Deku Cosplay Costume and Ideas

Deku Cosplay Costume and Ideas Guide

My Hero Academia is considered one of the most successful and popular Shonen Anime/manga of all time and continues to grow in popularity with each upcoming season, My Hero Academia is an accurate representation of what modern anime should look like.

The amazing superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi is about a fantasy world where everyone is born with a unique superpower, the story follows a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who is born without a superpower, yet he still wishes to pursue his dream of becoming a great superhero one day.

There are certain aspects to the show which make it one best shonen anime out there such as the amazing and simple story which is quite easy to follow, fantastic anime fights to make your heart burst with excitement, and an amazing cast of relatable characters.

It’s not just the anime watchers who are hyped about My Hero Academia, the cosplay community isn’t behind when it comes to showcasing their love for the show.

You will see at least ten to twenty Deku cosplays in every cosplay convention, and with the showing only going up in popularity, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Who is Deku?

Izuku Midoriya is a normal high school boy and the protagonist of the My Hero Academia series, he was born quirkless in a world where superpowers were commonplace, his hopes and dreams were crushed when he realized that he will never have a quirk growing up.

Izuku is a kind-hearted and polite boy who always treats other people with respect and cares about their feelings, his meek and timid personality portrays him somewhat insecure due to being looked down upon by everyone in his class for not having a quirk.

Izuku’s entire motivation for becoming a hero is so he can protect people in need with a smile on his face, just like the number 1 hero All Might.

Even knowing that he can never become a full-fledged hero, he never gave up on his dream and kept working towards it, even going so far as to risk his own life to rescue a friend who was captured by a villain. He was later acknowledged by the great hero All Might for his bravery.


  • “A hero’s job is to risk his life to turn his promises into reality.”
  • “When the enemy becomes certain of their victory, that will be our chance.”
  • “I’m no longer the useless Deku who can’t do anything right… I’m the Deku who gives it his all!”
  • “If I can’t save the one small girl in front of me, how can I become a hero that saves everyone?”

What I’ll Cover

There are a lot of different Deku cosplay costume and ideas, so in this list, I’ll try to cover as many of them as possible to help you decide what look is best for you. Here’s what I’ll cover.

  • U.A High School Uniform
  • U.A Gym Uniform
  • Deku’s Costume Alpha
  • Deku’s Costume Beta
  • Deku’s Medieval Costume
  • Bonus Evil Deku Costume

1. U.A High School Uniform

The story of how our protagonist became the greatest hero begins here at U.A High school, he wore the standard U.A uniform after passing the U.A entrance exam.

Deku’s simple high school uniform has been an inspiration for many cosplayers and while not being the first choice, this uniform is definitely something that the cosplay community is passionate about.

There isn’t anything flashy or special about the simple U.A uniform but what matters is how does makes you feel being a part of the #1 ranked high school for heroes in Japan.

You will definitely see a few cosplayers from U.A high school in every anime convention, so if you still haven’t decided on which Deku cosplay you should choose, the U.A uniform is as good as any and who knows maybe you’ll meet fellow U.A students there.


His U.A uniform is one of the simpler ones in this list, it’s a standard uniform composed of a light gray blazer with dark turquoise trimmings wore over a white dress shirt, dress pants, and a red tie which he doesn’t do properly leaving it shorter than it should be.

Instead of wearing common brown shoes just like everyone else, he wears his signature red high tops, you can get most of this stuff at any clothing and shoe store.


Deku has messy hairs of dark-green color which stick up at strange angles all over his head, you can achieve something similar by using a hair dye and hairspray, or just get a wig if that’s easier for you.

2. U.A Gym Uniform

The U.A gym uniform is yet another popular costume that the students of U.A wore before their official hero outfits were done, the training outfits were also used during the Sports Festival. I remember like it was yesterday, the entire sports festival was so much to watch.

The U.S.J Arc is where we first see Deku in action when the league of villains attacks out of nowhere and our young heroes have to fight actual villains.

For quite a while the Training outfit for the fans of MHA has been a go-to cosplay choice before the official hero costumes came out, and I gotta be honest, the cosplayers were looking totally amazing.

The simple U.A gym uniform is perfect for a newbie cosplayer who just wants to be a part of this amazing world of cosplay plus it’s quite popular among fans.


The U.A gym uniform is a basic dark-blue high collar tracksuit with white thick lines on the front which form the letters U and A. I suppose you only get something like over the internet or you have it made by a tailor.

You should also get his signature red high tops.


Deku maintains his messy dark-green hair with strands poking out from every angle, you can achieve this using a ton of hairspray.

3. Deku’s Costume Alpha

The first official Deku’s hero costume, everyone got their costume based on their submissions, so why am I not surprised that Deku decided to go with a silly-looking design like that.

We all know that he is a diehard fan of All Might ever since he was a little kid, always looked up to him for inspiration and wanted to be like him more than anything. So, after inheriting the power of One For All from All Might, he decided to go with that look.

We first get to see him in action in his fight against Katsuki during the Battle Trial Arc where the students of Class 1-A were divided into teams of two and battled against each other, Heroes and Villain style!

His costume was severely damaged during this fight which had to be repaired. That’s why during the U.S.J Incident Arc Izuku had to wear the U.A gym uniform.

