Yumeko Cosplay Ideas Guide

Yumeko Cosplay Ideas Guide: How To Embody This Compulsive Gambler

Today we are going to take a look into what I think qualifies as cosplay for intermediaries and experts. If you are a beginner who does not want to get a lot of props and is new to cosplaying, this might be a hard one to pull off!

This guide is about doing the perfect Yumeko cosplay. Kakegurui, English: Compulsive Gambler, is a pretty popular anime, but not amongst the most well-known of the last few years. This instantly makes it a lot harder to be recognized when cosplaying. 

Yumeko also does not have a lot of really stand-out things in her costume. This does have the advantage that you won’t stand out too much when you are cosplaying.

In this Yumeko Cosplay ideas guide, I am going to tell you all the props you need for a great Yumeko cosplay, how you can do this cosplay as a couple, and some insights into her personality and background. I am also going to give you some tips to make this cosplay even better that you will not find in any other guide!

Who is Yumeko, and how do I cosplay her well?

Yumeko background

Yumeko is pretty mysterious, and not a lot is known about her background, and I was inspired to go all the way to the manga to find more info about her. Her background is quite sad. Her parents have passed away from unknown causes. Due to this fact, she now lives all alone at home. She also has an older sister. However, this sister has been permanently hospitalized. 

The anime does not give any background, so we have to go through the manga to get more insight into her, and her motivations. In the rest of the manga, we get bits and pieces about her history. 

She has no other relatives besides her hospitalized older sister. She has no job that we know of, but she is very wealthy. Not only that, but she is the one who pays her sister’s hospital bills. Since she is hospitalized at the private ward of a university hospital, we can assume she comes from a family with high standing. So she has either inherited a very large amount of money from her deceased parents or has made her wealth herself. 

Yumeko personality and quotes

Cosplaying Yumeko means you will have the opportunity to let out your crazy side. She is a very happy and charismatic character that can make friends fast. This comes in quite handy, as she makes enemies very fast, too. 

Her personality completely changes when she is gambling, and the opponent is trying to cheat. When her opponents cheat, she gets extremely mad and will try to destroy their morale. She is constantly looking for the next rush, and she wants to share this rush with others. She wants to win, but being able to play is even more important to her. If she loses, she isn’t going to be depressed. 

Yumeko knows that her behavior is eccentric and that her behavior can be immoral. However, her gambling addiction is much stronger than her feeling of shame or guilt for her behavior while gambling.  

Here are some short and easy-to-remember quotes that can give you a bit more insight into Yumeko. 

  1. “Let’s get our gambling freak on!!
  2. “Gambling is my life’s purpose. I don’t need anything else.”
  3. “Gambling is fun because both people feel pain at the same time. So why did you try to make it so that you alone felt the pain in this game? You do not enjoy gambling. You simply wish to die. Not only that, but you’re the type of person I hate the most. To speak frankly… you piss me off.”

The first two are great to remember to say once in a while when cosplaying Yumeko. The third one gives a lot of insight into her personality. She loves gambling, and winning is secondary to her. 

These are the costume items you need for a Yumeko costume

Kakegurui Yumeko Cosplay Uniform:

I highly advise you to just buy the costume. It looks wonderful, and the quality is more than decent for the price. It is going to be very hard to make something like this yourself. Making it yourself is going to take you a long time, and it will not be easy to make. I think you need to be a professional tailor to make something like this. I even think you will save money just buying it outright, as the materials for a costume like this are not going to come cheap. 

Black hair wig:

In many cosplays, you are going to need a black-haired wig, even more so when you are doing anime cosplay. There is almost always a girl with long black hair as one of the main characters, or at least as an important side character.

That is why I strongly recommend you to buy a high-quality wig when you love cosplaying. In the long run, this is going to save you quite a bit of money, as a good wig can last you for years. If you pick one carefully and you make sure you pick the right dye, you can color your wig and do even more cosplays. 

Silver ring:

This is a minor detail to the costume, but it shows you have been paying attention to detail. Yumeko wears a silver ring during the show, so to have the perfect cosplay costume you will need to wear one. If you do not have one, it isn’t a big problem, as this is a minuscule aspect of the costume and not many people are going to notice it. 


You are going to need leggings for this costume. You can pick any that you want as long as they are black leggings. 

Pale pink lipstick:

Yumeko has very bright pink lips in the anime, so it might be a good idea to get some lipstick to accentuate this. This is going to help you to get the cosplay perfect. You can pick any brand you want, as long as it makes your lips a bit more shiny and pink. 

