Hisoka Cosplay Costume Outfit Ideas

The Best Hisoka Cosplay Costume Outfit Ideas Guide

Hunter x Hunter is a widely popular Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series was turned into a television series of 62 episodes run between October 1999 and March 2001.

The series is an all-time favorite of anime and manga lovers around the world. There are different interesting characters with various character profiles. What makes this series interesting are the different shades of human emotions and personalities.

One very popular character in the series is Hisoka Morow. He is shown as a very dark character who only thinks about himself. His portrayal is that he is a self-absorbed individual who loves combats and kills other strong individuals.

Hisoka has a very manipulative and strong character but is also a loved one.

One thing that the audience finds attractive is the confusion that is shown regarding his character. You cannot put the finger on whether he is a friend or a foe.

Despite having such a negative personality, cosplayers love to dress up like him. This might not just be because of his strong character but also because of this unique appearance.

Dressing up as Hisoka will not require many resources. You need a few items that you can easily find in your home. Moreover, even a beginner cosplayer can dress up as Hisoka since it is very easy and hassle-free.

The guide will show you the different items you need to dress up as Hisako. However, before you know which dress items you need for this character, let us get an overview of the character himself.

Who Is Hisoka?

Hisoka Morow, commonly called Hisoka, is a character from popular manga and anime series, Hunter X Hunter. He is shown as a very complex character where you cannot understand whether he is a friend or an enemy.

Along with being a complex character, he is also one of the strongest characters in the series. Hisoka always looks for other characters with whom he could engage in fights.

He is famous for not sparing his opponents in a fight and killing them without any hesitation. However, he lets go of characters who he thinks can become more powerful in the future. Hisoka does this to challenge them in the future when they are stronger.

Interesting Appearance

The appearance of Hisoka is like a jester or magician. He possesses a muscular physique, light skin, and is tall. Hisoka wears attire that contains different suit symbols on the back and front torso.

You can also see a change in his attire in different story arcs. There is a teardrop sign on his left cheek and a star sign on his right cheek. Depending on the anime season, you may also see a change in the face paint color.

You will see a Green Island Ring on Hisoka’s left middle finger in the Green Island arc. Another appearance change you can see is in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. Here you can see Hisoka wearing a pair of earrings containing ornamental hearts.

Hisoka has pointed long nails that make his hands appear as claws.

Unknown Background

Not much is known about Hisoka’s past since he was never interested in talking about it. However, some sources reveal that he was a false member of the Phantom Troupe during the Kurta Massacre.

Hisoka killed 20 examinees in the 286th Hunter Exam. He almost killed an examiner for which he was disqualified.

His famous techniques were thought to be named after chewing gum and candy brand. This means they may have been called Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. Apart from the ones mentioned, there is not much information about Hisako’s background.

Overpowering Personality

Hisoka is shown as a selfish, self-obsessed, self-absorbed, and self-serving person. He does anything he likes without thinking about the consequences. Apart from this, Hisoka loves challenges, fights, and is non-hesitant about spilling blood.

Hisoka does not engage in simple fights but engages in sadomasochistic activities. He enjoys inflicting pain on his opponents during combats. Sometimes Hisoka allows some of the protagonists to live to fight them in the future when they are stronger.

Hisoka is close to Killua, Gon, and certain other characters. However, as he frequently states that no one stays valuable enough for him for a long time. An interesting thing about Hisoka is he does not discriminate while killing. He will kill any individual who comes in his way irrespective of their gender and age.

Despite his intense actions, he has a very composed and calm personality. There have been instances where you can see him displaying emotions. This somehow shows his humane side, which does not see the light often.

Why Can Cosplaying as Hisoka be a Great Idea?

Cosplaying is an artistic activity where people can show their creative side. People who love cosplaying as their favorite characters do it for fun and to experience the essence of the character.

You can do DIY costumes using easy materials depending on which character you want to dress up as. Hisoka is a very easy character to portray and does not need too many items.

If you are attracted to dark characters, you will find Hisoka to be a very fun creation. You can also share your looks on social media and connect with other cosplayers who share the same enthusiasm as you.

You might also come across other cosplayers who dress up as different Hunter X Hunter characters such as –

  • Gon
  • Killua
  • Illumi
  • Shizuki
  • Leorio
  • Kurapika
  • Neferpitou / Pitou
  • Canary
  • Mereum

The Complete Hisoka Cosplay Guide

If you love Hunter x Hunter and are also interested in cosplay, you would surely want to dress up as different series characters. Hisoka is one of the most overpowering characters, and it would be impossible not to dress up as him.

If you want to cosplay as Hisoka, the best way to do this would be to buy the items and create a DIY dress. With the right things, your DIY costume can beat any readymade costume found online.

Hisoka has a unique outfit that is dark and filled with different layers. Not only do you need the right clothing items, but you need to get the accessories and make-up right as well.

You can bring out the dark, brooding, and mysterious characteristics with the right outfit. Below mentioned is each of the items that you would require to create the perfect Hisoka outfit.

