Misty Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Misty Cosplay Outfit Ideas: Kanto’s Water Pokemon Master

One of the most cosplayed characters in the entire Pokémon franchise has to be Misty. She is likable, has a great outfit, and has been a part of the series since the very beginning. It is also one of the most distinct cosplays you can do regarding the female characters in Pokémon. The only one that is just slightly more popular and well known is Jessy. This is also an amazing option to cosplay if you already have a Misty in your squad. 

The cool thing about cosplaying as Misty is that it is really beginner-friendly. The props can be bought online without too much trouble; even if you are on a budget, you are bound to have some pieces of the costume already. 

Since Misty is a very distinct character to cosplay – even more so if you follow my guide – you are not going to have a lot of people asking who you are cosplaying as. She is one of the most popular characters in the Pokémon series. 

I am going to talk about the character itself, the background and things she is known for, and the costume itself, and what you are going to need to do a great Misty cosplay. At the end of the article, you are going to find a couple of FAQs that will surely help you to do an even better Misty cosplay. 

Who is Misty? 

Misty is one of the three main human characters in Pokémon. She is part of the world-famous trio of Ash, Brock, and Misty. She has been around since one of the very first episodes. Her introduction into the series started with Ash stealing her bike and promising to pay it back. I hope Misty charges interest because 25 years later, Ash still hasn’t paid her back a single dime. So, if you see someone cosplaying as Ash, don’t be afraid to ask for money for your bike! 

Misty is a very ambitious 10-year-old. She wants to become a Water Pokémon Master and be the best Water Pokémon trainer in the world. She is pretty well on her way to achieving this goal! With her three sisters out of town and traveling the world, she is in charge of the Cerulean City Gym. 

Over the series, Misty has developed some feelings for Ash, next to her general annoyance with him. She uses the bike excuse to tag along with him and stay with the group. 

What do I need for a Misty cosplay? 

 A misty wig

One of the most important parts of the Misty Cosplay is the wig. There aren’t many Pokémon characters that have ginger-colored hair. So the wig is an essential part of this cosplay. You can also dye your hair in the same color as the character. There are plenty of dyes you can use to get a similar hair color that is easy to wash out. If you are lucky, it is possible that your hair is already the same color. All you need then is either get a haircut to make it the same length or if that is the case already, put it in a short ponytail. 

Yellow tank top or crop top

You can choose the one you are most comfortable in. Misty wears both of these in the series, so you can pick the one you think is best or the one you have lying around in your closet. Now, the thing is, it needs to be pretty bright yellow and needs to contrast well with the rest of the costume. If you do not have a bright yellow tank top or crop top, there are a lot of options for you that you can buy online that have the same shade of color. 

Red backpack

You need a red backpack to make sure the Misty costume is complete. It is a very iconic (I know, I use this word a lot when talking about Pokémon) part of the Misty look. There isn’t, as far as I have seen, a single episode where I have seen her not wearing a red backpack. You can take a small one with you. Those resemble the ones that she wears in the anime the best.

The best thing about cosplays with backpacks is that you can store your stuff without breaking the cosplay immersion, and you do not have to rent or find a storage space for your backpack. This is one of the major advantages – next to being very beginner-friendly – that cosplaying as the 3 Pokémon characters have: all three of them have backpacks. Thank me later for that tip if this is your first time cosplaying! 

Short jean-shorts

Any jean shorts will be fine. You can wear normal jeans and cut them to the right side. However, if you are cosplaying for a couple of hours at a time, that might start to irritate the skin of your inner thighs. That is why you are better off just buying jean shorts or using a second-hand one to get this piece of the costume. 


I am pretty sure this is the most often forgotten item when people are cosplaying as Misty. The suspenders are not essential, but it does help to make this costume perfect. If you do not have suspenders, you can buy them online. They aren’t expensive at all. If you follow fashion trends, you will notice that these are back in about once every five years, so you will be able to use them, even when you are not cosplaying. 