Red-colored contact lenses:

This is fully optional. You do not need this for the perfect cosplay. In Kakegurui, Yumeko has normal brown eyes. However, when she is gambling, her eyes turn red. So if you want to play ‘crazy, gambling, out of control’ Yumeko, you should have red contact lenses. However, you need to buy high-quality ones from a reputable brand. This way, you are going to make sure you do not damage your eyes. 

Brown leather shoes:

The school costume has brown shoes. You can pick any pair you want, but they should not have heels or shoelaces. 

Silver neck collar:

This is an optional piece for cosplay. It is possible to skip this piece completely, as it isn’t worn in most of the anime. However, it is a cool little detail to add to your costume. You can also take one along with you, and whenever you lose a card game, you can wear the collar for a bit. For those not in the known, the color shows you have lost a certain bet and can’t pay off your debts. So now you are no more than a pet. 

Playing cards:

This is one of the things you don’t see mentioned in other guides, or seldomly see on cosplay events, but Yumeko has playing cards with her all the time. You can use these to make your cosplay even more convincing or do some poker or any other card game in this costume. If you have the red-colored contact lenses, having playing cards is a must-have, in my opinion! You should read up on some card games that you can play. 

A set of dice:

This is another prop I rarely see. Having dice with you is even easier than having playing cards on you. Bring two of them. You can take them out whenever you want. It is a good idea to read up on some dice games that you can play. 

Doing a Yumeko and Ryota Suzui couple cosplay

While they aren’t a real couple, they are often cosplayed together. You do not need a lot of extras for the Ryota suizui cosplay, and it is a lot easier to do than the Yumeko cosplay. You will need for this cosplay the following:

Red jacket:

Preferably, you get a bright red jacket that looks like the one’s dealers at the blackjack table at the real casino’s wear. Those would be perfect as the school uniform jacket is inspired by those. 

White shirt:

Any white shirt is fine; you will need to wear your red jacket over it. 


You will need a brown or black tie for this costume. Either one is fine, as Ryota Suzui wears both of them during the anime. 

Grey pants:

You can use any grey pants you want, but they should look classy as if you are wearing a suit. 

Brown shoes:

These should be pretty decent too. The school costume is pretty high class since the school is elite. Pick some nice-looking brown leather shoes that you would wear when going to a formal event. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Cosplaying Yumeko 

Question: Do I need to have red-colored contact lenses for a Yumeko cosplay

Answer: No, it is just a small additional detail for this cosplay. It is not an essential part, either. There are two different Yumeko cosplays. The first one is Yumeko when she is being a regular school girl. The second one is Yumeko when she is gambling. When Yumeko is a normal school girl, she has regular brown eyes.

When Yumeko is gambling, her eyes turn red. So that is when you can wear the red-colored contact lenses. 

I do think gambling Yumeko is the best-looking cosplay out of the two. However, you will need safe and high-quality contact lenses to make it safe.

Question: Can you do a Kakeguire couples cosplay?

Answer: There aren’t any real well-known couples in Kakeguire. So that makes it kind of hard to do a couple’s cosplay. You can do a Yumeko and Ryota cosplay. They are not a couple in the anime, despite Ryota having clear feelings for Yumeko, but it is the closest to a couple there is in Kakeguire. There are some couples in the Kakeguire universe, but those don’t even have a name in the anime, so nobody is going to know who exactly you are cosplaying. That is why I recommend you go with Yumeko and Ryota. 

Question: What can I bring with me when doing a Yumeko cosplay?

Answer: Despite being an anime taking place at a school, Yumeko does not have a backpack. So if you want to have the perfect cosplay, you won’t be able to bring one when cosplaying. I do recommend you to bring at least a small black purse. It does not break the cosplay, in my opinion. 

If you want little props, you should bring stuff like dice and card games—this great addition to the costume. You are a compulsive gambler, after all.

Final thoughts about the Yumeko Cosplay 

Yumeko is a cool cosplay, but it is hard to recognize due to the anime being somewhat obscure. So you will need to be prepared for the question “So, who are you cosplaying as?” to pop up quite often. This does have the advantage that in smaller conventions you are probably going to be the only Yumeko around. 

Yumeko’s cosplay costume is pretty difficult to make yourself, and you will need to be very skilled at sewing to make it. Luckily, you can just get one online for a reasonable price; this will save you a lot of time.

Another thing that is kind of annoying about the Yumeko costume is that it does not have a backpack. If you have done a lot of cosplay, you know how annoying it is to not be able to have your stuff, like water bottles and such, with you. 

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