Things You Will Require

Each of the items mentioned below is the essential element of the Hisoka outfit. Most of them are easily available in different online stores. However, it is fine if you do not find one or two items from this list.

Cosplaying is about having fun with different characters and their styles. It is easy to get into a competition, but that takes out the fun element from this form. You can make a creative outfit from the available items keeping the essence of the character alive.

Hisoka Wig

Hisoka has striking red-orange hair that is styled in a spike. This is a crucial piece of the outfit. In some series, the hair may also be striking red or orange. The best way is to buy a red or orange wig that matches Hisoka’s hair color.

If you have red or orange hair, you can easily style it in a spike. This way, you do not have to invest in a wig. However, for individuals with long hair, it is better to go for the wig.

Availability: You can get anime wigs on Amazon or any other online store. Some stores sell exact Hisoka hair wigs, which would save you a lot of trouble.

Alternative: If you do not find a red wig, you can buy a wig of any color and use temporary hair color.

Purple Hair Chalk

Hisoka’s hair is not just red or orange but has purple streaks as well. This adds to the appeal of the character. Hence, if you want to be more authentic with the look, it would be best to add the purple touches.

In some places, Hisoka only has purple stripes on different hair strands. On the other hand, there are some places where you can see the front half of this hair is completely purple.

Availability: You can do the purple color using purple hair chalk. This is easily available in your nearby make-up and accessories stores or even online.

Alternative: If you are unable to find the purple chalk, you can use purple hair color. However, this is not a mandatory addition to the outfit, and you can leave it if it becomes too much of a hassle.


Hisoka wears a turtleneck as the base of his clothing. This turtleneck is sleeveless and can be of any color. In most cases, you might see orange, black, or even red turtlenecks.

You can go for these three or choose any other color of your liking. It is best to go for dark colors as the base since this brings out the top layers of the outfit.

Availability: You can get turtlenecks from any garment store near your house. This is also available online on any other apparel website. However, ensure that the turtleneck is sleeveless.

Alternative: Even though turtleneck is quite common, you might not easily get a sleeveless one. In such cases, you can buy a full-sleeved turtleneck and cut off the sleeves.

White / Light Blue Crop Top

On top of the turtleneck, Hisoka wears a crop top in a light color. Most of his character portrayals have a white or light blue crop top. You can choose either of these colors depending on the availability.

The crop top would be sleeveless, just like the turtleneck. It can be a V-neck or a U-neck crop top.

Availability: If you do not have a crop top, you can buy it from any garment store. Finding a light blue or white crop top is very easy since these are very common colors.

Alternative: If a sleeveless white or light blue crop top is not available in the market, you can make one yourself. For this, you will need a normal white or light blue top. You can cut the sleeves and the lower portion of the top to make it a crop top.

White / Light Blue Trousers

The trousers have to be the same color as the crop top. This means you either need white or light blue trousers depending on what you choose for your top.

This trouser has to be baggy and not a tight fit. Hisoka wears slightly baggy trousers that are tight-fit at the ankles. You can buy martial arts trousers since they have the same style.

Availability: You can get martial arts trousers online from any apparel store. The color is also very common, so it would not be much of a hassle.

Alternative: Sometimes, you may not find martial arts trousers. In such a scenario, you can buy normal trousers of a bigger size. This would make the trousers seem baggy, and you can manage the ankles with a wrap.

Fabric Paint

Hisoka’s attire has suit symbols in the back and front torso. This is an important detail that you cannot miss. You will need to have the suit symbols on the crop. Hisoka generally changes outfits in different story arcs.

Hence, you can draw the suit symbols in any order you like. You can either have two black suits in the front and two red suits at the back or vice versa.

Availability: Fabric paint is easily available in any stationery shop.

Alternative: You might not want to use fabric paint on your crop top. Instead, you can use paper cutting or cloth cutting and paste or stick it on the top. Use red and black paper and cut large suit pieces, and paste them with gum.

If you feel that the paper might tear easily, you can use red and black cloth pieces in suit symbols and stitch them to the top.

Yellow Scarf

Another piece of outfit that you may or may not use is a yellow scarf. This is present in some Hisoka characters while others do not wear the scarf. The scarf has to be tied at the waist.

Availability: You can buy a yellow scarf from any garment shop if you do not have one of your own.

Alternative: You might not want to buy a new scarf or find one. In such cases, use a yellow cloth of large size and fold it in the shape of a triangular scarf. However, if it becomes too much of a hassle, you may let go of this piece of the outfit.

Additional Accessories and Make-Up

Apart from the costume, other accessories complete the Hisoka costume. Without these accessories and detailing, your costume would not be impactful enough. Below are some of the accessories and detailing that you should include in your cosplay costume.

Ankle Boots

You will need a pair of ankle boots for the look. If you do not have leather boots, you can go for simple boots made from faux leather or other material.

Many people are not comfortable wearing boots with their regular outfits. For such people, it is better to choose low-quality boots that you would just wear with your costumes.

