Attack on Titan Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Attack on Titan Cosplay Outfit Ideas Guide

Attack on Titan is nothing less than a masterpiece in the anime world, the impeccable storyline which continues to grow more complex with each passing season, not to mention the excitement and thrill in which our characters risk their lives only to find the secrets of this tragic world of ours, at first Attack on Titan doesn’t seem much different from your average military shonen anime but there is so much more going on which will make you fall in love with it.

The emotions you feel when watching Attack on Titan are indescribable, the story of humans being the cattle of the world, barricading themselves inside giant walls that protect them from the Titans (tall human-like beasts) is definitely something to get excited about, but there is something much more sinister going on in this world and the titans are just the tip of the iceberg.

Attack on Titan was initially released in 2013 and it broke the internet, to call AoT overrated is just an insult to the show, it was stunningly beautiful even at that time, there are so many things that make Attack on Titan amazing such as the incredible animation, amazing cast of characters, the phenomenal music that is just perfect for every situation and the remarkable attention to detail just takes my breath away.

After all this, Is there even a question why Attack on Titan is the number 1 choice for cosplayers around the world? Everyone wants to be a part of this amazing community and showcase their love via their costumes.

What I’ll Cover

There are many characters in the Attack on Titan universe who won our hearts through their charms and qualities, with the popularity of the show rising with each passing season, more and more cosplayers are beginning to dress up as their favorite character from Attack on Titan.

Here are some of the characters I will cover in this list (ranked by popularity).

  • Levi Ackerman
  • Erwin Smith
  • Hange Zoe
  • Eren Yeager
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Armin Arlert
  • Annie Leonhart
  • Sasha Brause
  • Pieck Finger
  • Reinar Braun
  • Zeke Yeager

Standard Survey Corps Costume

Most characters in this list were only shown to be wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform, with minor modifications to make it a little unique e.g. different colored shorts, Mikasa’s scarf, Levi’s cravat, and few others.

Here are the few steps to create your own Survey corps uniform

  • Survey Corps jacket: The Attack on Titan cosplay is incomplete without the brown military jacket, you can easily create this yourself. All you need is a half-cut brown jacket with breast pockets and the Wings of Freedom emblem, which is something you can easily print yourself or get and stick it to the back of your jacket and also on the left breast pocket.
  • Green cloak: All you need is a simple green cloak and you can you the Wings of Freedom emblem sticker on the back of it.
  • Simple shirt: Just a simple shirt, many characters have different colored shirts to make it unique to them, all you need is a simple shirt no matter what color.
  • White pants: You can buy white jeans which would be perfect for this costume.
  • Leather waist cloth: Just a simple cloth would also work, take a normal rectangular cloth, double it and then sow it together inwards toward the end
  • Harness System: there are no belts, it’s a form of safety equipment used by construction workers and mountain climbers, you can even purchase their harness equipment and make some changes to make it.
  • Long boots: Just some simple brown knee-high riding boots, you can get them from your local market or even online.
  • ODM gear: Okay so creating the ODM gear is a difficult task but not a really hard one, gather up a few boxes and take them together to make a longer one as blade holsters, now tape some paper towel rolls on top of the boxes and use plastic bottles as gas canisters which can slide in and out of the paper towel rolls. The last step is to paint it all silver and you’re done!

Levi Ackerman

If there is one thing I can say for certain is that the whole Attack on Titan community absolutely loves Captain Levi, he is considered to be humanity’s strongest soldier, and for good reasons, did you know that Captain Levi has over 100 titan kills and he’s able to take down the Beast Titan in less than 15 seconds, his skills are exceptional as a solider. Levi used to live underground as a thief before he was scouted by Commander Erwin who took an interest in his abilities and asked him to join the Survey Corps.

Levi is shown is be somewhat cold and distant toward his comrades but deep down he really cares about every one of his squad members, he is just afraid to get too attached because he has seen the cruelty of this world and lost his loved ones. He is shown to be merciless when it comes to killing the titans and even humans who come to harm his comrades.

 Levi doesn’t care about the hierarchy and authorities as he is seen to dis the Military Police because they weren’t able to handle Eren themselves and because they have never fought or even seen a Titan, his obedience lies only to some individuals who he respects such as Commander Erwin.


Captain Levi wore the standard Survey Corps uniform with a gray shirt and a white cravat.




