. Buy Here.


  • Back Zipper
  • Classic Spandex For Cosplay
  • Highly Rated


  • Runs Small
  • Lighter Hues Slightly See-Through

Ripped Tights/ Leggings

After you’ve selected a great leotard, get into character with some great tights or leggings. My picks are leggings with signature knee rips, just as Catra has knee rips.

Not only do they work well for capturing Catra’s style but they also are comfy, stylish, and great for lounging or working out.

Chances are you’ll get more use out of these ripped leggings outside of cosplay, too- which is a win in my book.

DIBAOLONG Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Skinny Leggings

DIBAOLONG Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Skinny Leggings

These high-waisted leggings feature the signature legs rips Catra is known for– with many other perks. Made out of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, these have great stretch, are breathable, and wick away moisture while you’re active.

Smooth texture and great coverage even provide some stomach fat control. Available in burgundy, red, and countless other colors, and up to Size XX-Large when in stock. Buy Here.


  • Breathable and Moisture Wicking
  • High Waist with Stomach Control
  • Red and Burgundy Colors


  • Thin Material Can Tear
  • Runs Small

Dibaolong Womens High Waist Yoga Pants | Amazon

Spice up your leggings look with our DIBAOLONG Black Ripped Leggings! These bottoms feature everything you want from a good pair of leggings - amazing stretch, comfortable material, and are not see-through!

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

SweatyRocks Women’s High Waisted Cutout Ripped Skinny Leggings Yoga Active Pants

SweatyRocks Women’s High Waisted Cutout Ripped Skinny Leggings Yoga Active Pants

Want even more cutouts? These skinny leggings come in a great burgundy color and feature cutouts up to the thigh.

You’ll get great movement with the 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex blend, and the material is smooth and soft even for sensitive skin.

Seamless or silk underwear is recommended, though if you’re cosplaying, a bodysuit should provide enough coverage. Buy Here.


  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Eye-Catching Style
  • Affordable


  • Fabric is Thin
  • Runs Small

Larora Women’s High Waist Leggings Cutout Ripped Workout Running Yoga Pants

Larora Women’s High Waist Leggings Cutout Ripped Workout Running Yoga Pants

My final pick for leggings is these more subtle yoga pants. You get tiny rips above and below the knees- arguably closer to Catra’s original style. The stretchy pants are 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex with an elastic waistband.

The fit is slim and smooth, with a high waist meant to prevent riding up or down. The closest color you can get is coffee, which would work with a maroon bodysuit. Available up to size XXL. Buy Here.


  • Elastic Fit
  • High Waist
  • More Convincing Cut-Outs


  • Closest Color is Coffee
  • Some Claim Fabric Doesn’t Stay Put

Cat Tail

While you won’t find many stand-alone Catra cattails, there are some great cattails for cosplay accessories. These affordable Amazon cat tails keep to the fairly plain style, with the same deep brown or nearly black hue.

Keep your cattail fairly simple and comfortable. Paired with all your other accessories and pieces of attire, you’ll capture Catra’s look.

Ztl 27.5″ Long Flexible Plush Cat Tail with Bowknot

Ztl 27.5″ Long Flexible Plush Cat Tail with Bowknot

The plush tail is a great length to make a statement without tripping over it. You can flex it to shape as you like and the bow/ bell details are removable, so you can easily pull off a Catra aesthetic.

It’s a lightweight tail so it won’t become too heavy early into your cosplaying. It attaches with a safety pin. Buy Here.


  • Adjustable
  • Shape to Size
  • Lightweight


  • Safety Pin Attachment
  • Slightly Short

Skeleteen Costume Accessories Cat Tail – Furry Black Kitty Tail

Skeleteen Costume Accessories Cat Tail – Furry Black Kitty Tail

This affordable tail is a practical solution if you just want an accessory that’s easy to wear. The faux fur tail comes with an elastic closure and is 30 inches long, with a nice curl.

As is the case with my previous pick, you can shape it as desired and one size fits all. Buy Here.


  • Adjustable
  • Comes with Attachment for Belt
  • Great Price


  • Only Available in Black
  • Elastic is Fragile

Catra Full Body Costumes

Sometimes it’s easier to buy a full costume. While you won’t have the ability to select individual pieces this way, some costumes can be a pretty fair value. These Catra Amazon cosplay costumes include a full suite along with accessories.

You may still need to add something– like a wig– to complete the look. While I think it’s a little more fun to put together an outfit individually, these outfits are rated well and do a nice job of mimicking Catra’s style.

