Kirishima Cosplay Outfit Ideas

Kirishima Cosplay Outfit Ideas: A Manly My Hero Cosplay

My Hero Academia is an anime and manga series all about becoming a superhero. The main character Midoriya, also called Deku in the series, is a weak boy without any superpowers. In this world having a special power or Quirk is more common than not having one. This has gotten Midoriya a pretty rough time at elementary school, often being picked on. One of the people in Deku’s elementary school that picked on him somewhat is Kirishima.

Kirishima is not one of those My Hero Academia characters that oftentimes blur the line between hero and villain. He is portrayed as an exemplary hero and somewhat of a rival to Midoriya. However, he has a very friendly relationship with him. Kirishima has a pretty distinct look and gets a lot of screen time in the show. These are two elements that help you make an amazing cosplay and help you avoid the question “So, who are you cosplaying as?”.

In this cosplay guide to the best Kirishima Cosplay Outfit Ideas, I am going to tell you all there is to know about cosplaying Kirishima. I am going to talk about his personality and his background first. That way you are going to get a better insight into the character. Then I am going to discuss the costume.

I will give you tips on how to make it yourself, and I am going to tell you if you should, or should not, buy a pre-made costume. At the end of the guide, I am also going to answer a couple of frequently asked questions about Kirishima and his costume. 

Kirishima’s personality and background

I think a costume is the vast majority of cosplay and if it works or not. However, I do think that for the perfect cosplay, you are going to need to know a thing or two about the character you are going to cosplay. The good news about this character is that he is very easy to cosplay. 


Kirishima has been struggling with his accepting his Quirk for quite a long time. He thinks his hardening Quirk is nowhere near as flashy and cool as any of the other top heroes. He has a lot of self-doubts and is afraid he will never be good enough to be the hero that he wants to be. 

Elijiro thinks that he and his Quirck are dull, bland, and boring. He often feels powerless and overthinks actions because he is afraid of failing. However, during his middle school years, he came across an interview with the hero that he looks up to. 

After hearing this interview, he decided to live life differently and started acting differently when he got into U.A. High. He started acting tough and fiery. He started to fake it till you make it and act like the hero he always wants to be. He is often seen clashing heads with classmate Katsuki Bakugo.  


Eijiro Kirishima is a very outgoing and enthusiastic guy. He loves to be Kirishima-specifically as much as possible. He does not describe things as good or bad but Eijiro Kirishima describes them as manly or unmanly. If he likes someone, no matter if it is a boy or a girl, he will call them manly. The opposite is also true. 

He is a very brave individual, and he is not afraid to show his emotions. He is someone who will tell people that he admires or respects them. Of course, if people are being unmanly – such as being cowards or cheaters – he will also call them out on that. 

Eijiro Kirishima is a very honest individual and prides himself on being kind-hearted. He is very straightforward and wants to live his life without regret. Elijiro is not afraid to break the rules and laws if he can help his friends by doing this.

Eijiro Kirishima has a strong sense of responsibility. That is why he trains very hard and tries to improve his abilities and strength. He does not want to be unmanly and feel weak and burdensome to his allies. He wants to save people no matter the personal cost to him. 

Personality-wise, I think Elijiro is one of the easiest characters to cosplay. It is pretty straightforward and you just have to remember that everything that seems bad is unmanly and everything that seems good and cool is manly. 

What you need for the Eijiro Kirishima cosplay costume

In this chapter, I am going to tell you all about what you need for this cosplay and how to make it work. Eijiro Kirishima does not need a lot of costume items to work, but they might be pretty hard to make yourself. 

Option 1: Eijiro Kirishima Hero costume:

If you want to have an Eijiro Kirishima-specific cosplay, then you are going to need the Eijiro Kirishima Hero costume! It is a pretty iconic look, so fans of My Hero Academia are going to recognize you pretty easily if you do it right. You can buy this costume online for a decent price.

You won’t have to do any effort and just order it premade. You can also make this part of the costume yourself. It isn’t too hard to do if you have a bit of experience. You need to have wide black pants. You are also going to need a torn-up red silk piece of cloth to make these pants complete. Finally, this is going to be a bit hard, you need to make the shoulder guard. 

Option 2: My Hero’s Academia school uniform:

I recommend you to buy this one if you don’t know what to pick between options 1 and 2. The reason for this is quite simple. The My Hero’s Academia school uniform can be used for every single student of U.A. high.

