Rem Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Rem Cosplay Outfit Ideas Guide: Help This Shy Maid Come Out Of Her Shell

Re:Zero really came out of nothing a few years ago. The light novel was popular in Japan, but almost unknown in the west. That all changed when it got an anime adaptation, and it got millions of new fans all over the world overnight.

One of the most loved characters in the entire series is Rem. The blue haired maid who lives and works in the Roswaal Mansion, owned by and named after Roswaal L Mathers, one of the most powerful mages in this world.

Rem is the younger sister of Ram. Also, a maid in the mansion. They look almost the exact same, besides a couple of minor details. The most obvious is that Ram has pink hair and is not blue like Rem. They are often cosplayed in pairs by friends and are great if you are going to a cosplay with two.

That is why in this guide, I will also give tips about doing a Ram cosplay. In the guide I will give you some expert tips on how to pick your costume, what you can (not) make yourself, and I will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Rem.

What Do You Need to Know About Rem

Rem Her Background

Rem is the younger sister of a pair of twins. Ram is her older sister. They originally lived in Oni village. A village where members of the demon clan – which Rem and Ram belong to – lived. During her life in the village, Rem always lived in the shadows of her sister Ram. Ram was the prodigy in the village and had a powerful body and extreme control over her mana manipulation. This all contributed to Rem her self-esteem issues.

One day, they were attacked by the Witch Cult. A cult that follows the ice witch. A very powerful being that is thought to be the antagonist of this world. Ram was heavily wounded protecting Rem and lost most of her powers in the ordeal. The twins were saved by Roswaal L Mathers and brought to his home, the Roswaal Mansion, to work as the maids there.

Rem Her Personality

Rem is a shy girl that is very polite, but sometimes acts rash without thinking things through. She has dedicated her life to protecting her older sister Ram from harm and danger. She worships her and still feels guilty about what happened in Oni Village in the past.

Due to the dynamic between her and her older sister, Rem is pretty subservient and feels herself to be the inferior one of the twin sisters. She is also very loyal to Subaru after he saves her, and even falls in love with him.

She would gladly give her life if it means protecting Ram or Subaru. When they are in danger, Rem could change into her Oni Form state. She turns into a killing machine that attacks everything around her with her weapons. She has some control over her berserk form, but this is often not enough to stop her from mowing things down that cross her path.

Insightful and Easy to Remember Rem quotes

“No matter what happens, even when it looks like you’re gonna lose, when no one else believes in you, when you don’t believe in yourself, I will believe!”

“When you said that you hate yourself, it made me want to tell you all the wonderful things I know about you.”

“I can always tell when you’re lying. I also know that you cannot tell me why you do so.”

These are my three favorite (short) Rem quotes. They show how much of a sweet girl she is and how much she loves Subaru. She would go to the end of the world for him. No wonder a Rem and Subaru cosplay is very popular, even though (Spoiler ahead, but I guess you have seen the anime if you are reading this) Subaru has rejected her in the anime.

What Do I Need For a Good Rem Cosplay Costume?

Maid Costume

You can get a lot of maid costumes online. Japan and the anime sector like this look so you have a ton of options to choose from. You can thus get very high-quality clothing for a very fair price. You can also try and make this yourself. However, I would only advise you do this if you are an expert. Since the maid costumes Rem and Ram wear are very detailed, it isn’t suitable for your first arts and crafts project.

You can also buy a specific Ram or Rem Maid Costume that looks just like the anime. This is a good idea when you are not planning on doing any other maid cosplays in the future as it looks pretty distinct.

Blue Wig

Rem is known for her bright blue hair. You do not need a wig if you have short hair or are willing to cut your hair into the same style Rem (and Ram) has. You will have to dye your hair blue if you do not want to buy a wig. The blue hair for a Rem costume is extremely important, as this is the most recognizable part of her costume. If you choose to dye your hair blue, no worries, you won’t have to walk around for weeks with a blue hair color if you do not want to. There are tonnes of dye available that easily wash out in just a single shower with some shampoo.

If you do buy a wig, I think it would be best to buy one that is pretty high quality. If you want, you can buy a wig with black hair, and color it blue. The reason for this is, a lot of characters in anime have short black hair. This way you can use the wig for different cosplays. The haircut will be a little different most of the time if you buy a non-Rem-specific wig.

