Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Ideas

Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Ideas Guide: Become Anakin’s Strong-Willed Understudy

Star Wars cosplays are my favorite of all time. They are so recognizable; the community is amazing and is huge. You have a lot of Star Wars-specific conventions you can go to if you are into that, and it is great for people of all ages. 

Today I am going to write more about one of the core characters of the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano; she is great to cosplay as. Despite the Star Wars (extended) universe having hundreds, if not thousands, of distinctly different characters, she is one of the most recognizable despite not being the main character. 

Ahsoka Tano is, in my opinion, an underestimated cosplay that has not enough fans. However, this seems to be changing looking at my Instagram feed. Which I think is a great evolution as I love the alien cosplays from Star Wars a lot more than the regular human and Jedi ones. 

In this Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Ideas guide, I am going to talk about her background and personality. Two things I think are very important to do the perfect cosplay. Then I am going to talk about what Ahsoka wears. I am going to go through the whole costume in-depth and give some DIY tips. I am also going to discuss if the premade costume is worth it and if there are any pros and cons to using one. Finally, I am going to answer some of the most asked questions about the Ahsoka Tano cosplay people have. 

Ahsoka Tano: Background and personality

A great cosplay has an amazing costume with all the details right and high-quality materials, but that is not the perfect cosplay in my opinion. The perfect cosplay has 

Her background

Tano and her talents were discovered on the planet named Shili by the Jedi Master Plo Koon. She was brought him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When the Clone Wars started, she was assigned a new master to teach her the ropes. She became the Padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. They had a very difficult start as a teacher and student. Ahsoka was always eager to prove herself, and Skywalker, who was always reckless, brought themselves often in trouble. 

Ahsoka Tano is very well known for her role in the Clone Wars due to the animated series. However, she was also vital in the Rebel War. Here this Ahsoka, who is a Togruta female, was a commander that helped establish a bunch of rebel cells that helped the fight against the Galactic empire. 

When she was the commander of one of the branches of the Grand Army of the Republic, she found a new mentor: Clone Captain Rex. Often fought together on the front lines against the confederacy. Tano was a great commander, but not good at following orders. She lost an entire squadron of her pilots when she disobeyed important orders. 

Besides being a very strong commander, she was also a very adaptable fighter. She is often fighting some of the most well-known characters of the universe, like General Grievous and Asajj Ventress. 

After the Galactic Empire was formed, and order 66 was executed, Tano managed to go into hiding and went through life under the name Ashla. She joined the rebel movement and became part of the intelligence network. Ashla often clashed unknowingly (in)directly with her former master, Anakin Skywalker, and now known as Darth Vader. 

Her personality

Ahsoka Tano as a child and teenager was often cocky and stubborn. However, when it came to her friends and people she cared about she was fiercely loyal and generous. Over time her feisty, impulsive, and aggressive traits mellowed out, and she started to become more rational and confident in herself without having to overcompensate for her weaknesses.

As Tano matured and learned from her victories and failures she became to resemble the ideal Jedi more and more. She thought it to be her duty to restore the peace and the prosperity that the republic once had. She had a deep respect for Grand Master Yoda, but lost her faith in the Jedi Order after her murder trial and later expulsion as they did not stand by her when she had her hardest moments. 

Tano easily gets along with people. She respected the clones and got along with them very well. They often bonded over war stories. During the Clone Wars, she became more confident and became a firm defender of the innocent. 

In short, Tano is a fierce and brave Jedi that people often consider to be fearless. 

How to dress like Ahsoka Tano

Option 1: Buying the full costume set. 

Since Star Wars is one of the largest and most well-known franchises globally, there are a ton of costumes readily available if you want to cosplay a character. The costume is made of some very good materials and has everything you need, except for the lightsaber. The headwear too is included, which is great.

If you are going to get a premade costume, you should pick this one. You will only need to do some minor things, like apply your makeup. One extra tip, make sure you buy the right size. A good idea is to always pick a size larger for cosplay costumes. If it is a bit too big, you can still fix this with some needle and thread. Don’t stop reading here. You might find some interesting tips in the DIY section. 

Option 2: Do it Yourself – or at least some parts! 

Red turtleneck bodysuit

This is to make you have the same skin as she has. You can also use red bodypaint, but that might be a bit over the top and could end up being very messy. 

Red mini skirt

You need to pair this with the bodysuit. This is how you are going to get the same look as Ahsoka has for her tight dress. 

Grey leggings

You are going to need some leggings to make her pants. You can also wear tight grey pants, but that might be too hot with the bodysuit you are wearing. You will have to make squares on the outside of the legging. 


You are going to need a green lightsaber. I recommend you buy this. That is going to be a way easier (and likely cheaper) option than making your lightsaber from scratch. Star Wars is known for the lightsaber, so officially licensed lightsabers are often of very high quality.