Red and white Converse all-stars

This is a pretty important detail of this costume. You will need to have these shoes because any other color besides white is not going to work for the Misty Cosplay. You do not need a lot of special things to make this costume work, so make sure you get the details right. 

A Pokémon doll

Misty has quite a lot of iconic (there is that word again) Pokémon during the series. There is a ton you can choose from, so I am going to go through the most well-known options you have when cosplaying as Misty. I am going to look at how recognizable Pokémon is, how often it is featured in the anime series or games, and how easy it is to buy a poke doll online. 

  • Psyduck: The yellow duck with psychic abilities that comes out of his Poke ball at the most Inconvenient times is probably Misty, her best-known Pokémon. Finding a Pokémon plush of this Pokémon is going to be quite easy.
  • Eevee: There is no doubt that Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon in the franchise. Eevee is not really often used by Misty, and she only has one for a very short while, but you can still bring one. This is the easiest Pokémon doll to find online. There are hundreds of different designs you can pick from. 
  • Togepi: I think this is the Pokémon that has the most screen time of all of Misty. This is kind of weird since Togepi is a normal type and not a water-type Pokémon. Finding a Togepi doll online is very easy since it is quite a popular and cute Pokémon. 

 A Pokémon ball

This is a prop you can use for any Pokémon cosplay. You can use a plastic one or a plush. I strongly recommend you find a plush. This is because 1. It does not break as easily, and 2. You attach it to your belt much easier. 

Tip: Since everyone at least kind of knows what Misty looks like, it is important to get as many items as possible from this list. You can swap something out for similar items, but don’t go wearing a purple wig or a green tank top. People are either going to be confused about who you are cosplaying or trying to tell you what is wrong with your cosplay over and over. I prefer to avoid that, but if you want to see people get irrationally mad or confused, I am not going to stop you. 

My two favorite Misty wigs and what I (dis)like about them

The thing with Misty costumes is that the tank top and the shorts are pretty normal. So you should just wear what you feel comfortable in and is similar to what Misty wears in the anime. So, I opted to discuss the most important item of the costume: the wig. 

Cosplaza’s Misty wig


  • Cheap: This wig is really cheap for what you get. Even if you are just going to use it once, you won’t break the bank and will have a lot of enjoyment out of it for just a few dollars.
  • High quality: The wig looks and feels high quality. There isn’t a lot I would do differently if I was producing the wig. Maybe give the hair a bit more of a natural orange color. However, it is still very close to Misty, her hair color in the anime.


  • Sheds a little: A very minor problem, but some hairs tend to get loose after wearing it a bit. This won’t affect how the wig looks, so it isn’t a major con. 

Andria’s Misty wig


  • Cheap: This is another really cheap wig that I think is worth the price. It is just a bit more expensive than the other Misty wig but is at least the same quality. 
  • High quality: This wig is just a bit better quality than the other wig. The materials are more or less the same, but this one does not shed so much.
  • Accurate to Misty’s hair: This hair is very similar in length to the hair Misty has. So I think you should go for this one if you do not want to do some styling. 


  •  Too short for other cosplays: You can’t use this wig for cosplaying characters with longer hair. It is pretty short, so you can only do cosplays with short hairstyles. This isn’t a big problem as the wig is very cheap. 

Should I get premade misty costume items? 


I have selected some parts (the wig, jeans, and suspenders) of the costume that you can buy online. I think these are high-quality and are going to give you a great experience cosplaying. You can simply buy one of these two costumes. You will have everything you need right away.

This saves you a lot of time, and you do not have to start making things yourself. It is also a great option for your budget. The materials to make cosplay costumes often cost more than an entire pre-made costume.  


The big drawback with buying premade costumes is that everyone can buy one. You will probably come across an exact replica of yourself if you go to a Pokémon convention. You will also have a more basic version of the costume compared to pro cosplayers who make everything themselves. 

What should I know about Misty and her costume when cosplaying her? 