Maid Headwear

This is an item you can make yourself if you want to do some arts and crafts. It is really easy to do and all you need is some black and white silk or cotton fabric, a needle, scissors, and thread.  Of course, just buying it is going to be quicker, but if you want to make something, this is the part of the cosplay costume that is the easiest. Even for beginners, this is pretty easy! If you aren’t all too sure about your skills with the needle, you can still buy a backup Maid headwear band.

Black Mary Jane Shoes

You can buy any and use any Mary Jane Shoes you want, as long as they are black. These are worn in quite a lot of cosplays, so buy a nice pair that you are comfortable walking in. You can also use these in daily life without anyone staring, so that is a win-win in my book!

How to Make a Ram Cosplay Costume

All you need to change is the wig. Ram, Rem’s older sister, has pink hair in the same haircut. Her maid costume and accessories are all the same. Since the hairstyle is the same you can also just dye the blue wig pink if you order it two times.

A fun idea is to bring either the pink or blue wig in a bag and wear the other one. That way you can easily change into a Rem or a Ram cosplay whenever you feel like it.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Premade Ram Costume

Since maid costumes are really popular and Rem is one of the most famous characters from Re: Zero, you have a lot of options to choose from. In this case, I don’t think I have seen more than 5 premade costumes that are on the same quality level as the ones I have found for Rem.

While these are a bit on the more expensive side for premade costumes, they are well worth it. The fabric is amazing, the level of detail is very good and the price-quality ratio is downright amazing.

If you love cosplaying, and you want to get one high-end costume for all of your maid related cosplays, you should get one of these. If you take care of the outfit, you will probably enjoy it for years to come. As a bonus, you can also use it for your Ram cosplay, so it is kind of like getting two costumes for the price of one.

If you are a beginner, or this is your very first cosplay ever, Rem is perfect if you use a premade costume. You will have an amazing cosplay right from the start and everything you add next to the blue hair and black shoes will be a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rem Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Question: Are the Rem and Ram Costume the Same?

Answer: No, there is a small difference. While they both wear the same maid costume and shoes, their hair is different. Rem has blue hair and Ram has pink hair. Their haircut is the same.

If you want to cosplay with two people, where one of you is Rem and the other is Ram, and you think it is a bit boring or unoriginal that only the wig is different, an option is to play the sisters before the attack on Oni Village. In that case, you can play Ram with a demon horn. This horn was cut off when the demon village was attacked, and she tried to protect Rem from the Witch Cult.

Question: Are Rem and Subaru a Good Couples Cosplay?

Answer: If your boyfriend does not want to dress up as Ram or wants to do the easiest cosplay of a lifetime, he can dress up as Subaru. While they are not a couple in the show, they are a very popular cosplay for couples since they have a great dynamic.

Dressing up as Subaru is also one of the easiest cosplays you can do. All you need is a tracksuit, short hair, and sneakers, and you are done. Odds are, some of you reading this are doing a Subaru cosplay right now without realizing it.

Question: Is doing a Rem or Ram cosplay hard or can beginners do it?

Answer: Since there are so many high-quality maid costumes for sale, and even some specifically for Rem and Ram cosplay costumes, it is really easy to do! It is one of the few costumes that a total beginner can do without any problems. All you need is the maid costume and a blue wig, and almost everyone is going to know right away who you are cosplaying as.

You can also make one piece of the costume yourself if you want to try this. I would recommend even beginners to try and make the maid headwear. If it is your first time, use cotton and not silk, cotton is a lot easier to work with and cheaper.

If you are an absolute cosplaying expert and make a lot of costumes yourself, you can give yourself a (major) challenge by making the maid costume yourself. This is a lot harder than you would think it is at first glance. So make sure you have 1. Experience and 2. A lot of time before attempting this.

Final Thoughts About Cosplaying as Rem From RE: Zero

Playing Rem from Re: Zero is a lot of fun and perfect for beginners. You can get very high-quality premade costumes online for a great price-quality ratio. You can also make something yourself if you want to. I would recommend you make the maid headwear yourself if you want to do some arts and crafts.

Rem is very cool to cosplay if you have a friend to play Ram. You will need the same outfit, save for the wig. Rem has the blue wig, and Ram has the pink wig. You can also change cosplay easily into the other sister if you want to.

Do you have any cosplay tips for beginners? Or do you have an experience you want to share when we’re playing a character from Re: Zero? Let us know in the comments!

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