Megumin Cosplay Outfit and Costume Ideas

Megumin Cosplay Outfit and Costume Ideas Guide

I am sure you will agree with me when I say: If you have not seen Konosuba, you are missing out. It is one of the best parody anime, and it features some of the funniest anime characters there are in the fantasy comedy genre.

One of the four main characters in Konosuba is Megumin. This cosplaying guide is all about her. She is a member of the infamous Crimson  Demon Clan and is an Arch Wizard (with a twist). She is 13 years old in the anime and the youngest of the group. Not only that, but she is one of the best explosion magic users in the world where she is from. 

In this Megumin cosplay outfit and costume ideas guide, I am going to talk about what the best costume is for you to wear if you want to be a perfect Megumin. The personality she has, so you can act like her perfectly. I will also give some tips about cosplay and answer some of the most often asked questions about the character. 

The props you need for a great Megumin cosplay costume

You will need a couple of things to make this costume absolutely perfect. I will go in-depth about these props and what you will need and how to get them. 

Short wig:

You will need a quality wig with short black hair. If you have short hair, you can dye it black. I would recommend you to buy a high-quality wig when you are planning on cosplaying often. The reason for that is quite simple. A lot of anime characters have a similar hair length and color.

Megumin’s hair is very common in anime, so this wig will definitely be useful for any future cosplays. Another benefit of buying a wig of high quality is that you can dye them and wash them just like regular hair. This gives you even more options to do the perfect cosplay! 

Megumin costume:

Since Konosuba was a real hit, a lot of people wanted to cosplay the characters. Thanks to that, you can buy some very decent ready-made costumes that resemble the anime character perfectly. The Megumin dress is pretty hard to make yourself. You will need to be pretty decent at sewing and picking the right fabrics. The costume is also pretty cheap, so even if you are on a budget, you can still buy the costume. 


Red Dress and Cape:

If you do not want to buy your costume and want to do some DIY, you will need to have to make this. Megumin has both a red dress and a cape. These are crimson red and finished with gold-colored borders. So you will have to do quite some work to make the costume perfect if you are going to do it yourself. 

Megumin Witch hat:

Megumin wears a pretty distinctive headpiece. Her witch hat is way too big for her hat and features two buttons resembling eyes. It is one of those things that really make or break a good costume, so do not skimp out on this hat! If you are skilled at sewing, you might be able to make a pretty decent one yourself. However, it is much easier to just buy a full megumin costume that has all the props. If the costume looks a bit too basic for you, you can always add something yourself. 

Eye patch:

Megumin wears an eye patch. Not because she hurt her eye or because she is suffering from some kind of disease, but for dramatic effect. The eye patch is an important part of the cosplay, but a lot of people forget about it from what I have seen at conventions. Make sure you have one if you want a perfect Megumin cosplay costume. 

Neck collar:

A lot of cosplayers, and cosplaying guides, completely miss this item. I don’t know why, but Megumin wears a black neck color pretty often in the series, and it is a really cool part of the whole costume, in my opinion. Yes, she does not wear it all the time, but I think the more props a costume has and the more attention you pay to detail, the better your cosplay is going to be and the more compliments you are going to get. 

Orange boots:

Megumin wears some very distinct orange boots. You can get yourself regular gummy boots, paint them orange and make a few cuts if you want to make something yourself. This is a great way to make one piece of your costume yourself without having to be an expert in DIY crafts. Of course, you can also take the easy way and buy yourself orange boots. 

Brown belt:

You don’t need something very special. A normal brown belt works well enough. It is an important part of the overall vibe of the cosplay costume, so do not forget about it. A belt that is over 2 inches wide (but no more than 4) works best for this costume, in my opinion.


Megumin, being eccentric as she is, wears bandages around her right leg. She is not wounded or something like that. She just wears them as a fashion statement. You can use any kind of bandages, but you will need quite a lot to cover up your knee and upper part of your tight. I would count on having to need at least 7 feet of bandages to cover that part of your leg completely. 

Red-colored contact lenses:

This is optional, and I only recommend you to follow this step if you have high-quality lenses from a brand with a great reputation. Buying cheap lenses is not a good idea. Putting something in your eyes always carries a risk, so make sure you do not skimp out on these if you want to have red eyes for the costume. 

Megumin staff:

This item is optional. She only uses a staff after a couple of episodes after she gets it as a gift from Kazuma. So if you don’t have one, it isn’t a problem. Having said that, it is an awesome prop and my favorite for this costume. Having something like a staff, a sword, a hammer, and so on is always a great addition to any cosplay. So, I would highly recommend you get the staff if you want to have the perfect Megumin cosplay costume. 