Coskidz Women’s Lost Princess Cat Girl Suit Cosplay Costume with Face Covering Ears

Coskidz Women’s Lost Princess Cat Girl Suit Cosplay Costume with Face Covering Ears

This Catra costume comes with a top, leggings, belt, mask, ears, and tail. The top and leggings are made with pleuche, a synthetic, soft material often seen in upholstery. The leggings are pretty spot-on in terms of ripped details and colors.

The top is more of a salmon color, and your tail is black. It’s a decent approximation for the price, and available in general sizes Small to 2X. Buy Here.


  • All-Inclusive Except Wig
  • Accurate Catra Leggings and Accessories
  • Good Price


  • Thin Material
  • General Sizing is Tricky

Coskidz Women's Princess Cat Girl Suit Cosplay Costume | Amazon

Cat Girl Suit Cosplay Costume comes with a sleeveless tank top, belts, torn leggings, tail, mask and ears.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
08/03/2023 09:39 am GMT

Brehiay Princess She Ra Cosplay Uniform

Brehiay Princess She Ra Cosplay Uniform

This Catra costume features vibrant colors and fuller coverage. The uniform is a polyester and spandex blend, where your top, leggings, and jacket detail come all in one piece. The set also includes a belt and attachable tail.

Instead of literal cutouts, you get fabric ripped detailing on the leggings. Available in sizes X-Small through XX-Large when in stock. Buy Here.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Moisture Wicking and Breathable
  • Easy Wear/ Single Suit


  • Doesn’t Include Mask or Ears
  • Many Sizes Sell Out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many times did Catra say hey Adora?

Answer: Hey, Adora was the greeting Catra used for Adora–throughout 5 seasons, Catra said it a total of 15 times. This greeting would come to be more significant than it first appeared, as it showcased the progression of their relationship.

Question: How tall is Catra?

Answer: It’s said that Catra is around 5 feet, 2 inches tall– notably shorter than her enemy-turned lover Adora, who stands at around 7 feet tall.

Question: What episode does Adora say hey Catra?

Answer: Catra says hey Adora throughout many episodes, from season to season. At times the phrase was used affectionately (later) and other times as a threat. All the time, there was a sense that there was a connection between the two, and a shared history. It’s hard to decide which ones were most impactful, but here are some of the Top Hey Adora Moments.

Question: What season does Catra get chipped?

Answer: Catra is chipped in the fifth episode of Season Five, or the 44th episode of the reboot She Ra series. It’s in the next episode that Entrapta removes the chip from Catra. The purpose of the chip was an attempt on the Horde Prime to control Catra’s mind.

Question: Which episode does Catra save Glimmer?

Answer: Catra shows her potential for good when she saves Glimmer in the episode, “Destiny Part 2.” They work together to survive on Velvet Grove and get to know each other while on board Hoard Prime’s ship. Glimmer eventually forgives Catra’s past and they become friends.

Question: Was She-Ra removed from Netflix?

Answer: She Re was canceled after it aired its last season (Season 5), which was released on Netflix in the Spring of 20202. However, as of the writing of this article, the series is still available on Netflix; you can Watch She Re on Netflix Here.

Question: What was She-Ra’s real name?

Answer: The name of the series belongs to the main protagonist of the animated series. Adora is her more commonly used name, both for her friends and her foes.

Question: Why are Seasons 2 and 3 of She-Ra so short?

Answer: At the onset, the animated series was set to have 13 episodes per season, but other plans were made. Season 2 is notably shorter, which was explained as a deliberate choice to be able to release more episodes at once. Still, each season is full of action-packed episodes and plot arcs, as well as character development.

Question: Is Bow dating Glimmer?

Answer: Though there were hints of attraction and even jealousy between Bow and Glimmer, many fans were disappointed that a romantic relationship was not confirmed. Most of their interactions can only be seen as friendly. However, Bow and Glimmer shippers did get a pleasant surprise when Bow kissed Glimmer on the forehead at the end of the series.

Final Thoughts

Cosplaying as Catra is a unique experience. Catra is a complicated character, and the animated series showcased her past and also her progression from villain to hero. In many ways, I think that dressing up as Catra is much easier than nailing her personality. You’ll need to decide what season/ era of Catra you’re trying to cosplay as. And just know that the best costume is one that you feel confident in and allows you to get into character. You can go for a strict cosplay costume interpretation, or add your unique style and creative twists.

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