Asuna Cosplay Costume and Outfit Ideas

The Best Asuna Cosplay Costume and Outfit Ideas

One of the most popular and beloved shows growing up was SAO, the game genre and the amazing plot of being trapped inside a fantasy world was so exciting and unique. Continue reading our guide to the best Asuna cosplay costume and outfit ideas.

Sword Art Online is known for its action, characters, and fantastic animation although the anime community is equally divided among people who enjoyed the show and loved it and people who disliked the show for the “stupid plot,” but there’s one thing fans and haters can agree on, the already amazing outfits keep on improving with each passing season.

In the cosplay scene, fans are crazy about the fighting love duo from SAO. You will see at least five to ten Asuna and Kirito cosplayers in every anime convention, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Especially with the new SAO: Alicization Arc and SAO: War of the Underworld, we have seen a bunch of fashionable character outfits which will be perfect for your next cosplay.

Who is Asuna?

Who is Asuna

Asuna was among the 10,000 players who were trapped inside Sword Art Online; she had exceptional sword skills, which helped her achieve the rank of commander among the Knights of the Blood Oath.

She initially did not care about her life in SAO, that is, until she met Kirito, who made her realize that even this virtual world is worth living and changed her outlook on life.

She decides to temporarily leave the Knights of the Blood Oath and live with Kirito as a couple after getting married.

Asuna is a kind and helpful young lady, who just like Kirito, will never abandon someone in need, and just like Kirito, she took the game very seriously and only wanted to finish the game before she met Kirito and learn to enjoy it.

“Life isn’t just doing things for yourself. It’s possible to live in such a way that other people’s happiness makes you happy too.”

1. Asuna’s Knights of the Blood Oath Uniform

Asuna Knights of the Blood Oath

When you think of Asuna, the first image that comes to your mind is this. It’s the classic Asuna outfit she wore when she was the commander in a guild called “Knights of the Blood Oath.” During the Aincrad Arc, Asuna wore this outfit throughout the day during missions as the commander unless she was relaxing at home.

This outfit has been the inspiration and fan-favorite Asuna costume for many cosplayers because of its clean design and fine attention to detail, such as the crosses on her red and white uniform, her gorget, and her Knightley heeled boots.

The Knights of the Blood Oath uniform easily takes the top spot not only for the design but the significant importance it had over the anime community. We grew up watching SAO and remember where it all started.

Knights of the Blood Oath uniform is an excellent choice for cosplay as it is easily among the most popular cosplays in the community.


Knights of the blood oath costume is very popular, which made her a popular subject for cosplayers. Her costume is composed of a sleeveless white top with red borders, white sleeves which you can easily make yourself, a short red skirt, a breastplate which can either be made of cloth or another material, long white socks with the red cross around the top and normal white boots.


Asuna’s SAO Avatar had long orange-brownish chestnut hair, which is quite similar to golden blond. You can easily achieve that by using golden blond dye or purchasing a golden wig.

2. Original Alfheim Avatar as Fairy Queen

Original Alfheim Avatar

It had been 2 months since the SAO incident ended with Kirito saving everyone, and although the majority of the surviving players were successfully logged out, 300 of them, including Asuna were yet to be awakened.

Asuna’s original Avatar in Alfheim Online was Titania, the Fairy Queen. She wore this outfit for the entire Fairy Dance Arc while she was trapped in a cage like a bird who cannot escape on her own. Although this arc brings back some bad memories, in the end, it brought our protagonists even closer.

Asuna’s Fairy Queen outfit is quite popular among the cosplayers, and why wouldn’t it be? It has such a beautiful and simple design which gives a somewhat similar feeling as being a fair maiden who awaits rescue from her one and only.

Despite Asuna’s history in this Arc, many cosplayers show this outfit in a positive light of how bravely she endured all of it and believed in Kirito. It makes my heart burst with joy.


The Fairy Queen Titania outfit is very simple and easy to put together. Asuna basically wears a white dress for the first half of the Alfheim Arc, which is composed of a crop top showing her belly and a red ribbon that goes around the topmost part and comes together to make a bow and a white skirt which is basically just a white cloth wrapped in a way to make it look like a skirt.


Just like the previous one, there isn’t much of a change in Asuna’s hair color, and she has the same orange-brownish chestnut hair.

3. Asuna’s Alfheim Online Avatar

Alfheim Online Avatar

After the Fairy Dance Arc came to a conclusion, Asuna dived back into ALO (Alfheim Online) and changed her avatar to the Undine, which is a race associated with the color blue and is an expert in underwater combat. Especially against water-type monsters.

There is an argument that Asuna’s Undine avatar looks exactly like her original Knights of the Blood Oath uniform, excluding the blue hair and pointy Elf ears. You can also say that she color swapped her outfit from SAO.

Though there isn’t any significant value of her Undine outfit in the series, it is certainly my favorite from all others, and many SAO fans will agree with me. The simple change of color in her outfit was indeed a treat and made me fall in love with her avatar even more.