Levi has short black hair styled in an undercut with a side curtain hairstyle, if you have rough hair like me then you can get a simple undercut and use a hair product to make your hair straight. Alternatively, you can purchase a Levi Ackerman wig if that is easier for you.


Levi has dark gray eyes with dark circles beneath them, which shows that Levi has a sleeping disorder. So, get yourself some nice pair of gray contacts to complete your look and you can use a pencil to draw the dark circles.


If you wanna go one step further and make you cosplay the real deal, you can always include the ODM (Omni-Directional Maneuvering) gear into your cosplay outfit, Levi is also known to be a tea-lover so you even incorporate that into your cosplay.


“This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline…I think pain is the most effective way.”

Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith is a Hype Machine, he was the 13th commander of the Survey Corps and was widely respected, he was an excellent tactician and a strategist, there is no doubt that he was a great leader but he was also a gambler, he would do anything to achieve his goal even if it meant sacrificing half of his regimen.

Erwin was portrayed as a complex character, he was serious and intelligent, always thinking one step ahead of his every move and who had his eyes set on his goal of uncovering the truth behind the Titans. Unlike many characters who are driven by emotion, Erwin was always calm and collected and always focused.

Ever since Erwin was a kid, he was fascinated by the theories of his dad that there might be people living outside the walls so to confirm if his father’s theories were correct and to know the truth of this world, he sacrificed his people and carried the weight of the world on his shoulders only so he could live and long enough to uncover the truth. But in the end, he gave up on his dreams and died.


Erwin wore the standard Survey Corps uniform.




Erwin Smith had short yellow blonde hair in an undercut, styled side partly toward his left side. Such a simple hairstyle is quite easy to achieve, all you need is to cut your hair short and use a hair gel to keep your hair down.

Now, for the hair color, you can use bleach before applying the yellow blonde hair color.


Erwin had icy blue eyes with an intense stare, so get yourself a pair of blue contacts to make a strong impression with your cosplay.


If you want to set yourself apart from everyone, you can always incorporate an ODM (Omni-Directional Maneuvering) gear to look even more amazing.


“There Is No Future Where Humanity Can Inhabit These Lands Without Eren!”

Hange Zoe

Now is time for our Titan enthusiast, Hange Zoe was selected as the 14th commander of the Survey Corps after the death of Erwin Smith. Before this, Hange was in charge of the fourth squad whose duties include capturing and conducting research on the Titans to uncover the secrets behind their regenerative powers, including Eren’s Attack-Titan. We can see her excitement through her love for the two captured Titans “sawney” and “bean”.

To someone from the outside, Hange appears to be a freethinking, eccentric researcher who keeps herself occupied with her unique way of conducting experiments on the titans but it wasn’t always like that.

Hange explains that at first all she wanted to do was kill Titans and her heart was filled with hatred but all that changed when she angrily kicked a 3 meter Titan’s head and realized how light it was, ever since that day, Hange decided to uncover the truth behind the titans.


Hang wore the standard Survey Corps uniform with a yellow shirt.





Hange has shoulder-length brunette hair color tied into a high ponytail and bangs separated from the middle to her sides.

If you have black hair, all you need is to apply some brown hair color and then style your hair into a high ponytail, you can even purchase the Hange hair wig if that is easier for you.


Hange has light brown eyes, so get yourself a pair of brown contacts if you don’t already have brown eyes, during the fight against the colossal titan she injured her left eye and since then she wears an eyepatch.


Earlier in the series, Hange used to wear goggles most of the time but later she decided to wear oval glasses instead.


“I Led Us All To This Point. I Kept Moving Forward, Even If It Meant Killing So Many Of My Comrades. It’s Time I Take Responsibility For That.”

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager who is also known as “suicidal maniac”, “cry baby Eren” and more recently known as Chad Eren is the main protagonist of the series Attack on Titan and the first Titan-shifter that appear in the series.

His hatred for the Titans emerged during the fall of Wall Maria where he witnessed his mother eaten alive by the hands of a titan, he swore that he would kill every titan living in this world, and during his fight with Annie Leonhart, he also says “ I will destroy everything in this world ” but not many people know about that.

Even as a kid Eren understood the world, he had a strong sense of justice and understood right and wrong, we see this when Eren rushes to save Mikasa’s from the kidnappers, he kills them one after another without hesitation, and when his father confronts his about what he did, he responds “ I killed some dangerous animal. They were beasts that just happened to look like a human.

