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The Best Froppy Cosplay Ideas Guide

Going up in modern anime is My Hero Academia, considered to be the most popular ongoing series. MHA is a shonen anime that introduced us to these unique powers known as quirks. The story isn’t that unique or impressive, some teenagers with incredible powers train themselves to fight off against a great evil. My Hero Academia is an accurate representation of what modern anime should look like. The story about teenagers who face difficulties and hardships to achieve their goals is something to get excited about.

There are so many things that make My Hero Academia an excellent shonen anime. The incredible action-packed fights along with fantastic animation are enough to get anyone’s blood pumping. The complex and intricate story is relatively easy to follow. It continues to grow dark with each passing season. We get to see backstories of villains and heroes alike, and most of all, the show’s fantastic cast. We have some of the most memorable and loveable characters, all with their unique characteristics and personalities.

Although there are many unique characters, some take the favorite spot from the rest, one of them being Froppy, our favorite frog girl. Tsuyu Asui is the fan-favorite. She is the sweetest little member of the group who isn’t as loud as other characters, so she doesn’t get much screen time, but it is the best when she hops on (literally). Tsu is very sensitive and sweet, often keeping her feelings to herself.

In the cosplay world, MHA cosplayers have managed to put on the best Froppy costumes on the internet, most of them being so amazing they almost look real. Before we get into our full Froppy cosplay ideas, let’s look more into her personality.

Who is Froppy (Tsuyu Asui)

Asui is your average teenage high schooler. She’s a student of class 1-A, training to be a pro hero. Earlier in the series, she wasn’t given any particular attention or screentime. She was treated as one of the backgrounds supporting characters with little to no character development, but with the latest developments in the anime, we get to see her shine above the rest.

Asui doesn’t like to take the lead on missions, as seen from her missions with Pro-Hero Selkie, she carefully takes in orders from her superiors and executes them flawlessly, she has grown quite a lot from her shy past self, she has managed to become a reliable hero who doesn’t back away from any fight, no matter how difficult it may look.


Tsuyu Asui is a shy character in the series. She doesn’t talk much or even engage in conversations that often. Froppy isn’t very confident in her abilities as a hero, so she is always hesitant before attempting something risky. She’s known to keep her feelings inside, and she’s a sweet little girl who wants to make some friends. She isn’t very loud, funny, or boastful like the other characters, so it’s difficult to label her as such.

She is, however, very mature and responsible. She knows how to treat people with respect and how to deal with them too, she is always calm and collected in most situations, able to keep a level head and think of her next move, she has excellent judgment skills, able to differentiate right from wrong when class 1-A tried to rescue Bakugou she was quick to spoke against it as it would be breaking the law.


Asui is a relatively short teenager compared to her classmates, she has some frog-like features like her big hands, her wide mouth which dips down from the middle, her oval-shaped black eyes with large Iris. She often demonstrates frog-like mannerisms such as hoping on all four instead of running, going into sleep mode when the weather gets cold, she also has a very long tongue that she uses to capture enemies… kind of like a rope.

Her hair is very long seaweed green colored, reaching down to her waist and tied at the end in a large bow, her costume consists of a green-colored bodysuit with black colored lines going from top to bottom and a slight harness system.


She can do everything a frog can. Her abilities and quirk revolve around the exact thing.

Her quirk is called Frog, which gives her a frog’s physiology and allows her to do everything a frog can do, such as:

  • Hopping long distance
  • Adept swimming ability
  • Tongue extension, up to 20 meters which is powerful enough to lift a human
  • Stick to wall
  • Camouflage
  • Poison mucus

Because she has so many similar characteristics to a frog, she goes into sleep mode when exposed to a cold temperature, and her tongue can stick to hard surfaces and sustain her weight. She trained her tongue by elongating herself from the side of a cliff.

Her camouflage ability is much like a chameleon’s, and she can match the color and temperature of her surrounding to hide her presence.

Her special move Meteore Fafrotskies is in combination with Ochako’s quirk. Using their powers together, they can throw floating debris at the enemy.


“We’re all still in shock over Bakugo’s kidnapping… so we have to think about this calmly. It doesn’t matter how righteous our feelings are. If we start another fight…if we break the law…then we’re no better than the villains!”

Why Cosplaying as Froppy Can Be A Great Idea?

The world of cosplay is immense. Every year we are introduced to new characters and shows with great potential. My Hero Academia is a show that has managed to stick around for a long time. With every upcoming season, the show grows in popularity, and cosplayers again turn their heads over here, looking for new characters to cosplay. There is a lot of appreciation for cosplayers in the MHA community. Fans love seeing cosplayers dressed as their favorite characters.

The best part about all this is that the show is going very strong. You will be able to meet other My Hero Academia cosplayers. The unique costumes designs for every Superhero are pretty remarkable, giving you many opportunities to be creative with the looks of each character.

So why should you choose Froppy as your cosplay character? It’s not uncommon to see cosplayers dressing up as famous characters, although the supporting characters are nothing to laugh at, especially Tsuyu Asui. She is a sweet and reliable member of class 1-A, her costume is easy to create, unique and exciting, plus you get to be buddy-buddy with other U.A students.

Froppy is by far my favorite character, mainly because I think she’s a Gemini, but I don’t know anything about that, so if you’re still thinking about cosplaying as Froppy, I’ll say go for it.