Not as popular as the original, still the world of cosplay will be incomplete without this amazing outfit. The blue undine avatar is still an amazing choice. If you are thinking of cosplaying as Asuna, you will certainly have my vote.


Asuna’s Undine form is my favorite from the show altho it hardly differs from the original red and white uniform from knights of the Blood Oath except for the minor changes to the overall design and change in color. Her Undine form has a light blue color, including her eyes and elf ears.


The undine is a race that is associated with the color blue and hence the color of Asuna’s hair in ALO. You can use a light blue hair dye to get the same hair, or you can buy a wig.

4. Asuna’s Ordinal Scale Outfit

Asuna Ordinal Scale Outfit

The world of SAO is forever evolving, and this time from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, SAO: Ordinal Scale is a film adaptation from the anime which takes place between seasons two and three of anime.

Asuna invites Kirito to play Ordinal Scale, the most popular game on the Augma, where she returns to her original colors: red and white. Though instead of wearing a skirt or a shirt, she decides to go with a more sophisticated look with a long black and white buttoned-up jacket, red pants, and white boots.

Although it’s a simple look, I think it fits her style perfectly, which makes this her best avatar personality-wise. The OS outfits are the most favorites in the whole series. They’re so beautifully clean and sci-fi, with matching colors.

I would more than encourage you to go for this cosplay more than others because it’s more on the rare side. I haven’t seen many cosplayers do the Ordinal Scale, but the few who have totally rock it.


Probably one of the best Asuna cosplay out there, you can create this outfit at your home without a problem. You need a white buttoned-up shirt and cover the front placket with a black cloth, a black overcoat cut off to only cover the arms and upper shoulder part, a red belt around the belly, white gloves, red pants, and high heel boots.


Just like her previous avatar, Asuna kept the same hair color even for the Ordinal Scale game. She has the same orange-brownish chestnut hair similar to Golden Blond.

5. Asuna as Goddess Stacia

Asuna Goddess Stacia

The latest Alicization Arc has been nothing but amazing with so many surprises and a complete new full-dive interface that interacts with the human Fluctlight, which is the technical term for the human soul.

During the war of the underworld, Asuna takes control over an Administrator’s account and takes the appearance of late goddess Stacia and receives magnificent powers which dazzle many residents of the world to think of her as a high being.

Asuna’s avatar as the goddess of creation maintains her chestnut hair color and light brown eyes, and she wears armor of white chest plate and a long skirt with fine fabric outline.

The style of her outfit is quite similar to her previous ones. Some argue that it’s even better and I can’t seem to disagree, the outfits have improved season after season very much.

I have checked out many Goddess Stacia cosplays, and almost all of them are magnificent. I suppose some cosplays bring out the best in you, and this is definitely the one.


The Goddess Stacia outfit is the most beautiful costume for Asuna yet. The light pink overlay of the dress with sharp purples stripes are quite good together.

The outfit is a double-layered dress where the underneath part is white a short skirt and the outer layer is a long pink shirt which only wraps around the back, a separate collar, white breastplate, white gloves, body armor (arm, waist, and hip) and long thigh-high white boots.


Asuna maintains her brown chestnut hair from the first season, and I honestly can’t imagine seeing her in a different style except for the Undine, of course.

Asuna Cosplay Final Touches

It’s always better to take care of the minor details if you’re going all out of the costume. These minor improvements will make your cosplay come to life.

Asuna has hazel eyes, so a pair of brown/hazel contact lenses will make your cosplay looks even more amazing.

Asuna always kept a rapier with her to show her strength to anyone who would challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities, and you could order a prop off the internet or create one yourself to finish the outfit.

Also, I would suggest that you try and behave like a tsundere but don’t get carried away with it, and be helpful to the people around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What props can I use for Asuna’s cosplay?

Answer: As the name of the show suggests, Sword Art Online is all about honing your skills with a sword/rapier. Characters have always preferred to use a sword, even in GGO, which was an FPS shooting game. And unlike Asuna’s hair, she used a different weapon in every game, such as the Lambent Light, Ray Grace, Preceder, and Radiant Light.

In the later stages of the Aincrad Arc, Asuna wore a blue pendant which was referred to as “Yui’s heart” because it contained her memories.

Question: What does Asuna mean in Japanese?

Answer: The name Asuna is a primarily popular female name in Japan where the first part of her name “Asu” means Future/Tomorrow and the last part “na” means an Apple Tree.

Question: Is Asuna stronger than Kirito?

Answer: Asuna is strong and quite skilled with her sword, she rose through the ranks and became one of the highest-ranking commanders among Knights of the Blood Oath. Although it’s quite clear that Kirito has more fighting experience and he almost seems perfect at anything and is mostly seen as overpowered, Kirito will probably win the fight against his girlfriend.

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