These acts of vengeance were normal to Eren, this is just what justice meant to him. So, when learned the truth of this world, he turned his hatred toward the rest of the world which banished the Eldians on the island known as Paradise.

What You’ll Need

  • White shirt with lace
  • Dark pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black mantle





After coming back to Paradise Island, Eren disregarded the Survey Corps battle uniform and started wearing a rather simple outfit which is really easy to recreate. All you need is a simple white shirt with laces instead of buttons, dark pants, black shoes and a black which he wears on top of it all.


Earlier in the series, Eren had short hair but during the fourth season his hair grew down his shoulders styled into a man bun with a few hair strands loose on the front.

You can easily achieve something similar if you have decent long hair and if you don’t, you can always purchase a wig and do the hairstyle yourself.


Eren has gray eyes which grew deeper with each passing season until there was no light to be found, you can purchase gray contacts to make your cosplay come to life.


During season 4 of Attack on Titan Eren was shown to become more bold and daunting, during his conversation with Reiner and later with Armin and Mikasa, he held up his bloody hand showing them that he can transform into a titan at any moment if they try to do something stupid.


”If you think the reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?”

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is the deuteragonist and the heroine of the series Attack on Titan, she’s among the few remaining Ackerman alive on the island, after both her parents were killed by human traffickers, she was saved by Eren and invited to live in their home with them. After the fall of Wall Maria, she even lost her foster parents, Eren is the only family that she has left and that is why she always cherishes him and tries to protect him no matter what.

Her skills as a fighter only come 2nd to Captain Levi, she is merciless just like him and doesn’t care about anyone but the people who are important to her, as quoted by herself “there are only so many lives I can give a damn about” stating that she would kill her former comrades to protect Eren.

Her sole reason behind joining the Survey Corps after her graduation was to keep an eye on Eren and her determination to keep her loved ones safe greatly contributed to her skills as a fighter, making her one of the great assets for the Survey Corps.


Mikasa wore the standard Survey Corps uniform with a red scarf given to her by Eren when they were kids.





Earlier in the series, Mikasa had long hair but she cut it short after Eren mentioned that her long hair would be distracting during fights, she styled her hair in a bob-cut.

All you need is to style your hair in a bob-cut and don’t worry if you have long hair. I’ve read on many boards that people did prefer Mikasa with longer hair.


Mikasa has gray eyes just like Eren, though sometimes they’re shown to be cold blue. I would suggest you get a pair of either blue or grayish blue contacts.


Mikasa has a scar underneath her right eye which she received when Eren lost control of his titan and attacked her, she narrowly dodged the attack but got a scar. You can use a lip pencil to draw the scar.


I Am Strong. Stronger Than All Of You. Extremely Strong. I Can Kill All The Titans Out There. Even If I Am Alone”

Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert is the deuteragonist of the series, a childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa, and a member of the 104th Training Corps. Armin is quite intelligent and a cunning individual, also an excellent strategist much like Erwin smith, he was the first person to uncover the identity of the Female Titan and also strategize the plan to capture her without taking any casualties which ultimately failed because Annie say through his lies and refused through the underground tunnels.

Armin had a strong sense of wonder as a child, his only dream was to visit the outside world and experience it with his friends, despite being a strategist he is emotionally sensitive and empathetic even toward his foes, we have seen him cry over all the humans he had to kill, when he took the powers of the Colossal Titan from Bertolt and when he used that power to destroy the Marleyan army.


Armin wore the standard Survey Corps uniform.





Armin has short blonde hair, styled in a bob cut. You can easily achieve something similar if you apply bleach and then use yellow blonde hair color.

If you don’t want to dye your hair you can always purchase a short blonde hair wig.


He has gleaming blue eyes, so a pair of blue contacts is a must if you want to take your cosplay to the next level.


During the first season episode 9, we see Armin pleading to the garrison regiment to spare Eren and trying to make them understand that he is not a threat to humanity. It’s here when we see Armin doing the grand salute gesture which was associated with his character.


“To defeat a monster, you must be willing to throw aside your humanity and all that makes you human”

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th training corp and a member of the Military Police, she’s an excellent fighter with her sword and hand to hand combat which earned her the rank 4th overall, though she is also known to be a lone wolf who struggles to work along with her comrades, she served as the main antagonist for the first season of Attack on Titan known as the Female Titan who possessed intelligence unlike other titans and quick regenerative powers and the ability to harden its skin before the impact.