Fingerless gloves:

This is an item you will see used in a lot of cosplays. It is an excellent idea to buy a nice pair of fingerless gloves. You will definitely be able to use them for multiple cosplays if you cosplay a lot. There is, of course, the other benefit–you can wear them when not cosplaying. 

Black thigh Socks:

You need one black tight socks. You can wear the other sock, but you will have to cover the sock in bandages. You can use the sock as an indication of where you should put your bandages. That 

How to play the perfect Megumin: what you need to know about her



Megumin background story

It is always interesting to know a bit of the backstory of the character you are cosplaying. This helps you understand who you are cosplaying and their motivation. That is why I am including a brief summary of Megumin’s backstory. 

Megumin claims an older woman once saved her life using explosion magic. Since then, she has to catch these kinds of spells at least once every day, or she will die. This is where her massive obsession with the explosion magic comes from, and why it is the only spell she is interested in perfecting.

When she was still in school, she would swindle food and other stuff from another girl from the Crimson Demon Clan, Yunyun. The reason for this was that Megumin grew up poor and could not afford any meals herself. Despite growing up poor, she excelled at school, had exceptional grades, and was able to graduate early. She left to travel alone to perfect her explosion magic. 

Megumin personality

While 90% of cosplaying is the costume, I am convinced the final 10% to make it perfect is the personality. Let me just say Megumin – and the rest of the characters of the Konosuba universe – have a ton of personality. I am going to give you some tips and insight into how to act and feel like Megumin. 

While Megumin is very short in stature, she has a big personality. She is loud and eccentric and loves being dramatic. This is the reason why she wears bandages and an eye patch. Megumin is also a bit cocky and arrogant and claims she is the best – or well on her way to becoming the best – explosion magic user in the world. 

However, when it comes down to it, her facade soon fades away. In reality, Megumin is a shy and immature kid who is very sensitive about her shortcomings and can not handle being upstaged by someone, definitely when that someone in Yunyun. 

Having said that, Megumin, for all her faults, is a very trustworthy person with a lot of common sense. She is very intelligent and extremely adept in explosion magic. She will not hesitate to protect her friends, no matter the cost or danger. 



Frequently asked questions about the Megumin cosplay

Question: Do I need to have a staff for the Megumin cosplay? 

Answer: Yes and no. At the beginning of the anime, Megumin did not have a staff, and she does not always have it with her. So, it is not an essential part of the costume, in my opinion. It is the hardest prop to get and pretty difficult to make yourself. So, you shouldn’t feel bad if you can not get your hands on one. 

That being said, a staff (and other big props) are what makes a costume genuinely impressive. It shows that you have really put a lot of effort into making the cosplay perfect. It might be a very cool project to do. If you fail and the staff doesn’t resemble the one in the anime or the light novel, it isn’t a problem as it is not essential, and you can leave it at home. 

Question: Why does Megumin wear an eye patch and bandages?

Answer: Dramatic effect. That is the sole reason Megumin wears a lot of her props. It tells you a lot about her character and how you should act as Megumin. The more dramatic, the better. You should try to keep in mind that you will need to be dramatic all the time, every time being Megumin. After all, you are the best magic user of all time and the greatest prodigy of the Crimson Demon Clan. 

Of course, you do not have to cosplay her personality if you do not want to. The props are more than enough to make an amazing and impressive costume that will make a lot of people compliment you on your efforts. 

Question: Is cosplaying as Megumin hard? 

Answer: Yes, I think it is very hard to cosplay her. You need a lot of props to make this costume work, and it might not be very recognizable if your costume is low quality or if you miss a couple of things. As you see from the list of props, it is quite long, and a lot of small details are involved. Even guides and experienced cosplayers often forget things that Megumin wears in the anime, even when she wears them very often. 

Final thoughts about the Megumin cosplay

Megumin is an amazing cosplay. It has a lot of props, so it does look really impressive. It is a very recognizable costume, so people will know right away who you are cosplaying as. 

Megumin is one of 4 main characters in Konosuba, so if you have friends who are into cosplaying, it is an awesome group cosplay. Out of the 4, I think Megumin is by far the hardest to cosplay. The other characters have a lot fewer props. 

What I do not like about cosplay is that it can be pretty hard to do it perfectly. While you can swap out a lot of things, and some props are completely optional, if you are a perfectionist, you will have a hard time doing it just the way she looks in the anime.

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