There are lightsabers at just about any price point. You can get a generic plastic one, or you can get one with neon lights, sounds, and a metal finish.  However, there are some pretty cool lightsabers out there that are made at home and look amazing. 

Red and White face paint

You are going to need to make your face look more like Ahsoka Tano. This is not too hard. Make sure you buy body paint that is waterproof for a couple of hours. If you do not buy one that is waterproof, you are sure going to make a mess. 

Knee-height red boots

To make your Ahsoka costume perfect, you are also going to need a good pair of boots. These can be any kind of boots, as long as they somewhat look like those that Ahsoka wears. It is a good idea to buy boots made out of another material than leather. Since you are wearing a bodysuit and leggings, it is going to be quite hot inside the shoes. Leather makes this even worse. 

Ahsoka Tano headpiece

You can make this out of foam. It is pretty hard to make, and it can break quite easily due to its shape. I would recommend you just to buy this headpiece. It is not expensive, and the Ahsoka headpieces you can buy alone are not expensive at all. Since cosplay is getting more popular and Star Wars is so well-known, there are some very good options on the market! 

Should I buy the premade costume or should I make the Ahsoka cosplay myself?

Pros of buying the premade costume 

  • Very accurate: The Ahsoka uniform is officially licensed and is very true to the depiction of Ahsoka in Star Wars. The more accurate your cosplay costume is the better your cosplaying experience is going to be. So this is something I give high marks on, and I think it is a major pro. As a bonus, the headpiece is also included in this costume. While that is one of the things you can make yourself, I think it is a lot more accurate than most amateurs can make at their home. 
  • Great price: Cosplay costumes can get pretty pricy. This one is not expensive at all for what you are getting. This is something I find important for characters with a unique look. You won’t be able to use the costume for many other cosplays – maybe bits and pieces here and there – so getting a cheaper costume is a good idea. 
  • Easy to get: Open up your laptop, do about eight mouse clicks and open your doors about 24 hours later. That is all you need to do to get this costume. Since the Ahsoka costume has so many pieces that you need to get to make it complete, just buying it outright is going to save you a lot of time and is much more convenient than making everything yourself. 

Cons of premade costume

  • Not unique: Since Ahsoka has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and this costume has been sold quite a lot, you might run into someone who is wearing the same thing as you at a convention. Some people hate this as it takes away from their cosplaying experience. To avoid this, you can add some cool stuff yourself to your cosplay, or you can make some of the items yourself. You can then use those pieces of the costume as a backup if your DIY costume doesn’t work out. 

Pros of doing a DIY costume




  • More connection with the character: Working for hours on a single costume is going to make you long for your cosplay even more. You will be thinking about how you will cosplay Ahsoka the entire time you are working on the costume. You are going to have to study every tiny bit of outfit to make sure you get it right. So, if you are a major fan of Ahsoka, making as much as possible of the costume might be a lot of fun for you. 

Cons of doing a DIY

  • Expensive: Getting the raw materials for just one costume is very expensive. Fabric is much cheaper when you buy it in very large amounts. The fact that you are only going to make a couple of clothing pieces is going to make your fabric cost very high. It often happens that the bill for all the raw materials and the 
  • Time-consuming: Making so many costume pieces isn’t going to be done in half an hour. It will take you a couple of days at least to make this. So if you do not enjoy doing arts and crafts, you should buy a premade costume. 

Ahsoka Tano Cosplay Ideas: FAQs

Question: What are good couples cosplay to do with Ahsoka?

Answer: While Ahsoka does not have a real romantic interest, you could pair her up with either an Anakin Skywalker cosplay or a clone captain cosplay. I think those two are the best options you have. I do like the pairing with a clone captain (or regular clone) the most. It is pretty original, and you don’t see it often as a pair. 

Question: How old is Ahsoka in Star Wars? 

Answer: Ahsoka has been featured as a child, a teenager, and as an adult in the Star Wars movies and series. So you can do the perfect cosplay of her at any age, which is something I like about this character.

Question: How do I get the red and white skin color Ahsoka has?

Answer: You can either use makeup or body paint for this. However, the most important thing here is to make sure that it is waterproof. If you are gaoing to sweat or get wet, it might become a major mess.
Have we missed something? Do you have another tip for people who want to do an Ahsoka Tano cosplay outfit for the first time? Let us know! 

Final thoughts about doing an Ahsoka Tano cosplay

If you are planning to do an Ahsoka Tano cosplay, I recommend you to go for it because it is a lot of fun! I think she is an underestimated character in the franchise, and I am sure a lot of people will agree with me there.

To do this cosplay, you have two options. You can either make the costume yourself. I would only do this if you are experienced with arts and crafts and know what you are doing. Or you can buy a great quality costume online and have your costume delivered to your door through the magic of the internet. It is up to you. 

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