She was among the Warrior Unit that was sent to recover the Founding Titan from the hands of the royal family who escaped to the island of paradise, she was determined and always focused on the mission she was given, she never tried to make friends with any of her teammates and made sarcastic comments about their meaningless pursuit for freedom.

Annie is an excellent fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, she can even best guys who are much bigger than her. We saw her throw away Reiner like a twig.


wore the standard Survey Corps uniform and wore a white hoodie instead of a shirt,





Annie has short blonde hair that she ties at the back with her hair bangs draping over her right side and hair strands on her left.

You can easily achieve her hair color by using golden blonde hair dye, next step would be to cut your hair short and do the hairstyle. Alternatively, you can purchase a short blonde hair wig if that is easier for you.


Annie has gleaming gray-blue eyes, so a pair of simple blue contacts will do the trick in making your cosplay come to life.


We know Titan-Shifters need to inflict pain to themselves to transform, that is why Annie kept Annie wore a ring with a hidden blade inside which would open up with a flick of her thumb.


We know that Annie is an excellent fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, her fighting style is quite close to kick-boxing and her standing stance is from Muay Thai.

She rests her weight on her right leg in the back and her front leg is slightly touches the ground and most noticeably her hand placement, she covers her entire face with fists facing her opponent.


“I Guess You Were Lucky That I Was A Good Person To You. It Looks Like Your Gamble Paid Off For Now But This Is Where Mine Begins.”

Sasha Brause

Now it’s for the favorite girl, Sasha Brause or more commonly known as the Potato Girl is a member of the scout regiment and also among the members of the 104th cadet corps, she was the daughter of a hunter, used to animals for food and resources but after the fall of Wall Maria, they had a shortage of food because of so many people taking refuge in the area and hunting down all the animals. So, Sasha decided to leave the outskirts of Wall Rose and join the scouts.

Sasha is shown to be quite a simpleton and eccentric, always making mistakes when under pressure but her instincts as a former hunter were very sharp, she is quite brave and able to doesn’t hesitate to help her friends. On a funnier note, she is also a food hoarder with a big appetite, she’s always seen stuffing her face and goes crazy over meat, at one point she stole some meat from the food pantry and offered to share it with her friends.


Sasha wore the standard Survey Corps uniform and wore a gray shirt.





Sasha has decent long reddish-brown hair that she ties in a ponytail down to her neck, her bangs separate from the middle, cascading more towards the right side with a few hair strands on her left.

For the hair color, you would have to use the auburn hair dye and then proceed to do the hairstyle. You can even purchase a simple auburn hair wig if that is easier for you.


Sasha has hazel brown eyes, so you might wanna get a pair of either brown or hazel contacts to make your cosplay look realistic.


  • Potatoes: We have seen Sasha being a glutton about meat or even potatoes which made her popular as the Potato Girl, so just hold onto a potato to embody the spirit of the Potato girl.
  • Hunting Bow: Sasha is the daughter of a hunter and used to live in the Dauper village on the south side of Wall Rose, she has excellent hunting instincts and a good shot with the hunting bow.
  • Rifle: In season 4 we can see Sasha using a rifle to take down the panzer unit along with the cart titan.


It’s Alright If You’re Weak, There Are People Who Will Come And Rescue You.”

Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is the best girl introduced in the 4th season of Attack on Titan, though we have seen her before but only in her Titan-form as the Cart Titan, she is an Eldian soldier serving under the Marleyans empire. She is known to stay in the form of the Cart Titan for months which is why she struggles to walk normally and either use a crutch or just crawl like her titan,

Pieck is shown to be a really sweet person who cares about her friends and even the Marleyans soldiers who rely on her for support, she is incredibly cunning and deductive, able to read between the lines and understand what is going on, even though her loyalty is to toward Marly, all she wishes is that her people be free from the everyday execution, she initially joined the warrior program to protect her sick father and to find a way to free the Eldian from Libero and Marly.

What You’ll Need

  • White blouse
  • Cream-colored trench coat
  • Brown long skirt
  • Brown lace boots
  • Red Eldian armband





Pieck wore the standard Eldian warrior unit uniform which consists of a white blouse, a long brown skirt down to her ankles, long brown laced boots for the base of the costume, a cream-colored trench coat, and an Eldian armband worn on the left arm.


Pieck Finger has shoulder-length black hair which she sometimes lets loose and sometimes she ties into a loose pigtail with bangs on both sides of her face.