A perfect cosplay is 90% a great costume and 10% the personality of the character. To make sure you have the absolute best Misty cosplay imaginable – or you make up for missing props – you should study her personality and motivations a bit.

To start, Misty is very ambitious. She is a pre-teen and already running one of the most important gyms in her region. The Cerulean City Gym is a gym known to be very tough, and you need to be great at fighting with water Pokémon. Misty is the youngest of three sisters, so she has the urge to prove herself at every chance she gets. 

If you get to know her, she is a very kind and sensible girl. She is also much more mature in most situations compared to her companions on the road, Ash and Brock. She is a little of a mother figure to both of them, keeping them out of trouble as much as she can. Her personality has developed very well during the series, and she has been topping popularity polls for many years. 

The misty costume is perfect for summer. It is a very cool – both literally and figurative – costume to wear. So it is great for when you are going to a convention, a park on a hot summer day, or a costume party.

Frequently asked questions about Misty Cosplay outfit Ideas

Question: What other female Pokémon characters can I cosplay besides Misty?

Answer: There are a ton of amazing female characters in the Pokémon series that you can choose from. The problem with that many options is that it can be hard for people to recognize who you are cosplaying as exactly. This is a couple that people will recognize right away! Even if they have not watched Pokémon for over a decade. 


Jesse is the only female character from Pokémon who has more appearances in the show than Misty. She is featured in almost every single season and often plays the main antagonist together with Meowth and James. She is even more recognizable than Misty, in my opinion. This is due to the big red R for team rocket on her white shirt and long magenta hair. 

Officer Jenny

Every single season, there is an officer Jenny character in the show. They almost always wear the exact same outfit—the tricky thing with cosplaying as Officer Jenny is pretty obvious, in my opinion. People are going to think you are just a regular police officer. You can fix this by bringing a Pokémon ball or two and attaching them to your belt. 

Nurse Joy

I have not counted it, but I would put money on the fact that next to Ash and Pikachu, nurse Joy (or a version of her) has gotten the most screen time out of everyone in Pokémon. Again, the problem is going to be that people are going to think you are a regular nurse. You can again amend this with a poke ball on your belt or a Chansey plush! 

Question: Does Misty have a crush on Ash?

Answer: Misty definitely has at least a little crush on Ash. She gets jealous when other trainers flirt with him. A good example is that Misty gets pretty mad when Melody gives Ash a kiss. While she denies having a crush on Ash, the signs are pretty obvious. There is even a theme song for a Pokémon movie that makes it pretty obvious that Misty is pretty much head over heels for Ash.

This makes the Misty X Ash a cool couple’s cosplay if you want to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you do not know how to act: Misty is kind of sarcastic when talking to Ash but always has his best interests in mind. 

Question: Is Misty older than Ash? 

Answer: There are not a lot of people who know this, but Misty is a fair bit older than Ash. Misty is 13 years old in the series. As you probably know, Ash is only 10. That means there is a pretty big 3-year gap—great news for older sisters who want to force their little brother to cosplay. As Ash, as you will still be the oldest of the two. 

An interesting fact to end the article: Misty has been both taller and shorter than Ash during the series. At the start of the anime, she is a bit taller than Ash. After a couple of seasons, she becomes a tiny bit shorter. Quite interesting, as Ash is known to never change appearance. The point being, height does not matter at all when going as an Ash X Misty cosplay. 

My final thoughts about cosplaying Misty

The Misty cosplay shines if you are able to find one or two friends to complete the iconic (last time using this word, I promise) trio. Even without Ash and Brock, people are going to recognize you as Misty. To help people recognize you and have the best cosplay possible, I would recommend you to either have a Togepi doll or a Psyduck doll. People will know straight away who you are cosplaying as. My personal preference goes to Togepi. A lot of plushies of this Pokémon are life-sized since the Pokémon is so small. 

Personality-wise, Misty is pretty easy to cosplay. You have to act a little mature and keep your friends out of trouble. Of course, reminding Ash to pay you back for your bike is going to be a classic line that you will surely be able to use! 

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