This means you can just use it for just about every cosplay you want to do. character-specific Academia school uniform is also pretty high quality for the price you can buy it. That is because it is a very popular uniform. It is also very accurate to the anime and the manga. 

Eijiro Kirishima Wig:

This wig is pretty cool! It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and it will save you the time and effort to put your hair into this hairstyle. You can buy a regular wig and dye it and apply loads of hairspray, but I would recommend you to buy the character-specific wig. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and you will have a high quality, and accurate hairstyle right away.

Eijiro Kirishima Cosplay boots:

I think this is one of the items you should buy and not bother making it yourself. The boots are pretty cheap but require a lot of detail and need to be made out of one piece or they are probably going to fall apart after walking in them for some time.

So I would strongly suggest that you just go and buy them online. All you will have to do is open your door when they arrive! If you do want to make them yourself, you will probably need to have industrial glue, a 3D printer, regular rubber boots, and dark red paint. 

Vampire’s teeth:

These are a pretty cool addition to the costume. If you have seen the anime, you will surely know that Eijiro has sharp teeth. You can buy regular Halloween vampire teeth. I do not think you can make these yourself, so I wouldn’t bother trying to do that. Premade teeth are very cheap and most of them are very high quality.

The pro’s and cons of buying a premade Kirishima cosplay outfit

You do not need a lot of props for this costume, and there are only a couple of things that set this Kirishima cosplay apart. So, you might be thinking about making something – or maybe even everything – yourself, but should you?

Pros of getting a premade Kirishima cosplay

First, it is very easy to buy a pre-made costume. If you need to make this Eijiro Kirishima yourself, it might be a lot harder than you expect at first. The boots are pretty complex, and so are his should guards. You might be able to do it if you have a 3D printer, but if you need to make everything by hand, you will spend quite a lot of time getting it right. 

Second, the premade costumes for Kirishima are very high quality and amazing in price. He is a popular cosplay character from a very famous franchise, so you have a lot of options to pick from. His school uniform in particular is amazing. The price-quality is great. Buying the costume premade like this is probably going to be cheaper than buying the raw materials and making it all from scratch.

Finally, there is a lot less risk. If you make your costume yourself, you can always mess something up. 

Cons of getting a premade Kirishima cosplay

First, when you are going to make this cosplay, you will think about the cosplay and the character a lot more. Just buying it premade is going to give you less connection with the Kirishima. You are not going to have a satisfactory experience cosplaying him if you just buy the costume parts. 

Not unique – Since Eijro is a pretty important character in the series, and a cool guy overall that doesn’t need a lot of props, there might be other people cosplaying him. In some cases, you will have the same costume as someone else. Some people hate this, and that is why they make the costumes themselves. You can of course always add a twist to the costume yourself. 

Frequently asked questions about the Kirishima cosplay

Question: Does Kirishima have a love interest we can use for a couple’s cosplay?

Answer: If you want to do a couples cosplay, I am going to have to disappoint you. Kirishima does not have a canon love interest in the series. Some romantic moments do involve Kirishima. You can cosplay as Eijiro and Kyoka. The latter had developed a crush on Eijiro when on a class shopping trip. 

Question: What is a good My Hero Academia cosplay for friends to do?

Answer: Bakugou and Kirishima are pretty good friends in the anime. They have a healthy rivalry going on and they are very “manly”. They also respect each other a lot. They both have a very cool combat costume. So this is the cosplay I recommend for two guys who want to do a My Hero Academia cosplay. 

Question: What Kirishima costume should I buy for my cosplay?

Answer: I think there are two scenarios here. Either you want to do a Kirishima cosplay, and keep it at that for the My Hero’s Academia franchise. Then it is a good idea to do the combat uniform as it stands out more and is unique to Kirishima himself. 

If you want to do multiple My Hero Academia cosplays, then I recommend you to buy the school uniform. All the students wear this, so it is going to save you some money (and closet space). It is of course a bit less unique than their combat uniform, which is special to every student. 

Final thoughts about this Kirishima cosplay 

Kirishima is an amazing cosplay. The character is well-known, has some awesome lines, and can be cosplayed in two ways: in his combat style or his school uniform. 

I would recommend you go for the Kirishima in-school uniform cosplay if you are planning to do more My Hero Academia cosplays. You can use the costume for almost every student. 

There are a couple of things you can make yourself. I would recommend you make the pants if you want to make something yourself. The boots I would advise you to buy online. They are a lot harder to make than they look. 

Do you think we missed something? Or do you want to share your experiences cosplaying Kirishima? Let us know in the comments! 

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