Black hair is the most common hair color in and even in Western countries, but if you don’t have black hair you can simply use a black hair dye, and let your hair loose.


Pieck has dark brown eyes, though sometimes they have a gray shade because of the color grading. So, get yourself a pair of dark brown contacts and set apart your cosplay.


Pieck is often seen using a crutch to walk, which is because of her staying in her Titan-form for long periods of time.

Did you know Pieck stays in her Titan-form for weeks?


“I Don’t Trust Marley. I Pray That Eldians Will Be Freed. But I Do Trust Those Who’ve Fought Beside Me!”

Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun has always been the reliable big brother of the group, he was a member of the scout regiment and the 104th cate corps. His first made his appearance as the Armored Titan and broke down the inner gate of Wall Maria but his real identity was revealed much later in the series, Reiner was on the verge of losing his sanity, he had developed a serious mental problem, all he wanted to do was to take the Founding Titan from Eren by force or get away from the island.

Reiner was also among the Warrior Unit along with Bertolt, Annie, and Marcel who was sent on the mission to reclaim the Founding Titan, which ultimately failed due to some unforeseen circumstances and Reiner was the only one who survived and came back home to his family, he was then appointed the leader of the next warrior unit, in charge of training them.


Reiner wore the standard Survey Corps uniform with a green shirt.





Reiner has short blonde hair in no particular style, though quite similar to a buzz haircut. All you need for a hairstyle is a very short haircut and blonde hair dye.


Reiner has small hazel eyes, so a simple pair of either brown or hazel contacts would be good if you want to rock the cosplay.


“I Don’t Know What’s Right Anymore But I Do Know That I Have To Face The Consequences Of My Actions And Carry Out My Duty As A Warrior To The End.”

Zeke Yeager

The last one of this list of Zeke Yeager who possess the power of the Beast Titan is the commander of the Warrior Unit and also assigned to take control of the Finding Titan, he is shown to be much stronger than Reiner’s Armored Titan and quite ruthless when it comes to killing humans on Paradise Island, but still no match for Captain Levi who can take him down in a matter of seconds which is seen on multiple occasions by now.

Zeke is someone who possesses the royal blood from his mother which is why he can control the Titans who are created by using his spinal fluid, his goal is to take control of the Founding Titan and euthanize his own people so the world can be free of Eldians, he sees this as salvation.

What You’ll Need

  • White shirt
  • Black tie
  • Cream-colored trench coat
  • Black pants
  • Black belt
  • Red Eldian armband
  • Brown shoes




Zeke Yeager wore the standard warrior unit male uniform which consists of a simple white shirt, black pants, brown shoes for the base of the uniform, a black tie, a cream-colored trench coat with belt loops for a black belt, and the red Eldian armband on the left arm.


Zeke has platinum blonde shaggy hair that is split in the middle all the way, matching his facial hair.

You can easily do shaggy hair at your home, all you need is a curling iron and two curls and for the color, you need a golden hair dye.


Zeke Yeager has gray-blue eyes like every other blonde in this list, so get yourself a pair of grayish blue contacts to look the part.


Baseball: When Zeke was a kid he used to play catch with the former beast titan-shifter Ksaver, they would use Baseball.


“Since I Was A Child, My True Loyalty Has Been To My Father’s Dream. I Am The True Eldian Restorationist.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why did Eren turn evil?

Answer: During the latest season we can see Eren going against the will of his superiors and acting on his own, and even treating everyone as captives, locking them up in a jail cell. He has seen the memories of his father and the people who inherited the Attack Titan before him, he understands that the only way to live safely is to Destroy everyone outside of the island.

Question: Why did Eren betray Mikasa?

Answer: Eren mentioned that as an Ackerman, Mikasa can’t help but follow orders because of her genes, and he hates anyone who isn’t free to think for themselves.

Question: Why is Attack on Titan Banned?

Answer: Attack on Titan is banned in China because of the violence and gore in the show, China deemed that it is unsuitable for the general audience.

Conclusion to Attack on Titan Cosplay Outfit Ideas

The world of Attack on Titan has so many good characters with individual personalities and mannerisms that you can choose for your cosplay, always pick your favorite character so you can enjoy doing what you love.

You need to think like the character that you are cosplaying, follow their hand movements while they speak, the tone they use to converse and which fancy words do they use, something like catchphrases, facial expressions that is unique to them, and the poses.

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