The Alpha Costume is perfect to bring some sparks into your life and showcase your skills as a cosplayer.


Deku’s original hero costume is a full-body mint-lime jumpsuit with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads, and white gloves along with his signature red high tops, you can get these things at any local sports shop.

He also wears a mask with long bunny ears that look like All Might’s haircut and a respirator with a makeshift smile resembling All Might.

4. Deku’s Costume Beta

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for. Deku’s costume beta is where he starts to look like a real hero and not some dork with a rabbit suit, with a few changes to his costume it looks a lot sturdier and ready for action.

Costume beta has been the motivation for so many cosplayers in the community, the incredible design of the costume is a huge upgrade over his previous outfit and the fans can’t contain their excitement over how amazing this look is.

Over the course of time, his costume gets many new upgrades to complement his new fighting techniques such as Shoot Style by adding iron soles to his red boots to boost his kicking abilities and Delaware Smash: Air Force with better support gloves to help him use his power for long-range attacks, he calls this upgraded version Costume Gamma.

Costume Beta easily takes the top spot for being the most popular first choice for many MHA cosplayers, not only for the amazing design but the impact it has on the anime community.


His Beta costume is an amazing upgrade over his original costume and looks more battle-ready, the basic design of the outfit is the same but it looks quite badass now few of his upgrades include his knee pads being extended to reach his thighs, his white gloves are now tinted beige color with blue stripes and his costume now has a darker color just like his hair.

His respirator got an upgrade from the makeshift smile to a proper metallic diamond shape with 8 holes in it.

5. Deku’s Medieval Costume

Now what we have here is something that nobody really expected, we get to see the depiction of fantasy AU in the ending of the second season part two’ Datte Atashi no Hero, where originally most fans acquire the knowledge of it.

Deku’s character can be described as an RPG character starting out his quiet, he embarks on his journey to defeat a great evil and make some friends along the way who are sure to help him with his fight.

It seems there is a separate fanbase of this fantasy AU and the whole fandom can agree that we want to see it as a series or at least an OVA, the cosplay community isn’t going to be left behind, there are so many amazing MHA fantasy cosplays which will make you excited, so what are you waiting for?


The Fantasy medieval is my favorite out of all other costumes in this list, I suppose that’s because I’m a hardcore medieval fan. Anyways, to create this outfit you need a white open-collar shirt with long buttoned cuffs with a green vest to wear on top of it, gray-colored gloves, and a crossbody sling backpack.

Mint blue pants and a belt with some attachments to it, a few little bags to contain items, a flask of water, and a sheath for his sword. He also wears his same red high-top boots.

Bonus Costume: Villain Deku Fanfiction

I’m always amazed at how the fandom of MHA works, Villain Deku is a great example of that. Villain Deku AU is a pure fan-made depiction where villain Deku is a complete contrast of his role in the original series.

Instead of going to the U.A and being a hero, he decides to join the League of Villains and become their spy, also in this universe Deku has high intelligence and is quite perceptive.

Villain Deku costume is one of the most popular ongoing costumes in the cosplay community and people are going crazy over it. Social media has been blowing up with so many creative cosplayers showing their skills with the Evil Deku costume.


Alright, for this cosplay I will try to be as accurate as possible because there isn’t an official Villain Deku costume and it is totally made up by the community itself.

So, let’s get started. All you need are some fancy looking clothes, you can wear a plain shirt of any color (white is preferred), next thing you gotta know is that Villain Deku wears a vest and a red tie and this one is tied properly, you can even put on some black gloves and there you have it.

You can be much more creative with this costume though, you can add some scars to it, bruises, use eyeliner, and create dark circles beneath your eyes. Hold onto a small knife because Villain Deku does not have a quirk.


Unlike his other hairstyles where Deku basically looks like he just woke up, Villain Deku is much more sophisticated and Classy, his hairstyle has a certain style to it. But again, because there isn’t an official look for Villain Deku, you can be creative with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Deku’s Father?

Answer: His father’s name is Hisashi Midoriya who currently works abroad, there is not much information about him besides that his quirk allows him to breathe fire but no information about how powerful it is.

He probably left when Deku was very young and his mother refers to him as his husband so we can assume that they are still together.

Question: Why is Deku Quirkless?

Answer: In a world where almost everyone is born with a superpower known as a quirk, our protagonist Izuku Midoriya is born with a rare genetic trait that occurs in a case where one parent is quirkless and the other has a quirk.

Question: Is Deku stronger than Bakugou?

Answer: As of right now, No! I would say that Bakugou is so much stronger than Deku because he has complete control over his quirk, he is able to control his power for maneuverability to overwhelm his opponents in speed and sheer explosive power to blow them away.

Final Touches To Deku Cosplay

It’s always a good idea to take care of the minor details if you’re going all out on the cosplay, these little improvements will make your Deku cosplay come to life. You can thank me later…

Deku has green-colored eyes just like the color of his hair so you might wanna get a pair of green contacts to look more like Deku. Also, Deku has a set of four symmetrical freckles in a diamond shape on each side.

The most important thing is the journal that he always keeps to himself and mumbles to himself whenever he is writing something in it or explaining things to someone.

It’ll also help to get down his mannerisms, try to act a little awkward and nerdy around other people, maybe scratch your head a few times and most of all, be polite and helpful to others.

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