Complete Froppy Cosplay Ideas Guide

As a true My Hero Academia, we all have thought of doing the characters cosplay at least once, and it only makes sense to want to be part of something great, and who is better to cosplay than our favorite frog girl.

If you are trying to cosplay as one Froppy, I would recommend purchasing each of her clothing apparel separately and then piecing them together for your costume, or you can buy the entire outfit online. Her costume makes her look like a frog.

Of course, you can go the DIY route, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Most of her costume items are made with unique patterns that only apply to her. You will not find those items separately. I will write down everything you will need to complete her costume.

Things You’ll Need


For the base of the costume, you will need a green-colored turtle neck bodysuit. Two black lines run from top to bottom, each one framed in yellow. You will have to purchase the exact Froppy jumpsuit to make it work. The base of her costume is what makes her outfit unique, and you cannot DIY this.

Availability: The Froppy jumpsuit is available to purchase from Amazon or MicCostumes if you want to buy it separately.


Froppy wears thigh-high black boots, which most of you might’ve not seen. The flippers she wears are an extension, and she wears tight long black boots that have a yellow-colored making in the shape of “V.”

Availability: these thigh-high boots have been in fashion for quite a while, you can easily purchase these from Amazon, and for the yellow-colored “V” shape, you can use plain yellow paper and glue it on your boots, making a “V” shape.


Froppy wears green webbed flippers as an extension over her black boots, and her webbed slippers resemble frog’s feet. You can make do with simple black/green swimming flippers. I’ve seen many cosplayers do it.

Availability: you can easily purchase black/green swimming flippers from Amazon, but if you want to buy the exact looking flippers, you can try Miccostumes.


She has tan-colored gloves with large wrist guards and a green buckle on each side. You don’t have to purchase the same large gloves with wrist guards, and you can make do with simple tan gloves.

Availability: Readily available from Amazon if you’re looking for any tan gloves or MicCostume if you’re looking for the exact thing.


Froppy wears two tan-colored belts, one above her breast with a strap around her shoulder and the other around her waist with tiny green dots pinned along the middle.

The overall straps are pretty similar to a harness system that the workers wear.

Availability: you can buy these support straps from Amazon.


Froppy has a unique hairstyle, she has long seaweed green hair, reaching down to her waist and at the end tied into a large bow, she has bangs that cover her face and a short clump of hair in the middle.

You can use a dark green dye for the color and if you already have decent long hair, you can do the hairstyle quite easily and I understand that making a bow at the end might be difficult so I looked around the internet and not many people went hardcore on the hair part so you can either do it or don’t.

Alternatively, you should purchase a long green wig if you want to skip over the coloring part or if you have short hair.

Availability: you can purchase Froppy’s wig from any popular cosplay store and Amazon, although you should just buy a simple dark green wig and let go of the hairstyle.


Froppy has oval-shaped eyes with large black Iris, her lower eyelashes are more prominent. You don’t need to do anything for her eyes, there aren’t any unique features in her eyes.

Poses & Facial Expressions

Froppy isn’t one to show extreme emotions in any given circumstances, she is always calm and collected but often shows signs of confusion, with a finger on her lip.

As for poses, you can try leaning against the floor and being on all fours, we know that Froppy prefers to hop instead of run like a human, you should incorporate that while you are posing.


No Froppy cosplay would be completed if we don’t work on the makeup section, she has pink oval-shaped spots on her cheeks, less visible eyebrows, prominent lower eyelashes, and the green-tinted goggles mark. Here is what you will need for the Makeup

  1. Liquid Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Make-Up Brushes/Blenders
  4. Makeup Sponge
  5. Contour Palette/Stick
  6. Lipstick
  7. Eyeshadow Palette Powder
  8. Eyeliner

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should you purchase a premade Froppy Costume?

Answer: Yes! You should go for a pre-made Froppy costume. In some cases, you should go the DIY route but not here, her outfit is unique, and it’s difficult to find matching items to use as a replacement.

Question: What is, are Asui’s weaknesses?

Answer: It is shown that she can store items inside her belly to use later. Still, whenever she retrieves articles, she gets nauseated, she also has some characteristics similar to a frog, so when the temperature gets low, she goes into hibernation.

Question: Who has a crush on Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)?

Answer: Kosei Tsubaraba from class 1-B developed a crush for Asui as he was dragged to class 1-A’s prison cell; however, in the My Hero Academia fandom, fans are much more interested in him Asui and Tokoyami’s relationship.

Conclusion to Tsuyu Asui’s (Froppy) Cosplay Outfit Ideas

The most important for any cosplayer is to always stay in characters, such as pose accordingly, do the specific character movements, how they speak, and how they act when they’re around people. We know that Asui is a friendly girl who will always appreciate meeting people.

Tsu doesn’t show any extreme emotions, so it’s not like you’ll have to do something out of the ordinary; however, she is pretty friendly and helpful toward people so maybe try to meet new people and make friends.

For the pose, we already know that Froppy shows many frog-like characteristics, for it’ll be easy for you to mimic, but did you notice she stands in a frog-like stance with both her hands slightly lifted but still dangling.

And finally, you should try to enjoy what you do, take some images in proper poses, and upload them on your social media profiles.

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