However, you should check if the boots are comfortable, especially if you will be wearing them for a long time. You can either buy such boots online or get them from a local store.

Sports Wrap

Hisako has tight wraps on his abdomen, lower leg, wrists, and biceps. To make these wraps, you can buy sports wraps of any color. Some of your color choices are blue, red, or grey.

The color choice will depend on the color of your outfit. Make sure that the wrap stands out and does not mix with the outfit. Therefore, if you are wearing a light blue outfit, use red or grey wraps.

You will need to cover your abdomen, ankles, wrists, and biceps. This will also help tighten your trousers if they are baggy on the lower end. Ensure that you tie those wraps at the end after you have worn your clothing and boots.

Earrings and Rings

Hisoka wears rings and earrings in different characters arcs. For example, he wears a Green Island Ring in the Green Island Arc. This ring is placed on his left middle finger. In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc, you will find him wearing earrings that have ornamental hearts.

You can also find teardrop and star earrings similar to what is drawn on his cheeks. The ornamental earrings can be found in both gold and silver. You can choose either depending on which look you are going for.

Other than these, you will not find Hisoka wearing any accessories as such. However, you can always add jewelry pieces keeping in sync with the character’s personality.

 Playing Cards

Hisoka playing cards are also an important aspect of the costume. He used razor-sharp playing cards as a weapon against his weapons. This is his most common weapon during any combat. Hisoka uses them as blades to cut up the opponent.

He is known for using these cards with precision and power. Hence, you cannot have a complete Hisoka costume without his deadly weapon.

You can get Hisoka-themed playing cards in most online stores. It will be more attractive if you know certain tricks with the cards. If not, you can always keep a few cards in your hands and act like you are using them as a weapon.


One of the essential parts of the Hisoka costume is the make-up. You can have the whole costume ready, but your effort will not be fulfilled without the right make-up. If you are proficient at make-up, you can do it yourself. However, you can also take the help of a professional.

For make-up, you need to opt for the right primer and foundation that matches your skin tone. You will need to use a white powder on top of the foundation to get the while base.

The eyes have to be very dark, so you can use black eyeliner to draw the same. It is essential that you darken your eyes but not overdo it. You can also use eyelashes if needed.

To complete the make-up, you will need to draw a teardrop on the left cheek and a red star on the right cheek. You can do this using face paint.

Hisoka: Character Trivia

Even the most ardent Hisoka fans might not know everything about the character. Below are some interesting character trivia of your favorite Hisoka.

  • Did you know Hisoka has used multiple Nen types during the series? You already know that Transmutation is his primary Nen type. However, he was also skilled in Conjuration, Manipulation, Emission, and Enhancement. Hisoka’s ability and versatility are not short of astounding!
  • Here is another one that only the most passionate fans have noticed. Did you know that only Killua Zoldyck had challenged Hisoka in terms of appearance? It is not a secret that Hisoka changes his appearance in different character arcs. However, most of the anime characters have only one outfit. The only other character, who has changed the same number of outfits, if not more, is Killua.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you know what you need to create the perfect Hisoka costume. However, you might have some questions during your dress-up. Below are some frequently asked questions by Hisoka cosplay fans.

Question: Does the make-up need to be extravagant for Hisoka?

Answer: Hisoka is a very dark and mysterious character. In the anime series, he is shown having light skin and piercing eyes. Hence, you will need the make-up to be very simple and focus mainly on the eyes.

The complexion can be made light, pale white using white powder. You will not have to use anything more than a primer and a light foundation to prepare your skin for the powder.

The main attraction would be the eyes and the paints on either cheek. You should not forget to draw the star and teardrop on either cheek.

Question: Can women dress up as Hisoka?

Answer: Both men and women can dress up as Hisoka even though Hisoka is a male character. You can bring a twist to the dress-up by letting your hair down for the female version.

Even though this might not be the original character, you can modify it as your own.

The dress can be the same irrespective of your gender. If needed, even women can opt for wigs and dress up exactly similar to Hisoka.

Question: Will having a short height take away the personality of the character?

Answer: Hisoka is ideally shown as a tall and well-built man. However, in cosplay, your height does not impact the look. Even if you are short, you can dress up as Hisoka and keep the personality intact.

The real deal lies in your outfit and make-up, which brings out the personality. You also need to act like Hisoka if you want to add a little more charm and authenticity to your outfit.

Final Thoughts

Hisoka is one of the coldest and confusing characters in Hunter x Hunter. He is shown as an antagonist but is not entirely evil. There are instances where you will find him displaying his emotions. However, these emotions are not long-lasting.

The portrayal of this character would need to right outfit pieces and elements. Hopefully, using the guide, you can create a proper Hisoka cosplay costume for yourself.

The items mentioned in the guide are available very easily. Even if you cannot find a particular article, there is an alternative provided for the same. Some outfit elements are more important than others, so make sure to add them to your costume.

Create the perfect Hisoka look and enjoy the night!

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